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  1. TT_Grizz

    Ja....not again please!

    Ja an attention seeker lol those IG posts are clown behaviour, dude trying way too hard to make himself the victim. Just log off and delete the app bruh, no need to have a farewell post.
  2. TT_Grizz

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    I kind of feel better about Memphis seeing Denver make the finals. Small market team that drafted its core and developed them together. Added the right pieces around them. Took their time and didn't try to skip steps. We don't need to swing for the fences. Maintain the Ja-JJJ-Bane core, hope Ja gets his head on straight and becomes a better leader and a top 5-10 player, and fill the right pieces around them. It takes time, Denver first jumped up to the 2nd seed in 2019, 5 seasons later before they got there. We are on the right track, we just need health and good decisions. Patience bros.
  3. TT_Grizz

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    Spoelstra is a top 5 coach of all time, dude is insane. Getting this Miami team to the finals as an 8th seed might be more impressive than either of his rings tbh lol. Also people who aren't tuning into the finals because it's Miami-Denver are casuals. Real basketball fans appreciate and respect both teams. Denver has built a team from the ground up, kept the same group, very well-coached and disciplined, and developed the best player in the world. Miami are full of dogs and have one of the best leaders and playoff performers we've ever seen in Jimmy, and coach Spo has done an amazing job with those boys. This will be a great finals to watch. Super intrigued.
  4. TT_Grizz

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    This is a terrible take lol. We are anything but soft.
  5. TT_Grizz

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    Jokic is pretty clearly best player in the world right now, I think he's taken over Giannis. Dude is just insanely efficient and consistent, he doesn't have a bad game and he never makes a bad play. It'll be interesting if Lakers advance though because AD is still a nightmare matchup for him. That should be a really good WCF as a neutral.
  6. TT_Grizz

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    Yeah we should've kept Melton, even if his playoff stats weren't always great, he's a lengthy defender who can defend guards and wings, those guys are insanely valuable in the playoffs, especially when they're not also an offensive liability. In hindsight, his value in a playoff series is way more than someone like Tyus
  7. TT_Grizz

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Am I the only one who thinks ZW can still be something? I'm not ready to completely give up on the guy after 2 seasons where he was still physically developing and dealing with a bunch of injuries. I know it's looking unlikely, but I still think he's got raw talent that could translate.
  8. Let's hope the Reaves and Hachiumara devil-worshipping contract is officially over and they come back down to Earth because our defense on LeBron and AD has been pretty good, just those role players have killed us
  9. LeBron isn't that guy anymore though, he's still a very high level player and one of the best in the world, but it's not 2016-2018 anymore where he would just come into a game and single handedly get his team over the line. He's only averaging 22 points on 45% shooting this series. Trash talk and drama aside, the Brooks/JJJ/Tillman front court has been doing a great job on him defensively.
  10. TT_Grizz

    NBA Playoffs 2023 - The Other Guys

    Bucks with one of the all time worst chokejobs lol
  11. We're going to need Kennard though, hope he's okay
  12. One game at a time. We figured out some things this game, hopefully it travels to game 6 and we force a game 7.
  13. Not out of the woods yet bros, still lots of time left. Need to close it out.