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  1. Arkm110

    Brandon Ingram

    I’d rather go for jaylen brown
  2. Arkm110

    Vegas Summer League

    He’s dominated the game so far
  3. Arkm110

    Vegas Summer League

    JJJ is gonna be the better version of porzingis with elite D
  4. Arkm110

    Vegas Summer League

    That’s just how summer league works guys. Keep in mind, people are there to showcase their skill set. So unless you’re a pass first point guard, you’re gonna try to buckets
  5. Arkm110

    Vegas Summer League

    He’s got soooo much raw potential. We made the right pick
  6. after watching Jayson Tatum this year, I want Porter Jr
  7. Arkm110

    Trading the pick

    Unless we plan on trading Mike and Marc, I see no point in having our 2 best guys be old with our next guy be young. Either go all in on a full rebuild or just max out the potential of this current team structure
  8. Arkm110

    Trading the pick

    At this point, we’d be stupid to not even consider trading the pick. Get me Derozan to pair with mike and Marc and I’d actually feel more confident in the team then to just depend on a guy like MPJ leading us
  9. Arkm110

    It's the Final Countdown!!!

    Trade it for Derozan honestly...
  10. Arkm110

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Mo Bamba worked out with Kevin Garnett before the combine and he looks like he may have started to put on some weight
  11. Arkm110

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I think toronto might blow it up. Would you guys do a Parsons + our lotto pick for DeRozan? A core of Mike, Gasol, and Demar could do some damage
  12. Arkm110

    2018 NBA Draft Thread cool video on luka
  13. Arkm110

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I mean he is a big..he does seem pretty versatile for his size though. I’d say he’s gonna develop a pretty good handle for his position
  14. Arkm110

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Not down. We could do better. Let go of the ZBo fantasies. He’s gone. I’d do that deal if we could switch out Zach and Jackson for WCS. Pair him with Ayton and we’d have a nice twin tower pairing to dominate the paint
  15. Arkm110

    Head Coach Thread

    Mark Jackson