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  1. For me this video was the turning point. At the 2:12 mark, Grayson pleads for a challenge and Jenkins waves him off and if read his lips correctly, it looks like he said it’s a foul which it clearly wasn’t. Rookie mistakes.
  2. Amen!!! I still can’t get over that travel that should’ve been a floater. I understand Ja needs more space but technically they are giving him miles of space by going under.
  3. Embarrassing loss guys...
  4. Shoot that ish!!! Morant
  5. So this is what happens when we play aggressive!
  6. Huge loss for the Pelicans. Hopefully we can take advantage of a back-to-back hangover for the Nets and steal a win.
  7. League Pass here in Georgia
  8. Yog1

    Team Hero Blazers@Grizz

    TH: JV - battled all game cleaning the boards; Brandon Clarke - reliably efficient HM: Ja and Co.
  9. Thank you Pelicans! Hopefully not the other way around.
  10. Yog1

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    Season just gets better and better. Heal up soon but not too soon!
  11. Yog1

    Next 8 games

    5 game win streak - dropping the final 3.
  12. Yog1

    Brooks: Can't wait until Grizzlies trade Iguodala

    God bless you DB and Ja!!!!
  13. Yog1

    Rim protection

    Rim protection is awesome but I’d prefer perimeter defense.
  14. Trevor Ariza helps as well.
  15. What Crowder did was legal but unnecessary and what Payton did was weak and unprofessional . The steal wasn’t necessary period. Who cares if they scored; the game was over.
  16. Agreed. It was as unnecessary as that cowardly push from Payton. The game was over why risk an injury or suspensions for padding stats?
  17. 100! I may be biased but it’s not fair that Ja puts in all this work while playing the hardest position in the league to have Zion instantly in the running for ROY. I’m mean no disrespect to Zion - the man is a beast - but he hasn’t even played 10 games. Again, I could be biased.
  18. 6 games straight and counting!! GG Rockets
  19. Straight up loss handed to the beloved Rockets!!