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  1. For me this video was the turning point. At the 2:12 mark, Grayson pleads for a challenge and Jenkins waves him off and if read his lips correctly, it looks like he said it’s a foul which it clearly wasn’t. Rookie mistakes.
  2. Amen!!! I still can’t get over that travel that should’ve been a floater. I understand Ja needs more space but technically they are giving him miles of space by going under.
  3. Embarrassing loss guys...
  4. So this is what happens when we play aggressive!
  5. Huge loss for the Pelicans. Hopefully we can take advantage of a back-to-back hangover for the Nets and steal a win.
  6. Yog1

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    TH: JV - battled all game cleaning the boards; Brandon Clarke - reliably efficient HM: Ja and Co.