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  1. BLUEandGOLD

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    Anybody think he can be our Reddick or Bellinelli?
  2. BLUEandGOLD

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    (Morey would not specify other teams involved in trade talks he pursued or other discussions beyond with the Thunder on the deal that was completed. He was in talks throughout that week with the Grizzlies about a deal for Andre Iguodala, according to two individuals with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking, but Morey would not confirm any other trade talks.) 7 hours ago – via Houston Chronicle
  3. BLUEandGOLD

    Summer Doldrums

    Sounds like a good time to start trolling GTF on these boards and making snide comments. Oh wait! 😎
  4. BLUEandGOLD

    Who are the scrubs on our team?

    I think it is up to Bruno as to whether he is a scrub or not long term. If he can develop a KILLER INSTINCT then I think he has the tools and body to dominate people. Side-stepping finger roles without urgency is not going to get it done. He could go through and over people with that reach. Reminds me of a soft Pau, but with better athleticism.
  5. Embarrassing! And now another untradeable knucklehead.
  6. BLUEandGOLD

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

  7. BLUEandGOLD

    Vegas Summer League roster

    Wonder if they will try and get Melton over there?
  8. BLUEandGOLD

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    More picks!
  9. BLUEandGOLD

    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    There is obviously a lot of blame for Chris Wallace, but I think the whole FO was in chaos. More to the point who was in charge? If there was no clear leader then it put CW in a bad spot to make decisions.
  10. My Thoughts: JC - Looked bad. Was looking to see if there was a sign he could lead the team and I saw nothing more than we saw last year. Rabb - Really feel bad for the guy....He does not have a "5" body or strength. He does not have the athleticism to be an NBA "4". He has some solid skills, but I do not see him being successful at either position. Washburn - Impressed. He looked legit. Yuta - Again, impressed. He just has that smooth aspect to his game where the others seem more ragged. I guess I could say, he looks more polished. Konchar - Just need to see more. Flashes of good stuff, but he just needs to get more comfortable. Lawson - Potential to be a solid bench big. I would compere him to Kufos. Other guys - MEH
  11. Not sure I understand this one?!?!?!
  12. I think the only answer is Little. Best player available.
  13. BLUEandGOLD

    Ron Tillery...

    This is a new level of bitter. Too sensitive to be a successful beat writer.
  14. BLUEandGOLD

    FA Targets

    Agreed. We need to hope that Ja and JJJ really provide some excitement to lure potential free agents next year. Hope no one wanted Tyreke Evans. He was just kicked out of the NBA for drugs!
  15. BLUEandGOLD

    thanks mike, wow

    Mad Respect for the way you represented this team, franchise and city. You will be missed.