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  1. BLUEandGOLD

    Even I know you have to draft Ja

    Wait....Is this a positive or negative post? I am confused. ūüėé
  2. BLUEandGOLD

    What is the Grizzlies Vision of The Future?

    I typically agree with you GTF, but I think the overall REACTIVE nature of your post is the our biggest problem. Let's see what happens and respond. Let's let others implement their plans and we can see what's left for us to do. Let's see what everyone else's plan is and then create one of our own based on that. I do agree that tribal knowledge is key to creating a plan. But we should have a FO that knows what is best for the Grizzlies (to compete, for Memphis, the community, etc). Create a plan for us, communicate it, and all moves moving forward support and supplement that plan. This makes a leader. I guess it can be argued that the Memphis "small market" Grizzlies cannot be a leader in this league (I doubt the Spurs or the Lakers give 2 ***** what the Grizzlies are doing), but a proactive FO armed with a thoroughly vetted plan would be my wish for the vision of this franchise. You can always adjust like a good coach at halftime. But starting the game without a plan waiting to see what the other team is doing is a losing proposition.
  3. If we didn't have 2 GM's being tutored by 2 GM wannabes and 2 others dealing with actual B-Ball stuff maybe we could spend more on a coach.
  4. BLUEandGOLD

    Grizzlies are 7-11 since JV started playing

    I am not sure how the money plays out, but MC, AB, SLO MO, JJJ and JV would be a pretty strong and probably a playoff worthy starting 5. And would be fun to watch.
  5. I think JB is doing exactly what a coach should do. 1) He is instituting plays/schemes that the team can excel at. It is simple for now. (JV/Mike or kick to shooters) 2) He is getting the most out of players that were potentially hindered before. (Bradley/Dorsey/Bruno) 3) He has promoted chemistry in the locker room and this is beginning to translate onto the floor. (Wins) 4) Managing new egos and creating a team. 5) Defense is still a least from the players mouths. I hope this is not simply due to Gasol leaving.
  6. BLUEandGOLD

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Rockets 03/20/2019

    TH: JV (Beast) HM: MC11 (Doing what he does) Special Shout Out: Parsons (Yes, he made some 3's and they all seemed to be at good times, but this is not the reason for the Shout Out - Outside of his jump shot he looked like a true player. He did not look like a crip with a jump shot. He hustled, drove to the basket and communicated. It was good to see)
  7. BLUEandGOLD

    The grizzlies need to go ahead and shut it down

    Half the team is already shut down. I don't blame the rest of the team trying to win. I'm fine if they do and fine if they don't. I just want to enjoy watching for the rest of the season and hopefully see some of the youngins get better.
  8. BLUEandGOLD


    Just in case.....yes, I would like for you to OPT IN. And welcome to the boards!!! ūüėé
  9. I still go back to the interview where JV said he was looking to buy a house. This is not a move one makes who is planning on jetting at season end or who does not intend on picking up his offer.
  10. Much respect for Marc Gasol....HOWEVER, it is so nice to sit down and watch an entertaining game. This team is seriously fun to watch!!!
  11. BLUEandGOLD

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago Bulls - 2/27/19

    I will help you out.....He Fits!
  12. BLUEandGOLD

    Team Hero Lakers@Grizz

    Agreed. But adding Bradley to the HM section!
  13. BLUEandGOLD

    Jokim noah is Freakin Crazy says JB

    Agreed. Perfect fit for this fan base.
  14. BLUEandGOLD

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    Avery has always been a "stopper" on teams where there was plenty of scorers. Hope this situation brings the scorer out in him consistently. Could be a great asset.