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  1. BLUEandGOLD

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    Born in Memphis back in the 70's. At that time as a kid you were generally either a Steelers fan or a Cowboy fan for NFL and Cardinal/Dodger fan for baseball. Probably because those were the options for toys, pj's, etc. I had Cowboy pj's so I always rooted for the Cowboys and I liked Staubach and Dorsett. So not bandwagon for me, but I understand your point.
  2. BLUEandGOLD

    Robert Pera

    Unfortunately there is not a side to choose here between Coach and FO. They are both failing. It is apparent we are less talented than most of the teams we play. FO FAILURE! I can understand some of these losses, but getting blown out should only happen against the elite teams. From what I see the coach is failing in both inspiration by providing game plans the the team can rally behind and adjusting said game plan at half to compensate for how the opponent is playing. All this being said....I feel the FO is in more need of a transformation than the coaching staff at this point. I mean the very concept of us trying to revert back to grit and grind and being defense first was a clear statement: "We are not as good as everyone else due to bad contracts, putting all our faith in a slow center, having an older conductor, so let's do something different." This culture change was a blatant attempt to cover up the failings of this FO. For what they have already done and the assumption they will not be able to do anything moving forward.
  3. BLUEandGOLD

    Pera met with Marc, Mike........

    I hope this was not a BFF meeting. I hope it was a business meeting. Cordial maybe, but straight and to the point. I guess Marc and Mike have earned some leniency, but our business is failing with them at the helm and something needs to change. That should have been the conversation. Either with Marc and Mike or the FO.
  4. He had some seriously good dunks and aggressive rim runs, but his best play was on defense. He absolutely stuffed Marc's dunk attempt!
  5. BLUEandGOLD

    Time to trade Marc

    The sad thing is that we have some pretty decent players. Unfortunately they defer to Mike and Marc. The only one with balls is JAM. Everyone else waits to see what they will do and respond. Any player has to have a confident, aggressive approach in the game to really maximize their ability. Currently everyone plays re-actively and defers to our "ALPHAS". What makes this worse is our main "ALPHA" is doing his best to defer to them!! It is not working. Please trade Marc now.
  6. I didn't even mention Temple because the MODS would have been after me! ūüėÜ
  7. I was there. I tried to find the positives in what I saw.However...... Jevon has heart and Hustles, but that is where he should play. This being said he played better than our supposed All Star. JJJ has some serious skill but he needs to be freed up to find his aggression. Casspi came in early for Holiday and continues to play the consummate professional with heart. Love Noah's attitude and passion, but he just isn't that good. Gasol is playing scared and Mike played awful. Many in the stands were wanting the 2nd unit in within 2 minutes of the second half starting. We were simply defeated before the middle of the 3rd quarter. JAM...he was the only positive I could find!
  8. BLUEandGOLD

    Roster Moves

    This franchise put Conley and Gasol on that level (untouchable) because, well....we are Memphis. They are not going to trade JJJ. And I don't think they should until we know something better is within reach.
  9. BLUEandGOLD

    Joakim Noah

    Somebody stirring the pot! I don't see much here. I also saw the end of the game and Noah was hyped. He just hit Holiday pretty hard (probably in a soft spot) and Holiday responded and if the video was longer you would see him smile.
  10. BLUEandGOLD

    Team Hero v Spurs 01/10/2019

    TH: JAM - He contributed on the offensive end and played great "D" on Derozen. HM: Gasol - a game like this should not make Marc the Team Hero. This should be the norm! Good to see though after so many crap games.
  11. BLUEandGOLD

    Roster Moves

    The FO is currently acting as if they have gluteal soreness. Step up and bring him back and play him!
  12. BLUEandGOLD

    There has been a trade

    He is a 36% 3 pt shooter. Hope he can create his own shot!!
  13. BLUEandGOLD

    There has been a trade

    This was a lot to give up for Jrue!!!
  14. BLUEandGOLD

    There has been a trade

  15. BLUEandGOLD