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  1. I think it helped, guys weren't trying to do too much like in their normal limited minutes... they played relaxed and it showed.
  2. I'd hang onto Bruno... there is a lot of potiential there for cheap.
  3. Well Paul is probably #2 followed closely by James... but #1 on my list is Westbrook...
  4. Heck all those teams just need to win because we all know that with the Lakers not making the playoffs, the magical ping-pong ball is going to come up with the Lakers number on it... book it!
  5. Anyone notice how Mike got several calls at this end of this game? Think JB’s rant about the league disrespecting Mike is starting to pay off?
  6. Because Conley has been playing that same game with Marc so there wasn’t much of a learning curve there, JV just needed to set those picks... I think this has and will continue to work for both teams.
  7. I like this group, they are fun to watch and can actually shoot fairly well... But don’t be mistaken, this group as it is will not challenge GS, JJJ will still need some time to reach his full potiential and at that point Mike is getting that much older. When Parsons comes off the payroll they will need to add a sustanical piece if they are to challenge.
  8. True... now if they could just have a little more fun and hit some 3’s...
  9. Sweet!!! Send all those faker fans home whining again... Now back to the tank...
  10. grizlsg

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Well a lot of times I think the FO uses the "injury" as an excuse.
  11. grizlsg

    Parsons back after all star break

    Agree, not sure what forum folks are reading that posters are giving the FO a pass, you could probably search all night an not find a positive post supporting the FO.
  12. They may be there because Magic doesn't want to trade them but GM Lebron may override him... If the Davis thing is any indication they'll have to build through FA because they suck at trading...