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  1. Tyus, Bane, Slo-Mo, etc.... Can we have them back now? Please. I understand Brooks is a couple of weeks out. It happens. But the other guys need to clear protocols and get back. Soon.
  2. What's the status of Kyle and Tyus for this one? Brooks?
  3. He was named most valuable player (MVP) of the 2019 FIBA U18 European Championship. He has big big potential. Just needs to straighten up that jump shot a little but at 7-feet tall, can get a clean look at the rim from three more than most guys. When Aldama and ZW8 get some meat on their bones and a little more experience, watch out. It would be a shame if they end up taken in an expansion draft and go to some underserving team... like the Seattle Whatevers.
  4. I want Shake Milton coming off the bench instead of Culver but pretty sure that won't happen.
  5. Best games to rest starters: Orlando Feb 5th (record 9-39) Detroit Feb 10th (10-35) Orlando again March 5th OKC March 13th (14-33) other possibility: Mar 6th vs Houston (2nd half of B2B)
  6. Is that so? Russia has confirmed 11,173,300 cases of coronavirus and 326,767 deaths, according to the RUSSIAN national coronavirus information center. Russia’s total excess fatality count since the start of the coronavirus pandemic is at least 929,000. Updated: 9 hours ago https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2022/01/24/coronavirus-in-russia-the-latest-news-jan-24-a69117
  7. Adams is (sometimes) impressive.
  8. "NFL they can be back in less than a week."
  9. Except now that an extra point is more a mid-range FG than a chip shot. If they went for two and make it, the local Nashville sports media who kisses their @ss 365 days a year already, would have their lips turn from two-tone blue to two-tone brown. I actually saw an ad during the morning news today still running as if the titans had won and were still in the playoffs. It's absurd and they deserved to lose. I'm no Aaron Rogers fan, but thought a rematch of the first super bowl (KC vs Green Bay) would be cool. Now that won't happen. The O-line guy for GB who didn't block the guy good who ended up blocking the punt should have held him better. He gets called for holding and the kick doesn't get blocked and run in for the TD. The punter was not in the end zone so it's not a safety but even if it was a safety, GB still has the lead. So both top seeds choked. Bigtime. So much for the advantage of a week off. They should do away with the byes and let two more teams in.
  10. Not since they gave into Chris Johnson's demands to be paid more than Adrian Peterson or he would refuse to play. And how did Johnson do after he won his extortion demand? Career went straight in the toilet. That and the refusal to draft Moss based on "character (non-) issues" but drafted PacMan Jones without hesitation.
  11. I did watch it. How smart did you expect the franchise who refused to draft Randy Moss to be? They are the football version of Portland drafting Sam Bowie instead of Jordan. If people think Jeff Fisher is any better than the coaches that followed him, Fisher had 6 winning season in 16 years there and followed than up with 5 more losing season out of 5 with the Rams. In the meanwhile the Nashville sports media can use the extra point thing as an excuse/scapegoat. It was half the distance due to a penalty. Can't get one yard when you need it? (Happened more than once) One yards = three feet. The length of this desk. And that former head of officiating on the broadcast watched the replay of the controversial (non-) interception in super slow motion frame by frame and said it was a trapped ball and an incomplete pass by NFL rules.
  12. They lost by three. If they had made that conversion, they still lose If they kicked the extra point, they still lose. And the upper bowl was full of Bengals fans. So much for their plan to not let tickets to be transferred. The titans won some games this season that they didn't deserve to win. What goes around...
  13. Did you go? Titans lost and Preds won. Typical. Hope you made it to the hockey game.
  14. bhoyal

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Pretend that it's a couple of weeks from now. Brooks is back healthy and so are all the protocol guys. Why would we need to trade anybody? Can't we just act like getting all those guys back is like a massive trade where we didn't have to give up anybody or any draft picks? Sort of the opposite of getting fleeced for some aging veteran.
  15. This guy could be a draft option...
  16. Had to have Culver "try" to play some point and the guy is NOT a point guard. We really don't have a 3rd PG option. That should change in the next draft. In the meanwhile, I would trust Konchar to run point in a pinch. Dude has 54 assists to 17 turnovers
  17. They shot 96% from the FT line and we shot 60-something % from the line. This also helped to lose the game.
  18. I thought after his 2019 stint playing for the Knicks, Jenkins was playing for the BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque team in France. I'm surprised the Wizards let him go after three or four games that time. He was hitting 100% from three.
  19. Wyoming Smith and Colorado Ray Johnson?
  20. What that stuff about "Final first half game" - ?? Isn't A.S. break like Feb. 16th?
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGAr_0dTV1A
  22. That it's not a fair comparison. Apples and McRibs. Ozark and Betty White. Tarantino and Dan Quayle.
  23. Look, Konchar was a D-1 player for 4 years and put up big cumulative numbers in college. He's 25 years old. The last full season of hoops ZW8 played, LeBron's kid was his teammate. He just turned 20. One is a full grown man and the other is pretty much still a kid. (who barring injury, has enormous potential) We're seeing Konchar in the prime of his career right now. We're seeing ZW8 barely out of high school.
  24. Do you think they are going to fire-sale LeBron/A.D./Westbrooks later in the season if it looks hopeless? A.D. is always hurt and Westbrook just stinks right now. Most teams wouldn't trade a washing machine for them.