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  1. Since Marc and/or Mike (most likely Marc) will be getting traded for future draft picks since nobody is going to give up current star players for them, will Memphis win any more games this season? Teams with worse records still remaining on the schedule: Sun, Feb 3 @New York Wed, Feb 13 @Chicago Sat, Feb 23 @Cleveland Wed, Feb 27 vsChicago Wed, Mar 13 @Atlanta Sat, Mar 30 @Phoenix ---------------------------------------------- 6 shots to pick up a win... how many times will it happen?
  2. bhoyal

    Where's Noah

    I know it's been raining quite a bit, so spare the "he went to build an ark" response.
  3. bhoyal

    Where's Noah

    In Memphis? No way!
  4. Lots of people voting for three. Chicago (split), Atlanta, Phoenix?
  5. I can assure you that when a team gets hot and the games start ALL selling out for years at a time... it does get fun. The Titans were a red-hot ticket for a few years and now the Preds are on like 3 or so straight years of sold out games. While the results of the local sports teams won't add anything to our 401k's and unfortunately won't cure rare diseases... they do add interest and entertainment to life for us sports fans. And even coaching searches when a coach is fired creates entertainment. UT and Vandy will both probably be looking for new women's basketball coaches soon...the speculation re: the new hire will run rampant... and that's just for women's hoops.
  6. I though last year's tank was going to be the end of the dread. They better fix it soon or else we'll be pulling for the Seattle Grizzlies.
  7. He better get a boatload of draft picks for either guy especially when he gave away a couple of 2nd rounders for pretty much zero.
  8. And the tie breaker: On what date will this forum change it's name to "Grizzlies Team Tank" My entry: Feb. 13th
  9. bhoyal

    Memphis signs Bruno Caboclo to a 10-day

    Today's FUN FACT straight from Wikipedia... A caboclo is a person of mixed Indigenous Brazilian and European ancestry, or a culturally assimilated person of full Amerindian descent. In Brazil, a caboclo generally refers to this specific type of mestiço. A person of mixed Indigenous Brazilian and sub-Saharan black ancestry is known as a "cafuzo".
  10. With road games at Houston, Boston, Toronto in the near future, is it too early to start a JBB appreciation thread? I think he (as good as) gone.
  11. Tell me how Toronto outscored us 45-14 in the 3rd? I know Marc and Noah didn't play. Anything else? Toronto is good and all... but 45-14? Did we go 4 on 5 like in the Hoosier movie?
  12. I think there are some threads about that on here somewhere. More specifically, did they just throw in the towel when that guy starting hitting 3's from all over? It's like you almost have to try to play terrible on purpose to give up a 45-14 run.
  13. He seems pretty good.
  14. bhoyal

    March toward 50 wins - grizzlies edition

    Shouldn't the title be changed to "the march toward 20 wins" - ???
  15. I didn't get to watch the game very closely because of other stuff going on but let me ask this. Were we up 59-58 and the next time I saw the score we were behind 80-62 or something like that? How many times is this going to happen before JBB is shown the door? Is there an unspoken undeclared tank in progress?
  16. bhoyal

    Beg L.H.

    Made you look. Actually, what kind of coach do you want to replace JBB, if he is indeed made to walk the plank? A younger guy? An older guy but not as old as Hubie? An X's/O's tactical guy? A motivation guy? Whaddaya thinkin'? (Begging L.H. is not an option)
  17. bhoyal

    Time to trade Marc

    At least he came back out and played with the stinger... UNLIKE a certain NFL qb of a certain team that resides in a certain state that where the Grizz reside. But I'm not going to name names. So, what is Charlotte offering for Marc?
  18. bhoyal

    JBB appreciation thread in advance

    After tonight it's... BUH-BYE JBB!! Appreciated all those dear in the headlights post game pressers. "yeah, that Harden guy is pretty good and we had a hard time stopping him"
  19. bhoyal

    Marc vs Noah

    Warning: contains offensive classic popular girls at lunch table scene - do not watch
  20. bhoyal

    Beg L.H.

    Last night showed attitude = effort = wins. Holding Aldredge and DeRozan to combined 8 for 27 shooting?
  21. bhoyal

    Team Hero v Spurs 01/10/2019

    TH: defense for holding Aldridge and DeRozan to a combined 8 for 27 shooting. A defensive effort for the ages.
  22. Get "rent-a-shooter" John Jenkins from Mike Miller's G team. He shooting 43% from three, averages 25ppg.
  23. bhoyal

    Beg L.H.

    What was in ESPN when Avery J. was hired at Bama: "Coach Johnson has an impressive record from the professional ranks, as both a player and a head coach," Alabama athletic director Bill Battle said in a statement Monday. "His personal history is a testament to what character, enthusiasm, perseverance, talent and intelligence can do. He has shown fortitude and skill in every opportunity." So... Stack as interim and then A J as permanent coach after Bama's season ends? I vote for it.
  24. bhoyal

    Time to trade Marc

    I've always been a Marc fan and thus always against trading him. Until now. Time to stick a toe in the water and see what the temperature is on a potential Marc trade. I would think a first round draft slot plus a veteran wing who can shoot, maybe on an expiring contract. Is that too optimistic?
  25. bhoyal

    Beg L.H.

    Even after coaching a few crappy NBA teams toward the end of that NBA coaching run before switching to college coaching, his winning % is still around 58% - which is really not bad considering everything.