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  1. Jackson to return April 23rd barring any setback. So they say. That would be the start of 3 out of 4 vs Portland.
  2. bhoyal


    Just need to be patient. The guy can play.
  3. Grizz have been gifted a super-star in Tim Frazier. Well, he did average 13ppg one year while with New Orleans.
  4. Is tonight's game going to be on the usual regional (now Bally's) sports channel? My program guide (AT&TNow) shows the pre-game show followed by some darts tournament or some such crap.
  5. bhoyal

    Free De'Anthony Melton!!!

    The type of injury he apparently has is normally a 1 to 2 week deal. LINK:
  6. That's how people talked about Suggs a while back. Until Baylor made him look like Wade Baldwin on a bad day. And Suggs didn't call glass on that shot to beat UCLA. It was like PeeWee Herman's "I meant to do that" moment.
  7. bhoyal

    Team Hero Grizzlies @ 76ers 04/04/2021

    The Mullet?? You mean like Joe Dirt?? ?
  8. Edwards has a ton of potential. He's 19 years old. Let's hope he stinks tonight though. He might not end up the next Dr. J or Jordan but is already starting in the NBA when other guys his age are getting ready for their high school graduation night. And went #1 overall in the draft. That should get him the benefit of the doubt... for now.
  9. bhoyal

    Team Hero v Rockets 03/29/2021

    I'm going to bring up the dreaded +/- thing. BC had a quiet 7 points in 26 minute but a +/- of plus 13 which is impressive. And 5 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals, blocked a shot... only had one turnover. A true team player.
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    Gorgui Dieng Appreciation Thread

    Lakers signed Drummond. The guy was averaging a 17/13 double-double. Somebody good was bound to want him.
  11. bhoyal

    Gorgui Dieng Appreciation Thread

    Here's the thing about pro sports. If Colin Kaepernich, as a civil rights activist who protested police brutality and racial inequality, can't get work despite being (per NFL stats archive in 2018) in the top 20 QB's all time in passer rating... I won't be too distraught about Myers Leonard having to end up playing in Kazakhstan or for the most obscure semi-pro league such as the NABL where 2 of the 9 teams that actually still exist are in Ft. Worth TX. Here's one of the teams. He should have a pretty good height advantage. Here's the other. Hope he likes purple & beige two-tone uniforms.
  12. The regular season ends mid-May. Just sayin'
  13. bhoyal

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    The Celtics will be cutting Luke Kornet any minute (they just got him as an afterthought in a trade). Do we want a 7-2 guy who can shoot from three point range?
  14. bhoyal

    Putting Out Notice

    "How dare you" (LOL!)
  15. bhoyal

    Suggs is very good

    Has there been a 6-8 point guard in the NBA other than Magic Johnson and VanBredaKolff?
  16. Curry will probably be OK although anything tailbone related can be a real pain in the @55. My friend explained what a pilonidal cyst is. You don't want one.
  17. A 300 pound guy knocking a 175 pound guy to the ground and no call at the end of a one point game??????? It's time for Memphis Grizzlies to call B S on this farce. 🤬
  18. I've seen WWE wrestling that was less rigged than that ending. What was the name of the NBA ref who went to jail after admitting NBA refs were bogus? He wrote a book about it.
  19. bhoyal

    Predict JJJ's Return

    per NBC sports: Jaren Jackson Jr.'s status will be officially updated "later this month or early next month," according to a Grizzlies team official. Still no official update on the status of Jackson Jr., who the Grizzlies team official insisted is expected to play this season. When that will be remains undecided, but it appears that an official update on his status will be provided towards the end of March. ------------------------------------------------------------- It also said G Allen will be playing tonight.
  20. MVA: Morant plus the "Sorta Almost Moral Victory" SAMV: Brooks with 23 and JV with another double-double
  21. If he had gone with college football instead... imagine him after 4 or 5 years of D-1 football weight program. NFL tight end or outside linebacker by now.
  22. bhoyal

    Team Hero Grizzlies @ Wizards 03/02/2021

    And they held Mathews to 5 points - now sports fans in middle TN can be spared the local sports media incessantly and smugly gushing over him if he had a big game against Memphis. Hope the local sports talk radio guys are disappointed and butt-hurt over his unimpressive game in a losing effort.