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  1. My mother-in-law could hit 4 of 31 from three and she has two fractured vertebrae. And a neck brace. People are going to talk about the disgraceful total of 32 fouls and certainly they will have a point. But besides a rim protector (JV can't do it sitting on the bench)... this team needs guards. And Melton is a notch above G-league. Allen was 5-6 from three and only committed two fouls in 31 minutes. He is showing some signs of proving himself. But the lack of real quality depth is being exposed in this restart. This team is not going to make it into champagne territory with beer talent/depth. The team has gone from Old Milwaukee depth (Deyonta Davis, Kobi Simmons, etc) to Miller Light. But nowhere near Champagne.
  2. bhoyal

    Starters were 4 of 31 from three??

    The most valuable three point make yesterday for the Grizz was Shake Milton's game winner to keep San Antonio at a distance in the standings but unless the Grizz can start remembering how to win, it won't matter.
  3. bhoyal

    Effort & body language

    They didn't keep guys like Crowder and Hill... then ended up having to get different veterans instead. I like Toliver but they could have simply kept the other two instead of trading for a guy who still hasn't played a single minute in a Grizz uniform. And where is Deng? Why is he glued to the bench when other tall guys get in foul trouble? I think this flame-out in the re-start is going to get Taylor Jenkins on the hot seat for next season.
  4. bhoyal

    Starters were 4 of 31 from three??

    Part of why the starters shot 13% from three is they hesitated to take wide open threes earlier in the shot clock to settle for contested ones later in the shot clock. If you pass up a wide open three early in the clock... somebody better get a point blank look for a two. And that goes back to coaching strategy as well as personnel.
  5. My Hulu program guide shows it on both the big ESPN and on Fox Sports regional. To be honest, I need to cut the yard. Thus it looks like a DVR game... that means if we don't win, I don't have to watch. I can simply long on here and see all the expert analysis on what went wrong who which player screwed it up. And/or coaching decision.
  6. Would much rather see JV in late than Brooks. Maybe Tyus will be back soon.
  7. Can we get a mid first round draft slot for Brooks? I would take Nesmith for him right now.
  8. bhoyal

    JJJ and fouls

    What's up with that? I know everybody is shaking the rust off, but...
  9. If we don't hang on for a playoff spot, his 3-7 at the line yesterday will loom large. We needed that win.
  10. Would you guys call Melton's 42% at the free throw line yesterday frustrating? He a guard. Not Shaq. Not Wilt. If he shoots 57% at the line yesterday (not too much to ask of a guard)... Grizz win by one in regulation.
  11. I would love to see Saben Lee get a look as an UDFA. He's a very long 6-3 kind of guard, very athletic.
  12. The wannabe substitute coach in "Hoosiers" was actually right when he said "you can't score if you don't shoot" thus I think Jaren's fouls are the bigger issue right now. Because you CAN play defense without fouling out in the 3rd quarter without making all the mental mistake cheap fouls.
  13. bhoyal

    TV for the three scrimmages

    What if, for example, you live in Mojave in a Winnebago? No cable and maybe internet...streaming if you are lucky.
  14. I read they can be viewed on with Pete doing play by play. Does anybody know if this means they will also be on NBA TV? Or will you have to have NBA TV to seem them on
  15. bhoyal

    JJJ and fouls

    It's the fouls JJJ commits 30 to 70 feet from the basket. Cut those out and it's a couple of less fouls per game. And thus maybe he doesn't foul out. Maybe.
  16. bhoyal

    TV for the three scrimmages

    Do any hotel rooms in the area have the NBA channel... and room service?
  17. bhoyal

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    Crooked mobster russian oligarchs guaranteed the loans through Deutsche Bank. Southern District of the State of New York is ready to drop the hammer on trump the moment Biden is sworn in. trump's choices on Jan. 20, 2021: Flee to exile or suicide or prison.
  18. Two questions: Is Bam still questionable from positive covid results... and... will we see Toliver and Deng used together off the bench? Would be good for defense and rebounding.
  19. I see Thabo Sefolosha is listed but the reports said he was opting out of the re-start. At least a few weeks ago that was the word. Not sure he's much of a factor anymore in his older age.
  20. I had to hard boot the TV. Now that the game is over, the sound works. It was a set I haven't used in a while. Put it on YouTube and watching/listening to Pink Floyd doing "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" now. Did any of you buy a Sharp Aquos from the early days of "smart" TV's? Dazzling picture quality but quite a lemon in other regards. The "web browser" in it is a total joke. Completely crapped out.
  21. What are we gonna get for a guy who is injured all the time? A washing machine? A rubber biscuit?
  22. Anybody else have trouble getting the audio to work on this streaming? Not that I missed much by not having sound. Could we have played worse??
  23. I'm going to stop short of saying "we've been gifted a super-star in Justise Winslow" but am happy to point out that he has been a double figure scorer 3 of the 5 seasons he has been in the NBA. So there's that. He's not chopped liver.
  24. bhoyal

    Former Grizz in Million$$ ESPN event

    The twitter chatter the other day is that Simmons is being moved to forward and Shake is going to run the point. A 6-5 point guard with a 7-foot wingspan. Interesting.
  25. A number of former Grizz are on Floyd Mayweather's "The Money Team" while I noticed Hasheem Thabeet (HAHAHAHA!) is on some other team. There might be more former Grizz players, not sure. Money team has a first round bye and won't be playing this weekend. (?)