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  1. Beside the end of regulation bonehead play, he had a +/- of -14 and was 0-4 from deep. Trade him for a washing machine.
  2. bhoyal

    What did we give up for Holiday??

    Didn't we give Selden and M. Brooks? That would be 2 (sort of) players and 2 late draft picks. A lot to give up for a guy who fouls Harden at the buzzer of regulation.
  3. bhoyal

    Grizzlies last in NBA for revenue per game

    Taco Fall is spanish for Hasheem Thabeet Why not just get the 7-4 kid from Whitehaven H.S. - ? He'll cost less and is plenty slow.
  4. bhoyal

    Grizzlies last in NBA for revenue per game

    Taco is too slow for the NBA. Is there a way to trade down and take Romeo or Garland plus whatever they will throw in if we can't get a top 3 or 4?
  5. You can't have a team play this clueless and uninspired with absolutely no chemistry. My mother-in-law from the old country could have coached this team better tonight. It's not over yet but Indiana is shooting 57% to the Grizz 29% 54 boards to 26 27 assists to 16 This is inexcusable.
  6. Now I know where I've heard that accent before. Is he from Lutonia? The dark side of the Balkans? Maybe distant relatives of these guys?
  7. Get rid of them right now this minute. We can only have Rabb and Yuta Watanabe as leading scorers. That way the franchise can tank it's way all the way to Seattle. Anything except competent veterans allowed.
  8. bhoyal

    JV & Conley combine for 55.

    Because 22 wins is so much better than 44 wins, right? Or...
  9. bhoyal

    Team Hero v Trailblazers 03/05/2019

    So..... is JJJ going to play anymore this season or not? Roto doesn't have an updated update.
  10. Where is the "like" button? It would be crazy to not hold on to a proven big like JV.
  11. Eff to the noooooooooooo.... you don't trade him for a mystery draft pick. A bird in the hand is worth more than one or less in the bush any say of the week.
  12. We tanked to get a stretch-4 who can shoot NBA range 3's AND block shots on D. And we got exactly that and he turned out to be one of the best rookies in the NBA. And a good guy, not a jerk. So... LET'S GET RID OF HIM!! Right now this second! And the 26 year old in the prime of his career physical 7-1, 270 post player? Has averaged 19 & 11 since being acquired. GET RID OF HIM TOO!! Trade them both for a washing machine,,, yeah that's the ticket.
  13. bhoyal

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    Nashville area has changed. There are so many people "not from around here" that the hockey rivalries have developed in very non-geographic ways. No special rivalry with Dallas or St. Louis or Carolina. Used to be Detroit but that was replaced by a rivalry with Chicago. Next up is a developing rivalry with Winnipeg... yes, the one in Canada. Preds are in a war for 1st place in the Central with them right now. Vegas, the new kid on the block is very easy to hate with their circus-o-lame pregame BS. But I don't think a bitter hoops rivalry would develop automatically if Nashville got an NBA team. Which isn't going to happen. There is still MLB chatter but the new MiLB stadium is landlocked and expanding it to MLB capacity is next to impossible. I'm not sure if the new soccer stadium will be able to be converted to MLB baseball. It seems doubtful.
  14. bhoyal

    Parsons back after all star break

    I think he's already a legit NBA role player at the least. But he and Holiday and Parson need to stop launching so many 3's. Obviously.
  15. bhoyal

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    Is it possible Gasol was talking about pre-season camp? They had it at Vandy one year and it turned out really good. I'm pretty sure they stayed at the very nice Marriott right by the back door to Memorial Gym. It's doesn't get more convenient. I remember that they played a public scrimmage at Ensworth to break camp and people say it was beyond packed. I would love to see the Grizz return for camp and maybe play an NBA exhibition game here instead of a scrimmage. But this needs to be the end of the tanking or their fans in middle TN will lose interest. Start going to the playoffs again, and the interest will increase drastically.
  16. bhoyal

    Parsons back after all star break

    That fade away thing is so he can jump into a home run trot if he hits one. Holiday and Cabocolo were a combined 1-10 from three last night and people act like Cabocolo is the next Dr. J.
  17. bhoyal

    Parsons back after all star break

    That's nothing compared to the pollyanna Bryce Drew club, begging and pleading for him to keep his job in Nashville. I think he's 0-15 in the SEC this season. Can't do much worse than that. And several fans are trying to compare him to Coach K. from Duke. Did somebody put LSD in the Cumberland River? Those people MUST be hallucinating.
  18. bhoyal

    Parsons back after all star break

    OK, he may only be shooting 14% from three since he came back... but he's shooting 17% total from the field. Wait, didn't he call the team owner a g----mn-m----r f----r and shout that he wanted his jersey back? You have to admire that kind of spirit. Wait. He just shot an air ball. Never mind.
  19. bhoyal

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    I live fairly close to Nashville and have heard nothing about this. Not even a rumor. It might be tough to support the pro hockey and pro basketball both equally and people here LOVE the hockey team.
  20. Looks like Spurrier's Orlando team is going to be the odds on fave after the way they kicked butt yesterday.
  21. Oh, yea of little faith, who counted this guy out before he played in a game for the Grizz. Of course the moral victory TH was Avery Bradley with 33.
  22. bhoyal

    Keeping up with Jonas

  23. Hackenburg was terrible. It was a shock to see him start ahead of former NFL qb Mettenberger (sp?) It's a shame the rights to Quentin Patton were zoned to B'ham. He tore it up today. Dude is from middle-TN (played at LaVergne High). B'ham probably got him because he played college ball at LaTech.
  24. bhoyal

    Parsons back after all star break

    If his knee is better and he's getting paid (to put it mildly) and the team is short handed on wings it makes sense. I don't think it will make or break the tanking.
  25. bhoyal

    casspi waived

    Temple scored almost twice his career average while he was here. While 32 is not young, I didn't think he was washed up.