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  1. 1 hour ago, smit-tay griz said:

    Nice, but rarer than a Kyle Anderson three-pointer.  What does he  regularly give you?


    Tillie has only started 4 games in 2 years.  

    Apparently the NBA executive of the year saw something in his limited sample size that made him worth a relatively inexpensive "moneyball" addition to the roster for the next while without expecting him to be KD or LeBron.   1.9 million per season for the next few seasons is pocket change for an NBA team.  He also got Konchar for four additional at a tad over 2million per.  Does that mean anybody expects Konchar to be Jimmy Butler or Brad Beal?  No, but he's doesn't carry a Butler or Beal price tag.

    This is how pro sports works.  You sink the big $$$$ into players like Ja and get Tillie and Konchar etc for reasonable money and thus know what they can do per dollar.  Then you cut the dead weight (Culver) if you can.

  2. According to the stats archive, Tyrell Terry has played in TWO games for the Grizz... a total of 1.5 minutes, averaged 0.5 FG per game and did not attempt a three or register a steal or an assist or a rebound.

    Not only was the guy NOT our 3rd string point guard, he was not our anything at any position.

  3. There are some low-price combo guards in free agency.  Malik Monk, Shake Milton, Compazzo...

    We are in an era suddenly when free agents will want to join the Grizz.

    But who gets drafted will have something to do with how things "shake" out.  

    Our old buddy Jevon Carter is available for low low low money.  But he's no Tyus Jones.

  4. I would not be shocked if bone bruise is accurate.  He took a shot to the side of the knee before the grab.

    While bone bruises are less severe than bone fractures, they can make the bone more vulnerable to fracture. In some cases, a bone bruise can be excruciatingly painful, severely limit movements, and take several months to heal. 


  5. They should use ZW8 quite a bit tonight and if we can eek out a win, the next game as well.  Get him as much experience in big games right now.  It's a shame Aldama and Tillie are hurt.  They could use some minutes in the post season for the future.

    Tillman staying on the bench last game gives me pause about his future here. (?)

  6. I was there when Garland got the meniscus injury that ended his short college career, happened right in front of where we were sitting and it doesn't seem like there was any or much contact from another player.  He turned out fine.  Ja will be fine as well.  He just needs to stay off of it, get arthroscopic if he needs it, physical therapy to strengthen that knee...he will be back better than ever.