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    Public Service Announcement

    What did you think about the return of "Better Call Saul" the other night? Do they have the AMC channel in Arkansas?
  2. I hope grizz win in 6 but can't brick free throws.
  3. Nets over Cavs: Started at Nets -8 / currently Nets -9.5 T-Wolves over Clipps: Started at Minny -1.5 / currently Minny -2.5 to -3.5 depending where you gamble Cavs not getting much respect
  4. bhoyal

    Play-in games odds tonight

    Clips by 5 tonight has changed to Pelicans by one. Interesting.
  5. Hope so, since we will probably end up with him. And he's a legit 7-footer, not a 6-9 guy listed at 7-1.
  6. That was before Arizona's big dance fail. Updated projections for the big guy.... https://www.nbascoutinglive.com/christian-koloko-scouting-report/ https://www.tankathon.com/players/christian-koloko https://www.rookiescale.com/2022-consensus-board/
  7. Bigs available late first round or so... Jaylin Williams - Arkansas 6-10/240 Christian Koloko - Arizona 7-1/230 Oscar Tshiebwe - Kentucky 6-10/250 Ismael Kamagate - International player 6-11/220** ** sort of a JJJ type player (blocks shots, etc)
  8. Jan? What about Cindy and Marcia?
  9. Time to draft a big? There are some good ones in the mock drafts. Somebody good will fall unexpectedly. He might not be good enough to start as a rookie but will be good for the future.
  10. Culver is actually getting 6 million? Before the troll with 8000+ posts in 2.5 years butts in, I'll answer the question in advance. Yes, I would rather have Wade Baldwin than Culver.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GcArLsawiM
  11. 0 points and 1 rebound in 15 minutes.
  12. Spread went from Boston -1.5 to Celtics -5.5?
  13. CJ McCollum had a -32 in the "meaningless" +/- stat department. Trey Muphy was 1-8 shooting while ZW8 was 7-12 for 19 points.
  14. ZW8 vs Murphy so far today Williams = 12 points in 10 minutes Murphy = 3 points in 12 minutes
  15. Since there will be posts saying the loss at Houston "is OK" and "doesn't matter" - it's NOT OK and it does matter. They were 15-48. They had a 12 game losing streak. They Grizz have lost 4 of their last 7. Which is also NOT OK. JJJ plays 13 minutes? Porter Jr. scores 29 on a 13.5 average.** **Now can the team PLEASE have Brooks back. Please. Pretty please.
  16. bhoyal

    No, this loss is not "OK"

    He's trolling in an attempt to get me to tell him off and get banned. Better luck next time.
  17. bhoyal

    No, this loss is not "OK"

    I'm not the one who posed the Culver vs Shake thing. But since it was posed... SHAKE > Culver
  18. Pera has lots of money. Keep all of them. (Depending on who is available in the upcoming draft)
  19. bhoyal

    No, this loss is not "OK"

    Shake would be a certain upgrade. Culver: 1st round/6th pick = 6.6ppg career/28% from three/50% FT shooter Milton: 54th pick of 2nd round = 9.6ppg career/36% from three/82% FT shooter
  20. Slo-Mo has a versatile skill set(s) most other players don't have. He can even play point guard, sort of. Or guard smaller players.
  21. bhoyal

    No, this loss is not "OK"

    You can kiss my rear as well. I was one of the few people on here that supported taking ZW8 instead of Murphy while the rest of you were all gay for Murphy. I was one of the few people who supported drafting Aldama when the rest of you were crapping your pants in agony over him being drafted. And I was the ONLY one that supported using a second round draft pick to take Shake Milton who averages double figures off the bench for Philly. So screw you and any "crow recipe" when I have more room to dish out crow than anybody on this forum. Enjoy your helping of crow right now.
  22. When it started off 13-1 Grizz, that was obvious. Massively inflated melon on their shoulders.
  23. ZW8 with 19 points tonight Those who did not score 19 tonight includes Chris Paul Pascal Siakam Mo Bamba Al Horford Marcus Smart and after he plays later...Trey Murphy