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  1. If it boils down to Laravia vs Kessler vs Koloko... who would we want with the #30 pick?
  2. bhoyal

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    What is with this 6-9 wing from Wake Forest that is suddenly jumping up the mock drafts? Some list him as a guard. Is he athletic enough to be a late first round pick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdznh8QX8qU
  3. bhoyal

    Dillon Brooks Has to Go

    ZW8's defense has improved drastically as the season went on. He doesn't even look like the same player now.
  4. bhoyal

    Will the NBA say a dirty play is OK?

    ^ WHAT HE SAID ^
  5. Last I saw, Ja is doubtful and the league plans to do nothing to Poole. https://sports.yahoo.com/ja-morant-likely-game-4-231728075.html
  6. I notice Melton turned back into a pumpkin with 1-8 from three. But he did lead the team in turnovers.
  7. Wasn't there a thread about NOT fouling 3-point shooters???
  8. It does seem a bit late in the season for covid protocol stuff, but here I am sitting here with a mild case. The test at home kit showed positive the other night. My wife has strep and covid at the same time... she is not as "lucky." Speaking of "lucky" - I had both of the first two shots and then a booster in Nov. 2021. I was about to get the next booster but the doc says if I tested positive even with weak or no symptoms, that gives me extra immunity for a while. But covid is nothing to laugh at. If your oxygen level gets below a critical point, you could be screwed. If you are not sure, amazon has one of those things that clips on your middle finger like at the doc's office for like $13. I pretend I'm flipping off the Grim Reaper every time I put it on my middle finger.
  9. Without jokes about a washing machine or Bol Bol... what can we get for him? Salary of almost 18 mil. Becomes a UFA after next season. Ride it out? Trade him for a draft pick ? We'll almost certainly be drafting somebody like Koloko or Kessler or an international big man. If Aldama puts on some bulk/muscle...
  10. bhoyal

    What to do with Adams

    I wouldn't mind having Kornet as a moneyball backup big for reasonable $$. He's a veteran but actually only 26 years old. At 7-2/250 he won't be shy about banging around with other large backups (JerVale McGee, etc) plus he has a good basketball IQ and is a smart young man in general. His dad had a cup of coffee with the Milwaukee Bucks back in the day.
  11. bhoyal

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Warriors Rnd 2, Game 2

    TH: Ja (obviously) 47 points HM: ZIAIRE (still better than Trey Murphy) WILLIAMS: 4 threes / 5 boards / 0 turnovers
  12. Out of shape old timers coming back only works in movies.
  13. I'm not a Tillman-hater but he indeed had a +/- of -10 in only 13 minutes. Just sayin'
  14. I don't like GSW. Not even stav-aahhn curry
  15. I was really hoping for the alley-oop to BC for the winner.
  16. There was no call on Ja being slammed to the floor on the small of his back, so I have no problem with the league making an example of Green. This is not NHL hockey. Thuggery should not be encouraged.
  17. Grizz in seven with 13 threes.
  18. bhoyal

    As if we needed more proof...

    Because of the thigh contusion from being clobbered in the leg by KAT who outweighs him by 90 pounds?
  19. Nashville is not a candidate for NBA. They are trying to build a dome that could also lure MLB in addition to keeping the NFL team.
  20. What's the over/under on how many times we foul Klay/Curry when they are shooting a three?
  21. bhoyal


    Who could ever want a 25 ppg big when we can pay 18 million/year for a 7ppg one?
  22. bhoyal

    MEM/MIN Game 6 team hero