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  1. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    Only when they were recording Dark Side of the Moon.
  2. From official NBA rules: Section II—Delay-of-Game Line 8: A free throw shooter venturing fully beyond the three-point line between attempts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wasn't this rule put in to keep teams from huddling up between free shots? Last night's interpretation was nit-picking as JJJ wasn't stalling or huddling with the team. It seems like the ref called it to shut Hield up in a blowout game that was already decided. Pete and Brevin knew the rule and admitted the call was actually correct.
  3. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    That would be David Gilmour. Pink Floyd was named after two blues musicians, ya know. I'm pretty sure they never got high.
  4. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    Maybe traded? This chick has her washer/dryer in the kitchen!?!? How strange is that?? She must be high. Are those flowers opium poppies?
  5. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    Tillman is so far in the dog house, he's practically under it. He tied with Culver for the least amount of p t tonight.
  6. Hield was 1-9 from three!! LOL!! All he did right was teach the refs an obscure rule about delaying the game while shooting a free throw. Tyus and JJJ and DB were quietly 2 of 13 from three. (15%) Lesson here: if you do everything else right...
  7. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    Patrick Duncan? Wilt Russell? Moses Gilmour?
  8. bhoyal

    Should the Grizzlies go after Mo Bamba?

    Where does Adams end up in this scenario? Traded for a washing machine?
  9. Spread is Grizz favored by three. Could be because Barnes and Harkless are uncertain and Holmes is out. Would like to see Tyus start at PG instead of some far-lung experimental lineup. Melton, maybe OK at PG in stretches.
  10. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    When the season started people thought he was Kareem-Abdul Olajuwon and to say otherwise was deemed as treasonous.
  11. bhoyal

    Is the emperor naked?

    Adams stats have fallen and they can't get up!! Now averages 6.7ppg and 7.8 boards and a paltry 0.7 blocks per game. Is he washed up this young or just a head case like most of the rest of the team?
  12. Not on crutches could be a good sign. Especially if there was no boot. On the other hand, Garland was not on crutches when he got hurt in his 4th college game and missed the rest of the season. Let's hope the news is good on Ja. And happy for Garland that he is doing well. He was a super nice kid in high school when we met.
  13. They had no reason to be jiggy. Scoring 71 in the first half the other night, going up 12... and losing by a bunch. They're going to get their a55 kicked by Sacramento too if they don't get their heads on straight. Ja might be out at the very least a few games, so they can either sink or swim without him. If Jenkins is a highly paid pro coach worth his paycheck....
  14. This team is one big head case. Losing by 40 is more than just Ja being out. At home to a team with the same record?
  15. bhoyal

    Is Taylor Jenkins a good coach?

    Where is the "like" button?