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  1. Is the box score right? Boston outscored us 70-something to 30-something in the 2nd/3rd quarters? How does a possible playoff team that recently won 7 in a row get outscored by 40 in the 2nd/3rd quarters?
  2. bhoyal

    1st franchise superstar?

    We were gifted a potential super-star in... James Ennis III
  3. I hope you are right but it looks like "hammer - nail - coffin this one is over" in the wrong way.
  4. I usually never post while a game is in progress but this is exceedingly bad. Ja dribble driving into double and triple teams so far underneath that he can't pass to anybody. JJJ playing matador defense. This one is lost. The win streak is over.
  5. bhoyal

    Solomon Hill

    I missed the Titans-KC game. How did that one turn out?
  6. bhoyal

    Solomon Hill

    And all wins are good wins. But blowing a 20 point lead to hang on for dear life is not the preferred way to get there. I am enjoying the win streak, wearing my Grizz swag out and about here in middle TN the last few days, drawing bewildered looks from Titans fans who are holding their breath over the upcoming playoff game. Most of them are bandwagon anyway. I saw a lady in the dollar store yesterday wearing an old Titans sweatshirt that looked like it had been hanging in the closet drawing dust since Eddie George was starting at tailback 20 years ago.
  7. bhoyal

    Solomon Hill

    He's a veteran. Seems like a good guy and a good teammate. Looks like he stepped right out of the ABA movie "semi-pro" and that's cool. Going into armchair coach 20-20 hindsight mode, I notice he was the only one with a hideous +/- last night. He had a -25. JJJ missed all his threes and still had a tolerable -4. By comparison, Crowder had a +20 even though he was fighting with that annoying Tristan Thompson all night. If it was hockey they would have "dropped the gloves." So here's my thought... why strand JJJ on the bench late in the game with only 3 fouls? I know BC was playing great and deserved to be in, so there's that. And JV had 18 boards and that's not shabby. JJJ had that bewildered look of "why am I on the bench" or am I just imagining that?
  8. bhoyal

    get well soon chipc3!

  9. bhoyal

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    Every year is starting to be "just you wait until next year!" What would keep next year from being another mulligan year? Eventually the mulligans have to end and the serious contention starts.
  10. bhoyal

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    Personally, I've never complimented the Jenkins hire. Is being 12-21 really all the much to be ecstatic over?
  11. bhoyal

    Jenkins system has not,is not and will never work.

    Staring at a 31-11 score, trailing by 20 early today... makes a good case for Jenkins to be on the hot seat.
  12. Somebody (I think) referred to Colbocolo (sp?) as the "Brazilian KD" on the backup forum. Is it me or is that far-fatched, rivaling the "we have been gifted a potential super-star in Ennis" thread?
  13. The empty seats are a nice touch. Very "Semi-Pro"