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  1. bhoyal

    Finally, the boards are back!

    The "GrizzMemphis" backup forum had as many as 40 people a day checking it out during the outage here, it looked like from the stats at the bottom, but almost none of them would bother to post anything. That could make it look dead. I'm keeping a link to it for the future just in case...
  2. bhoyal

    Memphis Grizzlies sign Ismaila Kane

    Keep in mind that his team played a rough schedule. They had to play South Georgia Tech and South Georgia State within 72 hours of each other...
  3. bhoyal

    Finally, the boards are back!

    The "backup" forum to use during outages is still up. You might want to bookmark it just in case...
  4. bhoyal

    New Flooring

    I fell alseep looking at pictures of the new uniforms. Wake me up when Shelvin Mack signs a contract.
  5. bhoyal

    New Flooring

    For Immediate Release: Bhoyal adding new wood floor to house. With strict orders from Mrs. hoyal, the Dark Walnut engineered has been selected. Watch for additional information in the near future. Artists rendering of the actual wood:
  6. bhoyal

    Football in February?

    Memphis pro football: 5 Things to Know about the Alliance of American Football
  7. bhoyal

    New Flooring

    What about the tweet 30 min. ago about some sort of breaking news direct from FedEx Forum tomorrow at 6pm? It's not to announce a new wood floor everybody already knows about, is it? I'm getting a new wood floor in my den and dining room in the next few weeks and didn't announce it on twitter.
  8. Then again, that other guy is about as in shape as I am.
  9. bhoyal

    New Flooring

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. That's what my Uncle Charlie from Memphis used to say.
  10. bhoyal

    9-10 man rotation

  11. bhoyal

    Grizzlies sign Yuta Watanabe

    Can you be quoted on this at a later date?
  12. I've not been much of a Kobi fan, but every roster I've seen lists him at 6-4 or even 6-5. He was impressive in summer ball. For him. It won't bother me if he makes the team as a 3rd stringer.
  13. Is the line still at 27.5? As if the Grizz can"t win 6 more games than last season when they tanked on purpose. I might be passing by Cherokee this fall on the way to Asheville. Maybe they will get sports book too. The bet wouldn't pay until the regular season ends, right?
  14. Now that Kobi looks to have put on a bit of muscle since last season and "looks" more like the typical NBA 2 guard, that makes him valuable as a practice player in addition to a backup to a backup. Having good practice players is important. Probably more than you hear about. The roster is shaping up well. I can't believe how many "experts" think we won't win 30 games. (unless they know something about Conley that is not publicly available info). I wish sports book was legal in Tunica or Cherokee. I'd drop a chuck of change on the Grizz on the over. And I usually don't gamble.
  15. It could happen** **This statement was made without duress or pressure to say so and without any coercion.