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  1. bhoyal

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Zion is listed as 6-7? Nazreon Reid is listed as 6-10/250. Have you seen this guy play?
  2. bhoyal

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    NBA shows Garland staying another year in college. If Wiseman picks Vandy, I think that will be a lock to happen. They project Wiseman to the Grizz in 2020 and Garland to Miami that draft. (and Simi from Vandy at #20 to OKC)
  3. bhoyal

    Preseason basketball thread

    What I learned from last night: The Grizz shot 46% from three, JJJ was 7-9 Fg shooting incl. 2-3 from deep, but thanks to 11 more turnover than Houston, still got blown out. There were 6 turnovers given to JJJ in the box score but while I was watching there were like three bad passes in a row at one stretch that nobody could have gotten to that probably counted against him. You can't force the ball into a spot that is hopeless. I'm sure Bickerstaff is a good guy and all but this makes me think that if that kind of BS play keeps up in the regular season, he will not be the coach by the end of the season. Many of those turnover resulted in easy fast break points going the other way. You can only beat the worst of the worst NBA teams playing like that and sometimes lose to them as well. He better drill it into their heads to value possession of the rock on offense or the naysayers who predicted 28 wins could end up right. If they eliminate the sloppy offense BS and develop some chemistry, things might go decently.
  4. I've been a Grizz fan from the minute they moved to Memphis... but if they traded JJJ for Butler, that would be the end of it for me. JJJ is the future of the franchise. The city of Memphis could kiss the team goodbye if they don't rebuild around JJJ. Seattle is building a new arena as we post and they will take an NBA and/or NHL team any way they can get them. And if you saw the crowd in Vegas for the pre-season Warriors/Lakers game the other night... I'd be worried about Vegas throwing their hat into the ring for an NBA team. Their NHL franchise was an instant hit.
  5. bhoyal

    Grizzlies Add DJ Stephens

    The Grizz have been gifted a potential superstar. It's time to beg LH to just tank.
  6. bhoyal

    Preseason basketball thread

    Olidipo, Turner, Young did not play. As didn't Conley, Gasol, Anderson. Last night was like watching a glorified summer league game. There really aren't many legit conclusions that can be made from it.
  7. bhoyal

    Preseason basketball thread

    We were up 29 until all the superstars we were gifted let them cut the lead to single digits. 65 total fouls called. Now an NBA game takes longer than an MLB game. Last year the NBA looked like the blood, no foul. Now it's a foul if you look at another player. Couldn't they find a middle ground between the two extremes?
  8. bhoyal

    Grizz to Seattle?

    In the words of the first (cough-cough) "lady" - "eyes bees wit madonna fur stwenty syears" But you won't see me making fun of her ridiculous accent. That's wouldn't be cool.
  9. bhoyal

    Grizz to Seattle?

    Wasn't this addressed back in April? Grizzlies owner Robert Pera says he won’t sell or move the team
  10. bhoyal

    A Honest 2018-19 Grizzlies Season Preview

    Well, Gasol did stink it up tonight at least according to the box score. One of seven for 2 points in 22 minutes...4 fouls and 4 turnovers. At least Parsons did good on paper... 2 of 3 from deep, hit all 4 FTs... no turnovers... one foul = a pretty good night
  11. bhoyal

    Official Media Day 2018 Thread

    I thought Ezeli is pretty much retired from too many injury issues. But he will do alright with that degree from Vanderbilt.
  12. bhoyal

    People are sleeping on Dillon Brooks

    Some people said the Grizz were "gifted a superstar in James Ennis." I guess stardom is in the eye of the beholder. Alex Poythress could be seen as a beast playa by a fan wearing the right shade of glasses.
  13. bhoyal

    Finally, the boards are back!

    The "GrizzMemphis" backup forum had as many as 40 people a day checking it out during the outage here, it looked like from the stats at the bottom, but almost none of them would bother to post anything. That could make it look dead. I'm keeping a link to it for the future just in case...
  14. bhoyal

    Memphis Grizzlies sign Ismaila Kane

    Keep in mind that his team played a rough schedule. They had to play South Georgia Tech and South Georgia State within 72 hours of each other...
  15. bhoyal

    Finally, the boards are back!

    The "backup" forum to use during outages is still up. You might want to bookmark it just in case...