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  1. bhoyal

    Bests in Grizzlies History

    Ennis? We were gifted a super-star when we got Ennis from Miami. That was a thread title. It must be true.
  2. Eddie George - Heisman Trophy winner 1995 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eddie George - 4 time Pro-Bowl running back --------------------------------------------------------------------- Eddie George now:
  3. The Titans won more with Eddie George at running back than without Eddie. He won't be playing any more than Z-Bo or TA these days.
  4. Z-Bo sitting at the end of the bench and not playing won't sell tickets and they can still make and sell retro Z-Bo jerseys and probably should... but Z-Bo and TA are done. Finished. Over.
  5. bhoyal

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    But-but-but... that would take the roster spot the team was saving for TA or Z-Bo's big comeback.
  6. Maybe Crowder. Maybe Iggy. (kind of doubtful on Iggy due to his salary) Z-Bo won't be one of them. You can bookmark this post if you like and bring it up during the season.
  7. If the aim of Memphis is to get younger and faster, how would signing and playing an old guy who hasn't actually played a game of basketball in a couple of years fit in with that? Wouldn't that be taking a roster spot away from either a young up and coming player or a guy in the prime years of his NBA lifespan? Maybe the Titans should sign Eddie George to play this year. He is active in the Nashville community and all.
  8. bhoyal

    Has Taylor Jenkins hired assistant coaches yet?

    Looks like he's built like he was in the TN state h.s. basketball tournament back in the day when it was at Memorial Gym. I was actually there to see Waverly that night and their star center Todd Millholland but got to see some Popeye in the game before. Also got to see him play for Murray as a true freshman when he was still out of shape. I think that was his last season as a chubby hoopster.
  9. Ben Wallace should have changed his name to make a comeback. Is "Mother Teresa Global Do-Gooder of Karma" available?
  10. bhoyal

    make or break

    Throw a dart. There's his next team...
  11. He wasn't with the Grizz last season. My question (OBVIOUSLY) was "in what why was he relevant to the sport of pro basketball?" If he was, every team in the league would be lined up to throw money at him to sign. And they are not. He's done.
  12. 2 L-B's? Was he going on tour with Willie Nelson and Bob Marley?
  13. Bill Russell? Comparing TA to Russell??? Russell = 11 time NBA champ 5 times NBA MVP 12 times NBA all-star 3 times all-NBA first team 4 times NBA rebounding champ NBA 25th and 50th anniversary team ---------------------------------------- TA = 3 time all-defensive team 1 NBA championship ************************************************************************** ROTFLMAO!!!!!!
  14. If Zbo was still relevant, why did he not get a minute of playing time last season?
  15. bhoyal

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    A little off topic but it's a shame more people don't know about Dražen Petrović of croatia who was becoming one of the top players in the NBA before his tragic death. The guy averaged around 22ppg his final two seasons with the Nets. A 44% career shooter from three. But he was good at everything... offense, defense, ball handling, etc. A complete ball player and a great athlete. quote: It was a thrill to play against Dražen. Every time we competed, he competed with an aggressive attitude. He wasn't nervous; he came at me as hard as I came at him. So we've had some great battles in the past and unfortunately, they were short battles. - Michael Jordan