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  1. bhoyal

    Team Hero Grizzlies v Mavs 03/20/2023

    I remember how people b!tched like they had severe PMS when Aldama was drafted. Like he didn't even deserve to have a chance to develop or have time to prove himself. HM goes to "TV Dad" ref. He seems to call a consistent non-controversial game.
  2. Before we get too jiggy over maybe getting a win while JJJ sits...remember that ZW8 will gets some court time for a change. And this season, that hasn't been great news.
  3. Part of the undeserved BIG HEAD thing.
  4. bhoyal

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

    Roddy's development is way ahead of schedule. He's already a legit NBA player. Most rookies are riding the G-league bus to go play the Fort Wayne Mad Ants.
  5. bhoyal

    Roddy permantly in the rotation now?

  6. bhoyal

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    Ever wonder why Duke wins more basketball games than Stanford and Vandy? Obviously any and all academic standards went out the window for Coach K to go recruit "scholar-athletes" like that.
  7. Yeah, those Stanford guys. They run the feared Palo Alto mafia militia posse dogs mob.
  8. Bane?? He doesn't even have any tats. What's next? LaRavia a major gangsta in the projects? Here is the new Bane/LaRavia mix tape...
  9. A couple of techs to show up incompetent refs? = good So many techs that you get sanctioned by the league = not good
  10. To protest the conduct of Ja and Brooks...for the first time in a long long time, I won't be watching. No, that won't make a difference in how Ja and Brooks act going forward, but at least I feel like I'm protesting their juvenile BS.
  11. Examples of definitions from urban dictionary.... thinks their better than everyone.... somebody who thinks they are all that....someone who is overly confident about themselves....basically the same as conceited....could also refer to a person being cocky and arrogant....
  12. bhoyal

    Brandon finished for the year

    That sucks. He's not a BIG HEAD (tm) jive-@ss giving the team a bad reputation.
  13. Emoni Bates ends college days with 10 points in 27 minutes in a blowout loss to a horrible Bowling Green State team. Bates and EMU lost by 20. He did not start. Please don't waste a summer league free agent roster spot on that kid.
  14. bhoyal

    Ja Suspended - Away from team

    A veteran? Like Kyle Anderson? Jae Crowder? Wait....