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  1. bhoyal

    A Shake Milton sighting

    He shot the ball pretty good tonight. Just for kicks though, look at some of the names drafted after him including Shake. And, yes... I was the only one on here who lobbied for Shake to be the second round pick that time.
  2. bhoyal

    A Shake Milton sighting

    Pretty sure any thread started by anybody without my screen name should be fair game to discuss Kobi Simmons since I was the only one who DIDN'T worship the ground he walked on and do backflips and summersaults over him. All those players who were "about to be superstars" who ended up in the D (now G) that all those posters were fanatical about. Somebody should make a list. Simmons and Ivan Rabb would certainly be on it. Yuta is still in the league... 2ppg on 11% shooting this season. He was a "scrub love" hero to many.
  3. bhoyal


    Seems like Grant rarely launched a three yet he averaged double figure scoring 7 different season by making lots of free throws. He averaged over 80% at the line three seasons. I hope our young guys like Tillman and Bane understand how big FTs are.
  4. bhoyal


    For the last three season Draymond Green hasn't been hitting the three ball too good and his first year three shooting was not good. If Tillman can improve his jump shooting, he could easily be Draymond without the attitude?
  5. bhoyal


    My only gripe with Tillman is he took 5 threes vs Philly and he's shooting 13% from deep. If he's going to play center, then play center. Not try to be Steph Curry.
  6. bhoyal

    A Shake Milton sighting

    While Jevon Carter is nailing a massive 3ppg compared to Shake Milton's last two games of 28 and 31 points. This WAS a topic of Carter vs Milton from the same 2nd round of the same draft, was it not?
  7. bhoyal

    A Shake Milton sighting Becoming a star in European ball.
  8. bhoyal

    A Shake Milton sighting

    So. We took Jevon Carter instead in 2018 in the 2nd round. OOPS!! ūüôĄ
  9. bhoyal

    Streaming Services with Fox Sports SE

    Tonight's game was postponed due to Minnesota having too much Covid. If you live in Memphis or Nashville, AT&T will have the Grizz and the Preds. Hulu and the other streamers will not.
  10. bhoyal


    Tillman and Bane spend quite a bit of time playing against the opposition's 2nd liners... but still impressive.
  11. Had 19 at the half and 31 for the game tonight.
  12. bhoyal

    Una disculpa al mundo

    Es hora de que Estados Unidos se disculpe con el resto del planeta por el "presidente" saliente, pero es un error que nunca se repetir√°. ūüôĄ
  13. bhoyal


    Tillman is a pleasant surprise to be this fearless this soon. Nobody is going to "kick sand in his face" as he already has that "NBA" look about him. Yet, he is listed at 6-8 and this is not the generation that Wes Unseld started at center at 6-7. Just sayin' Bane doesn't have the rookie "dear in the headlights" thing ever either. He is build like an outside linebacker which helps and there is plenty of frame there to add more muscle to.
  14. bhoyal


    Is he injured or in the doghouse? He hasn't been getting any PT recently that I recall.
  15. bhoyal

    Kyrie not on the flight to Memphis

    Two of my favorites. McGee played minor league ball here in Nashville at the old horrible Greer Stadium.