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  1. bhoyal

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    Exactly. If the wings have to sag back because you don't have a rim protector, the opposition can kill you with threes, and they certainly did. And since you can't make threes on your end, the result is like the other team going on a 28-4 run.
  2. GSW is short on bigs? Good. That's what they get for trading Damian Jones to Atlanta.
  3. Brooks missed most of last season with a bad injury. Give him a little time to shake the rust off.
  5. That's why I didn't pull a "Grizz have been gifted a super-star in {slo-mo/Tyus}!!" opting instead for a reminder that they are better than run of the mill past scrubs (Simmons, Davis, etc) who a few posters went nuts over-valuing.
  6. Tyus played 23 minutes a game last season (averaged 5 assists per game). Slo-Mo had started 40 games last season before he got injured. The days of being Mike + Marc + a bunch of scrubs is past. The Kobi Simmons/Deyonta Davis era has ended.
  7. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but this looks like one of the better Grizz rosters since the core-4 were in their prime. But there is the issue of youth. (cough-cough Ja cough)
  8. Just to set the record straight... scrubs happen in all various ages, races, etc Votes for Caucasians are not required.
  9. bhoyal

    Samuel Jackson

    There is a "Coming to America" sequel in the works.
  10. Fox Sports in middle Tn shows the Preds on one and Grizzlies on the other. And it's on pretty much anything you subscribe to. I cut the cord and switched to YouTube TV a while back. Worked better with a roku stick on the non-smart TV. Crystal clear picture.
  11. Anybody pulling for Rabb to start? Plumlee? Watanabe? Who will be the next G league call-up to become hero of the scrub-love world? <---- high quality scrubs
  12. bhoyal

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    Wingnut radio? Are those the AM stations with rush limbaugh and them on?
  13. bhoyal

    Where Are the Moderators/Admins?

    If you bookmarked the web address for the "backup forum" from that other time this site was crashed, keep it. That site is still up as a backup if needed.
  14. bhoyal


    Are you insinuating that the current American president is a racist? Because if you are, that is actually (unfortunately) correct.
  15. bhoyal

    Fan favorite of all time

    The 2004 NBA Finals was the championship round of the 2003–04 National Basketball Association season. This Finals was contested between the Los Angeles Lakersof the Western Conference and the Detroit Pistons of the Eastern Conference; the Lakers held home court advantage. The series was played under a best-of-seven format. Although the Lakers, headed by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, were considered the heavy favorites, the Pistons handily won the series in five games. This win marked the Pistons' fifth win overall as a franchise as well as its first title since the 1990-1991 NBA season; nearly fifteen years. The series ultimately featured the perceived underdog Pistons, dominating a Lakers team composed of four future Hall of Famers.