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  1. bhoyal

    Grizz sign John Konchar

    It was also a movie that pre-dated this thread by 17 years. And what was the name of the starring character?
  2. bhoyal

    Simi in the Summer

    Naz Reid was 6-10 SEC 1&done they should have signed. Is there a Canadian pro basketball league since Simi is from Canada and all? He did average about 4ppg more while Garland was healthy (not including the game DG got injured at the start of)
  3. bhoyal

    Grizz sign John Konchar

    John Konchar, Purdue-Fort Wayne: This 23-year-old guard from Purdue-Fort Wayne was the most statistically dominant college player you’ve never heard of. He led the NCAA with a 63 percent true shooting percentage and led in offensive rating, and even though he’s just 6-foot-5, he had the second-best rebound rate. For his college career, he shot 42 percent from behind the arc. Plus he overcame being white to accomplish all that.
  4. bhoyal

    Simi in the Summer

    Prepare for disappointment. The guy can't hit water if he fell out of a boat. He shot a blistering 6% from three in college and 57% at the free throw line. Good thing it's only summer league.
  5. If Memphis had a REALLY late 2nd round pick, Hasheem ThaFall might be worth a shot. Is it too late to trade an undersized post (cough-cough-Rabb) for a late 2nd round slot? What if we throw in Parsons?
  6. One of the well known mocks now shows Romeo falling to the Grizz at 23. Whoever mentioned Tacko Fall, that mock showed him going with one of the last picks in the 2nd round. NBA scouts have certainly fallen out of love with him. He really is too slow getting up and down the floor to be much other than a role player. He makes Marc Gasol look like a 100 meters track star in the foot speed dept.
  7. Unless Romeo or BoBo fall to 23, there are some good players to be had in the second round. Carson Edwards, Gafford, etc. This would be a way to recoup some 2nd round picks lost in that insane trade last season for Holiday.
  8. That would be Garland, going at #3 to NYC. His shooting distance is insane.
  9. I went to Beale Street the night of Dec.31, 2011 after the Liberty Bowl and you couldn't re-enter without going through a metal detector and showing the cops an I D. The police presence was so strong, you would think they had been tipped off about some impending trouble, maybe gang related. It was very unnerving and not a good look for Memphis. I was at the first NBA game played at what was then the Air Canada Center in Toronto (Raptors vs the Vancouver Grizz) and then walked to Second City in downtown Toronto at night. Other than it being frigid cold, there was nothing uncomfortable about the situation.
  10. bhoyal

    AD is a Faker

    I didn't look at the entire thread yet but did anybody say the amount the Lakers gave up for A.D. was insane? Three players of varying worth PLUS three firsts? This reminds me of what the Vikings traded to Dallas for Hershel Walker.
  11. bhoyal

    I think i found out when Morant hurt his knee...

    He has more tats than Garland. He must be better.
  12. I'm not certain I agree with the Avery Bradley hate. He's only 28 years old - certainly not over the hill. In his short stint with Memphis last season... 16 points and 4 assists per gm. 92% FTs. 38% from three. Who are we going to realistically get that is better for that 2-spot/combo guard role?
  13. bhoyal

    Ja Morant hurt?

    ut vols SEC records the last dozen or so years... 3-5 4-4 3-5 1-7 1-7 2-9 3-5 5-3 4-4 0-8 2-6 ------- 28 - 57 I agree with that not being mediocre. And they've gone how many seasons in that time without a single player drafted? The Titans have one playoff win since 2003 for whatever that's worth. This is my favorite question for Titans fans this time of the year: "so, are you going to use your first pick in fantasy football this year on Mariota?" (still yet to find one who will do it or even draft him as their #1 qb) It's cool that you know who Mularkey is. Most people who show up at a Titans game are only going because somebody at the office is having a tailgate party. Most of them can't name a Titans coach since Jeff Fisher.
  14. bhoyal

    Ja Morant hurt?

    Where will Mariota sign after the season is over? He averaged less than a TD a game last season, so his value right now is not so high. Also who will they hire to replace Vrabel after they miss the playoffs again. And just wondering... who has fired more coaches in the last 10 years, the Tennessee Titans or the Tennessee Vols?
  15. bhoyal

    Is Ja Morant Worthy of a #2 pick?

    Garland outscored Porter at USC head to head. He also scored 33 vs Liberty who went a couple of rounds in the big dance including a win over a 5 seed.