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  1. By the way, there is an NBA Highlights channel on Roku (you have to add it, but it's free) and the first thing I watched was the "long distance allee-oops" (or whatever they called it)... lob dunks from passes between 45 and 90 feet away. That was really cool.
  2. Ozark is WAY intense this season. What an ending. Hope it's not 2 years between seasons again this time. I just finished the first season of Goliath. So far so good. Lots left to go.
  3. bhoyal

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread
  4. bhoyal

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Nesmith has decided to hire an agent. He's all in. No more college ball.
  5. Actually that would have been 1948 when the Globetrotters defeated George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers.
  6. Adam averaged 19ppg for his college career. David Lee was the #14 scorer in the SEC one of the years A.M. played college ball. Joakim Noah was #12 in the SEC one season in scoring during that time. Al Horford was #25 one season during that time. Chris Paul was #14 in scoring in the ACC during one year of the Morrison-Gonzaga tenure. I honestly don't think Morrison would have been a starter at Florida or Duke back then.
  7. Jay Cutler threw for 35,133 yards and 227 TDs in the NFL with it.
  8. Yep. Played 16 games and averaged 8ppg. Looks like the Memphis ABA team had some other power forwards of note that season... Les Hunter from Nashville Pearl High, Wendell Ladner, NBA journeyman Luther Rackley, etc. They still finished 24-60 - OUCH!
  9. Not to mention that Gonzaga plays a pathetic schedule. If Morrison had played in the ACC or SEC... ??
  10. Adam Morrison was a zero according to 247. Of course he ended up a zero in the NBA.
  11. Ja, probably. Pascal Siakam was WAC player of the year after only two seasons (was a zero star rated prospect) but I'm not sure if he got much love in the All-American team voting. Garrison Mathews was A-Sun MVP and while 247 rated him zero stars, Rivals didn't bother to have a page on him at all. Not sure where he ended up in the All-American voting. I remember he was more known for football in the mid-state for a long time. Dylan Windler - zero stars on 247, ignored by Rivals.
  12. Not a shock but it is now official. Here's the question. Has there ever been a kid rated zero stars by both 247 and Rivals in this era of hoops to make D-1 first team All-American?
  13. I do recommend this book for followers of sports history...
  14. And nobody is bothering to show "Glory Road" today or tonight. (I guess it can be streamed on Amazon Prime for 3.99) How Texas Western's 1966 national championship changed college sports forever
  15. I finished this one a couple of weeks ago. Worth much more than the couple of bucks I paid on Ebay for it.