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  1. bhoyal

    SI's Top 100 players for the '21-'22 season

    Same place as superstar James Ennis. Not anywhere near the top 100 current NBA players.
  2. bhoyal

    Memphis on the Outside Looking In (for the last time?)

    If the AAC is thinking correctly they would be on the phone with Marshall and Charlotte yesterday. Marshall has tradition and Charlotte is a major growing market. 11-3+2 = 10 which is enough to carry on with.
  3. bhoyal

    SI's Top 100 players for the '21-'22 season

    "Clickbait" click·bait /ˈklikbāt/ Learn to pronounce noun (on the internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.
  4. My favorite sports parody of all time was in a 1980's National Lampoon magazine: "Sports Hallucinated"
  5. BROOKLYN—Shrugging and deciding it would be nice to get some ice cream right now instead of vowing to destroy rival players, former Oklahoma State point guard Cade Cunningham was reportedly feeling unmotivated Thursday after zero teams passed on him in the NBA draft. “I was all ready to fuel my workouts by thinking of all the franchises that passed on me, but I guess I don’t really need to worry about that now,” said Cunningham, who noted that he thought about trying to show all the haters in the press and online, but that people have actually been pretty positive and supportive. https://www.theonion.com/cade-cunningham-unmotivated-after-zero-teams-pass-on-hi-1847352012
  6. When John McMurray first moved to Nashville from Mississippi, before he adopted the "Webb Wilder" persona once and for all, we used to hang out and talk guitar stuff all the time. He had an expression for people who looked, dressed, and acted a certain way: "disco rednecks." That "Fancy Like" song is pure extract of "disco redneck."
  7. As long as we don't have to ever listen to the has-been disco-rappers sing about ice cream flavors on the insurance ad ever again. That commercial is about as fun as a root canal. Especially after the 8500th time it's been on every station.
  8. Played lots when I was younger. Bass too. Did you miss the guitar thread like 6 months ago? The mod of this forum has some great guitars iirc. Some rockabilly player Grizz-fan from Australia (?) chimed in. Seemed like he has nice guitars and amps too. I have a couple of custom shop MIJ Jacksons with interesting finishes. Plus a super-rare "beta model" Infinity electric.
  9. Have you seen the new "Tequila Sunrise" finish Strat?
  10. Would that not have been the 1999 or 2000 draft?
  11. I was never in the "trade BC for a washing machine" camp, by the way. Just for the record... hot off the cyber-press... Bleacher Report’s 2019 re-draft: 1.Zion Williamson 2.Ja Morant 3.RJ Barrett 4.Matisse Thybulle 5.Tyler Herro 6.Darius Garland 7. DeAndre Hunter 8.Talen Horton-Tucker 9.Nickeil Alexander-Walker 10. Cam Johnson 11.Brandon Clarke 12.PJ Washington
  12. bhoyal

    Grizz Caravan

    This was the swag they were giving away? Glad I didn't pay $20+ for a minor league baseball ticket plus $10 to park for a beer hugger and whatever the other thing was (earbuds? a mask?).
  13. bhoyal

    NBA coach rankings - TJ #15

    For some reason, I always find myself disagreeing with the strategy of baseball coaches... even really good ones. Tony LaRussa and Tim Corbin might be the best MLB and college baseball skippers of all time...but...