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  1. Stop pi55ing on my strawman. It was just getting fun! ūüėĚ
  2. bhoyal

    What price would you put on Jarrett Allens afro?

    Kai Jones might be as good in 4 years when he is Allen's age. And all we would have to do is draft him and keep our pants on. But that would make too much sense compared to giving away the farm for one guy, who if he gets does that end up? (hint: NOT good)
  3. Thank you for explaining it better than my somewhat sarcastic way. ūüėé
  4. My backup plan of Milwaukee upsetting the Nets is working out somewhere around the Wade Baldwin level.
  5. Maybe I'm taking crazy pills again here, but what is good about losing games early in the season? Doesn't an early loss still count as one loss per, just as one late in the season? A loss in the first week of the season could keep a team out of the playoffs or screwup their seeding as much as one the last day of the regular season unless there's a new math I haven't learned yet.
  6. If you're going to build a team, that would mean adding on to the ones who have proven to be players and getting rid of the dead weight only. (Winslow) It just doesn't seem logical to ditch the players you are building around.
  7. As opposed to a 2-6 start this time followed by surprising wins over Brooklyn, Phoenix, Philly to get thing back on track. Something makes me think it's time to come out of the gate playing with post-season type intensity. Right out of the gate. From the jump. The word go. The launch. The onset. Am I wrong here? This is just based on a hunch. A gut feeling.
  8. Why? Because somebody in the front office would rather roll the dice on taking on injured players who end up $$$$ busts.
  9. So, we are cutting ties with BC because he had a down year on his 3-point shooting while playing injured? I have nothing against drafting Kai, but worry that BC is being given up on too soon.
  10. Did you know you have a ut player ranked 2 tiers higher in that same list?? I am as anti-ut as it gets. We don't allow anything in the color orange in this house. But get serious. Josh Richardson (who would be a good off-season addition) + a few names from the past you may have heard of... Bernard King, Alan Houston, Dale Ellis. I agree that a state school with a 25,000 seat arena should have more though. Little ole TSU in downtown Nashville has had more double figure NBA career scorers than ut... including double-double machine Truck Robinson.
  11. bhoyal

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    Are they going to ditch BC? Is that why he was stuck on the bench in the series? I think it would be stupid to just pretty much give him away. Josh Richardson is only 27 years old. Seems older because in this area, we remember him playing in knoxville close to ten years ago. But in reality, he is still in the not overly ripe years. His NBA career average is a bit over 12ppg and that is what he had this season. 36% career from three is not Steph Curry, but it's not horrible.
  12. bhoyal

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    Could Josh Richardson and/or Luke Kornet be obtained for low-ball $$ since they played in college around here?
  13. I would love to see Milwaukee shock the Nets. Utah vs Milwaukee would certainly tank the TV ratings. Don't expect the Bucks to get a fair shake from the refs the rest of the way.
  14. bhoyal

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    They need to stop trading known value for bags of "magic beans." In other words, where would this team be if they stop gladly bending over to get fleeced.
  15. bhoyal

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    No but he had 17 & 7 the game before which is good for a journeyman forward veteran role player. I think he should have been kept in Memphis. He was a good team guy. And fearless too.