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  1. bhoyal

    Keeping up with Jonas

  2. Oh, yea of little faith, who counted this guy out before he played in a game for the Grizz. Of course the moral victory TH was Avery Bradley with 33.
  3. Hackenburg was terrible. It was a shock to see him start ahead of former NFL qb Mettenberger (sp?) It's a shame the rights to Quentin Patton were zoned to B'ham. He tore it up today. Dude is from middle-TN (played at LaVergne High). B'ham probably got him because he played college ball at LaTech.
  4. Looks like Spurrier's Orlando team is going to be the odds on fave after the way they kicked butt yesterday.
  5. bhoyal

    Parsons back after all star break

    If his knee is better and he's getting paid (to put it mildly) and the team is short handed on wings it makes sense. I don't think it will make or break the tanking.
  6. bhoyal

    casspi waived

    Temple scored almost twice his career average while he was here. While 32 is not young, I didn't think he was washed up.
  7. bhoyal

    casspi waived

    If his knee passes the test... yes. He plays hard every time and doesn't make stupid mistakes.
  8. bhoyal

    casspi waived

    Since those were the most divisive "scrubs" at the time on the forums opinions, (Rabb has since graduated to full non-scrub status) - it's fair to bring up both in the same post. It's only a deflection if somebody else brought up my former Rabb skepticism without mentioning how many people were doing backflips and somersaults over Kobi. And my one remaining gripe about Rabb needing more upper-body strength is the same from the past.
  9. bhoyal

    casspi waived

    Rabb still needs to go back into the weight room and get stronger. The rest of his game is progressing well. I officially eat crow on my past opinions of Rabb. But I was right about Kobi Simmons who was released by whatever team he landed with. Some of y'all others get the crow plate special on Simmons. LOL!
  10. bhoyal

    The positives

    We'll miss Marc's set shots from 15 to 24 feet but with Val, maybe the emphasis on the big will be rebounding and protecting the rim and the painted area. Then the jump shots from JJJ will be the default 3-pointers from a tall guy. I can't find my "jump to conclusions" mat to know if all the trades were good or bad... but for a bunch of guys that were were doing backflips and somersaults over the Mario Chalmers signing and the the Noah signing (while claiming to wanting to go younger and less injured)... there sure is a lot of whining going on surrounding yesterdays events.
  11. bhoyal

    Nik Stauskas And Wade Baldwin

    Jevon has no game on offense to speak of. Good ball handler, hustles on D but not tall enough to defend on switches. Baldwin - much taller and more athletic. Also very young, still only 22 years old. Also should have considered trying out as a wide receiver in the new "pro" football league.
  12. bhoyal

    Nik Stauskas And Wade Baldwin

    Something to do with getting blown out by Vandy 3 straight times in football with blowout #4 coming up. It's not Vanderbilt's fault ut sucks at football.
  13. bhoyal

    Nik Stauskas And Wade Baldwin

    And unfortunately, they are both having a crappy season. I'm not sure Bryce Drew survives at Vandy.
  14. By now you heard they were traded. And then traded. And then traded. And then traded to Indiana who is going to waive them. Any interest? They are both still young. WB4 is still only 22 years old. Also with JamGreen gone, it the emphasis on the draft going to be power forward again?
  15. bhoyal

    New depth chart speculation thread

    Casspi might not be Jordan or Dr. J. but he gave it 100% every time he stepped out there. This concludes the Casspi appreciation thread. You're welcome in advance.