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  1. Jay_Bizzy

    Finally Some National Respect For the Grizz

    Lol who was it that you were saying made this place toxic? What an obnoxious post
  2. Jay_Bizzy

    Grizz News Links

    I see nothing wrong with him saying that. I'm sure he feels like he needs to be living up to that contract just as much as anyone. Seems more like Tillery trying to get clicks by stirring up a little drama. Seems pretty bush league to me.
  3. Jay_Bizzy


    Thought he moved around far better than at any point last year. Was most surprised at how well he moved around on the defensive end.
  4. Jay_Bizzy

    Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Why would you be happy about This? Have you watched this preseason? Chalmers is clearly a better player than our other options and has looked pretty good, especially considering the type of injury. I keep seeing you throw out the names of half our roster at this point and some of them are pretty off base. Ennis? Brooks?
  5. Jay_Bizzy

    what a call (back again)

    I'd blame a ref all day for "assuming."
  6. Jay_Bizzy

    what a call (back again)

    They're making calls on what they think "might have" happened rather than actually seeing it and making the call. They made the call because he fell down after the attempted dunk.
  7. Jay_Bizzy

    what a call (back again)

    Thought the 3 shot foul they called against Harrison for Westbrook was bogus as well. I certainly didn't see contact.
  8. Jay_Bizzy

    Hope Marc Sits Out For Okc And Sa Games

    This statement is so ridiculous! You're reaching so hard. This is perhaps the strongest part of his defensive game. We get it, you don't like Marc.
  9. Jay_Bizzy

    The Positives

    Not arguing your point, but couldn't the decline of those stats possibly be attributed to more and more big men moving outside of the paint more often these days?
  10. Jay_Bizzy

    Dallas @ Memphis 03/31/17

    Guess I'm not the only one who thinks this. Wonder if Wade will get some PT tonight? Interested to see if he's learned anything. Seems to always find the open man in garbage time here lately.
  11. Jay_Bizzy


    I somewhat agree. Wouldn't call it luck tho. They just have enough guys that know their roles and know how to win. Call me crazy but I just don't see it this year. Their record is great sure but I think we stand a good chance of beating them in the playoffs. If the officiating is fair...
  12. Jay_Bizzy

    Indiana @ Memphis 03/29/17

    Absolutely. A healthy Gasol on the floor is the only way this team has a chance at making any type of playoff run. However small it may be, it's only possible with him. I really hope they are just being extra cautious considering last year and the whole Parsons ordeal this year.
  13. Jay_Bizzy


    Have we been watching the same NBA for the past 7 years?
  14. Jay_Bizzy


    I'm fairly certain he was responding to IIWII's claim that all championship teams went through a rebuild...
  15. Jay_Bizzy


    Not true at all. I'd say it's quite the opposite on both statements. I implore you to watch our defensive schemes very very closely over the next couple of games. Watch the rotations, watch the plays being made before "the play" actually happens. Watch closely to see just who it is that gets everyone in position. I know it'll be difficult but try to be as unbiased as possible. Overrated? Gasols defense has proven to win us games, Boogie's offense hasn't quite translated into wins.