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  1. Interesting that the Grizzlies are playing well the last several games to win 4 in a row. Remember when Ja was hurt early in the season, and, the Grizzlies ended up having a winning streak. It's time to start thinking, will JJJ upset this team chemistry when he gets back on the court. This game will test the Grizzlies, to see if they can continue their streak. Don't count Knicks out. Go Grizz!!
  2. No, I'm right. Just because you claim I'm wrong doesn't make it so. That's the problem with people like you, you don't like telling the truth. We ended up just missing the playoffs, which meant we had very little chance of picking a top 3 lottery pick. YET, Memphis ended up with the no. 2 pick.. AGAINST ALL ODDS. So, I WAS RIGHT! Memphis will have a chance of getting a Top 3 pick, like couple of years ago. It's RANDOM, which means, those odds really are not 100% accurate. If those odds were so accurate, then WHY even do a randomized pick at all?! OH! because it is NOT always right. Which is how we ended up with Ja, because the odds were totally against Memphis of getting the 2nd pick.
  3. Memphis got Ja, even though EVERYONE, like fans like you, said that Memphis has a VERY LOW chance of picking high. So, sorry, if I don't count on your "expert" advice. I think one more highly talented draft pick would really bring us to the next level.
  4. Happy birthday, Lions!!! "Lions... Tigers... and (Grizzly) Bears!!!!.... Oh MY!!!"
  5. rc0213


    JW needs to work hard between injuries. His injuries don't sound serious, that he has to stay on the injury list as long as he has. Doctors and coaches need to push him harder during rehab. If he resists or don't like it, trade him. We don't pay players good money just to be a high paying water boys.
  6. DB has shown he has matured enough to play consistently and more effectively. Just want to see how he reacts when he has a slow day. He and Ja would be optimized on the team as lane drivers, to get fouls on the opponents. We invested a lot of time on DB, and, have seen his up and downs. Time to get the payoff and keep him, since he is more consistent and productive.
  7. rc0213

    The Grit of Jonas

    I have not kept up with JV very closely. But, correct me if I'm wrong, but, JV does not seem to get on the injured list very much. And, if he does, it's short enough that we see him back fairly quick. If that's so, that is another reason for me liking JV... 1) He plays with heart and seems to love the team. 2) He is tough, and, comes back after an injury. I don't want to see our players on the injury list longer than they have to. Sometimes, these doctors keep them on the injury list a little longer than I think is needed. Sure, I know these players get paid a lot and you don't want to possible bring them back too soon and create long term issue. But, I think these players are a little more robust than these doctors think.
  8. Memphis needs to miss the playoffs and get lucky and get a high lottery pick.
  9. I just want us miss the playoffs this year, to get a high lottery pick, to help beef up our young team with a sold core. Sure, I'd like to win every game. But, the last few years, the management has done really well with the mess they were handed. I want them to have a lottery pick to work with this year.
  10. I don't know much about ATL's bench, but, I like our bench. I wish we could rotate our starters sooner. Let them get a rest a lot sooner, to give the bench to get fouls on the opponent's starters and to put full court pressure to wear the starters down. So, that when our starters come back, they're refreshed, and, probably will face their bench for a while, which gives Memphis to get some buckets that they might not get against their starters.
  11. rc0213


    Well, JW can't improve his averages if he's mainly on the injury list most of the season. So, he has to find a way to stay off the injury list, work on his injured areas, strengthening them and conditioning them. I want him to play more and play to his potential. But, only playing a few games a year is not worth his pay. We could get a less potential player, get more minutes and more production.
  12. rc0213

    The Grit of Jonas

    I wasn't sure how JV would work out at Memphis. But, he has turned out to be a great trade. He has energy and seems to like the team.
  13. DB was inconsistent because of his inexperience. ALL players are like that when they're new to the league. Even Marc and Mike didn't fare well the first few years. This is why we can't trade our young people. Wait a few years and see how they fare. And, if it still looks like they're not improving, like DB has, then think about trading. DB has been consistent lately. We'll see how he does the rest of the year, and, how he does next year. Personally, I like DB. Just that, when he ain't got the shot that night, he needs to learn to not shoot as much as drive the lane to attract fouls.
  14. Let's make it rain in ATL!!!!! Go Grizz!!!!
  15. Will the Grizzlies finally find a way to get a long winning streak going? Or, will they hover around the 500 record?? Personally, I want them to fall just out of the playoffs, and, get lucky one more time and get a Top 3 Lottery Pick. If they get a Top 10, that'd still be good, to help develop a solid base to work off of the next several years with this young team.