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  1. rc0213

    Chancun traded

    Good for both teams. We got rid of Chandler, and, hopefully Plumlee and Hill can produce more than 5 points per game, that Chandler was producing.
  2. Being that Grizzlies are still in rebuilding mode, and JV would be expecting a longer contract, we would have to pay JV more than we need to, just to have a big guy on the inside. I think we can trade for someone, that could hit from the outside and play under the goal. JV just doesn't shoot from the outside, which IMHO, we would be overpaying JV for anything over $10 million a year. I would love Z-Bo to come back as a player developer. He can teach the young players how to rebound.
  3. rc0213

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    I agree with most of the prediction by OP. But, will the lottery drafts pay off in the next few years is the question. Also, will Grizzlies allow them time to develop, or, be quick to trade them, like they have in the past? Will they develop the lottery drafts to be the Core that Grizzlies need? Or, will we have to still look for a All-Star who can hit? I know we got burned through Chandler Parsons. But, this shouldn't stop us from trying to find one again.
  4. Welcome home, Coach Jenkins, to Griz Country!!!
  5. rc0213

    FedEX Forum Darft Night Party

    I'm out of town, but, I plan on being there. I am hoping the new coach and GM will change the Grizzlies enough to head the right direction.
  6. rc0213

    ZBo 2.0

    JV did well, and, I like him, but it is just one year. And, he doesn't seem to be a leader. Grizzlies definitely needs a vet leader at this point.
  7. rc0213

    Grizz Trade Conley, Will Retire His Jersey

    I wish Mike would stay, but, he deserves to be on a playoff team. So, hopefully, wherever Mike ends up, I hope they go far in the playoff, or, even in the NC, UNLESS it's the Grizzlies which is not likely right now.
  8. Gotya! Sorry, for the late post. Thanks for the update.
  9. From this article, it sounds like Jonas is waiting on the new coach and Conley situation before deciding. I'm guessing if there's no new coach or the Conley trade isn't settled, he will look elsewhere. I would love to have Z-Bo and TA just to be vet mentors, play a few minutes, min. wage. Grizzlies news: Jonas Valanciunas says new coach, Mike Conley's future will factor into player option decision https://clutchpoints.com/grizzlies-news-jonas-valanciunas-says-new-coach-mike-conleys-future-will-factor-into-player-option-decision/
  10. Should Grizzlies pick him as a lottery pick anyways, and, force him to play with us?! LOL Just kidding. But, that would be karma. IMHO, I think any college player would be appreciative of ANY NBA chances, and, NOT be picky like some of these college players are with Memphis. RJ Barrett Declining Request From Grizzlies For Private Workout - RealGM Wiretap https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/254011/RJ-Barrett-Declining-Request-From-Grizzlies-For-Private-Workout
  11. rc0213

    ZBo 2.0

    I would go for Cousins for a year. The reason is our team has a lot of young players who need to learn from an experienced player. And, since Mike is the only real vet, and, he's being traded, we need someone to step in.
  12. rc0213

    Predict #2 Pick

    I'd take either one, at this point. We have new GM(s) and no HC. So, whoever they pick, it depends on if the new HC will know how to get the most out of the lottery pick and other players. IMHO, with the right HC, and, possibly decent decisions by the GM(s), the Grizzlies might make a turnaround in a few years. The next couple of years will still be rebuild years. With JJJ, Dillion Brooks and this lottery pick, along with the next couple of years' picks and some luck in trades, I see us in contention of playoffs like during the Grit N Grind Era in a few more years.
  13. If ONLY this was the real draft!!... Mock Draft: Memphis Grizzlies Land the 1st Pick - Grizzly Bear Blues https://www.grizzlybearblues.com/2019/4/25/18511270/mock-draft-if-the-memphis-grizzlies-land-the-1st-pick-nba-2019-zion-williamson
  14. I like JB as a person. The problem I had was he allowed Grizzlies to be inconsistent in a game. I understand the injuries, new players, etc. makes it hard to coach. And, maybe if we had a core group that was healthy the whole season, that JB would have showed how good of a HC he is. But, the micro managing during the game, and, not making coach move to stop the times when the team would lose a big lead, is what is all on JB. I hope he succeeds in his new position.
  15. Chris has made a lot of bad moves. But, once in a blue moon, he makes good ones, like the Grit N Grind Core trades. The reason I wanted him to move on was because he hadn't really made a good move for a long time. I don't know if I like that he is still in the organization or not. I guess the reason he was the GM for so long, and, that he is still in the organization, is that the owners like him. I just hope he has more consistent success in his new position than he did as GM.