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  1. Brandon Clarke : Set NBA Record for FG% = 61.8% All Rookie Team World 3rd in Rookie Block 2nd in Rookie PER Career Highs - 27 pts. twice 22 pts, 8 reb https://twitter.com/memgrizz/status/1305538840409579520
  2. rc0213

    2019 - 2020 NBA ROY IS......

    Ja got 99 Votes. Zion got 1 Vote.
  3. Ja Morant… of course!!!!!! NBA Announcement: https://twitter.com/NBA/status/1301649631848337409 Ja's Tweet: https://twitter.com/JaMorant/status/1301651753566429185 Congrats, Ja!!! You deserve it!!!
  4. rc0213

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Some people are predicting Grizzlies will get a Top 3 pick, a decent chance at First Pick. Now, I'm normally very optimistic. But, Memphis got lucky last year. I don't think they'll get two lucky years in a row. The Grizzlies part of me wishes VERY HARD though! LOL What do you think about what these people are saying?
  5. I'm more frustrated with Dillion's poor shooting efficiency. With foul, you tend to foul on defense. And, yes, JJJ can do better at it. But, you can train other players to be better at defense and swap them in when JJJ gets into foul trouble. When you don't score, you lose 2 or 4 points. You only lose 2 points if the other teams doesn't score. But, you lose 4 points if the other team does score. Saying all that, it's up to the coaching staff to know which player is hot or not at the moment, and, let the players know, so they can pass to the hotter shooter. So, though, I am frustrated with Dillion at times, I like him and want him on the team. He just needs to mature and be consistent game time.
  6. Brooks shot 12 out of 18, shooting around 5 out of 18 lately. This was a major factor. So, if Brooks shoots well, Grizzlies have a good chance winning. But, when Brooks is having a poor shooting day, which is the norm, Grizzlies is going to have a long day. So, coach needs to monitor Brooks' performance closely. And, when Brooks looks like he's having one of those poor shooting days, he needs to pull in the reigns when the game looks like it's getting out of hand.
  7. Dillion goes 3 for 4?!?!… The last few games have been about 5 for 15 or something like that. We need to limit the 5 of 15 Dillion from shooting as much.
  8. The Grizzlies need to get back to how they played when they won against OKC. The last few games, there were a couple of players who shot a lot of shots, only hitting 25 - 30%. The coach needs to stay on top of this stat and pull the player out if they can't shoot. Or, tell them to pass it more, shoot less. Without the injuries, it would have been a tough game. With the injuries, it is not impossible, but still tougher. I hope Ja takes over the game and show the world that he can shoot the lights out, if he chooses.
  9. Well, this was a surprise, winning against OKC. I wasn't expecting this to be a win. But, I'll take it. Great job by the whole team! Great quick adjustments by everyone after those loses to injuries.
  10. Is there any official word on Justice coming back? I'm anxious to see how he will perform and fit in.
  11. So, Grizzlies have 3 players on injury, Tyus, Justice and JJJ. But, the team STILL almost won the last three games. Sure, I would have LOVED to have won one of the three games, but, we lost three important players about the same time. What this tells me, the team almost winning without these important players, gives me hope for the team in the future, if we can keep the core together. I am very encouraged how the other players have picked up the slack. Ja is really trying to pull it all together. I hope management sees this, and, doesn't trade the players who are coming out and proving themselves, i.e. Grayson Allen. After the three players on injured list, I didn't expect us to win hardly any games, even when Justice returns. I hope they do win a couple of games the rest of the "season".
  12. Great 1st half. Let's see how they finish the game. Ja has 11 points.
  13. I wouldn't make anything of the Grizzlies losing their first two scrimmage. It's ALL it is, scrimmage. The coaches are trying to see how players react to real game situations, get the starters back in the flow of the game without risking injury, etc. They're not trying to win the games, more than evaluate which players will work in different situations.
  14. Not sure if this has been posted yet... The scrimmage is being shown on the internet on https://www.nba.com/grizzlies/ on Grizzlies website free.
  15. It's still early in the season. I like the Trio (Ja, JJJ and Dillion). If we can keep them together, we will have a good base to build on. So, if they don't lose enough for the lottery pick, I wouldn't mind that. I think our new GMs will figure a way to get the player we want, especially after getting rid of Iggy.