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  1. Stu Podaso

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    How do you put someone on ignore? Thanks!
  2. Stu Podaso

    Grizzlies have dismissed JB Bickerstaff

    This board needs the ignore feature. I don't come here to listen to a fan boy telling me who I need to vote for. Nobody comes here for political conversation.
  3. NBA rookie of the month
  4. Stu Podaso

    JV is dead man walking

    We are only 15 games into the season. Lighten up Francis.
  5. Stu Podaso

    What's wrong with Jaren?

    Hopefully the humiliation from last night gives him the motivation to be the "dawg".
  6. Stu Podaso

    A Fond Farewell to Lost Posters

    Beats me! First one that came to my mind.
  7. Stu Podaso

    A Fond Farewell to Lost Posters

    You guys really disappoint me! Three page thread about former posters and nobody mentions the legend, lioncub10! Never, ever has there been a case of unrequited man love like he had for Stromile Swift!
  8. Love the enthusiasm but lets see him play NBA talent. I think he is gonna be a star, and I hope like heck were right!
  9. Please stop with the political crap. People come here to talk about the Grizzlies not politics.
  10. Stu Podaso

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    I doubt it it will be on tv or streaming. But the good news is, several days after the game, the commercial appeal will have an in-depth article explaining to us five things we learned from the game!!!
  11. Come on smit-tay, this happens every year. People get hyped up by somebody's summer league showing and predict the player will be all world. I hope they're right, but the summer league hysteria is as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.
  12. Stu Podaso

    So do the "Core 4" gets statues or nah?

    Yes, they deserve a statue. They embodied an era of basketball that will always be special to me, and a lot of other Grizz fans.