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  1. Come on smit-tay, this happens every year. People get hyped up by somebody's summer league showing and predict the player will be all world. I hope they're right, but the summer league hysteria is as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.
  2. Stu Podaso

    So do the "Core 4" gets statues or nah?

    Yes, they deserve a statue. They embodied an era of basketball that will always be special to me, and a lot of other Grizz fans.
  3. Stu Podaso

    Ron Tillery...

    Where the hell did that come from?! Simmer down Ron!
  4. What team did he play for? I sure as heck can't find anything. I think your memory is faulty.
  5. Stu Podaso

    Ja Morant hurt?

    And you know this how? Got a link? I hope you're right btw.
  6. Stu Podaso

    Ja Morant hurt?

  7. Stu Podaso

    Whatever happened to 3 shades of blue?

    Corey Booker!? Wow, who knew!
  8. Stu Podaso

    Whatever happened to 3 shades of blue?

    Thanks, Chip!
  9. Tried to pull up the website with no luck. Did they move the site or go kaput?
  10. I'm thinking with three teams it needs to be paper, rock, scissors.
  11. Stu Podaso

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    Happy trails, Marc! You will be missed!
  12. Stu Podaso

    Pulling a KB. JJJ?

  13. Stu Podaso

    Ron Tillery...

    Still M.I.A. The article about the guys on the summer league roster was written by Tashan Reed. That's a new name to me.
  14. Stu Podaso

    Why No One Wants to Play for Memphis

    I bet they roll it all the way thru to where it turns into Riverside Drive. Kudos to you for surviving that stretch of road! People seem to drive crazier on the south part of the loop. It's like NASCAR gone wild!