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  1. N I

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Centers, or forwards for that matter. The team is full of PGs and SGs (Rubio, Calderón, Rodríguez, Navarro, Llull, Fernández, Abrines), but has just one SF (Claver, who had to play PF last night) and two PFs (Reyes and Ibaka, both injuried). Anyway, Spain will usually play both Gasols together from the start if history means something.
  2. N I

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    I know what they have, but they didn't have much more on the inside yesterday than the Gasol brothers due to injuries, that's what they had to play both for so long. That's what I meant, not that they didn't have more weapons.
  3. N I

    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Spain didn't have anything else. Reyes and Ibaka were injuried, and they had to play Claver at PF so both Gasol's wouldn't play the whole game. Marc, as usual, wasn't too focused on scoring, he played more of a passing game (had 4 assists) and defense (a game high +/-33).
  4. N I

    Fiba World Cup Thread

    Don't worry about the SF, Spain doesn't have any. Claver is mainly irrelevant, so it has to be a guard playing there also. Spain will become the favorite as soon as Rubio makes a layup Seriously though, as close as it has been between the two in the last two olympics, Spain should have the edge, but they need to get their perimeter game together, because crowding the paint is much more easier in FIBA than in the NBA: no defensive 3 seconds, slighly smaller court... If you think Grizzlies games could get ugly, watchout. Now, there's always the chance that Calderón will shoot well, that Navarro will emerge when needed, and maybe even that Claver will be finally usefull for this team.
  5. N I

    Athleticism And Jordan Adams

    Go look at how high Luol Deng, Caron Butler, Martell Webster or Monta Ellis jumped in the combine.
  6. N I

    Fiba World Cup Thread

    Nah, just kidding, great post:
  7. N I

    Grizz Free Agency Rumor Thread

    Pau got that because he decided to pick a destiny. I don't know how much weigh we can put on this contract, he rejected a higher amount from LA, around what Zach got.
  8. N I

    Grizz Free Agency Rumor Thread

  9. N I

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    It depends, we usually refer to Randolph as "El gordi" (the fatty) and sometimes Marc too, so they are "Los gordis" (the fatties). Note that it's not in a despective tone at all, it's more of an affectionate nickname. Slimming down is not going to change that As you see, we are extremely affectionate over there: Ositos (teddy bears), even Ositos Amorosos (Care Bears, remember the show) back when we defended even less, Los gordis...