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  1. As we continue to collect Js ...
  2. TimBC

    Kyle vs Bruno

    It's kinda interesting having so many players who are good enough to play but not so good that they automatically get 35 minutes a night.
  3. TimBC

    Kyle vs Bruno

    With all the zooming rookies and 2nd-years, I like Kyle as the guy to put in when the team gets rattled. When Marc was at his best, which I admit wasn't as often as I would have liked, he'd take the ball at the top of the key and just radiate "Guys! Be cool! We got this!" and I can see Kyle doing that now.
  4. Grayson Allen is fringe till he shows otherwise. Josh Jackson is fringe for other reasons.
  5. I choose to read that as "wide-open three by a 35% big is probably just as good as a contested three by a 39% guard." And "I want any guy who's open to be at least credible from anywhere." The bigs are outside a lot in a mobile attack. But let's look at 3-pt % from last season. This is what Jenkins has to figure out. Group A 36-38% -- Dillon, Bruno, JJJ Group B 32-33% - Jae, Tyus, Iggy, Grayson and let's say for now that Ja is B- Group C 27-28% - JV, Kyle and probably Clarke Group D 20% - Ivan What does that tell you? 100 3s at 37% = 111 points, same as 100 2s at 55% 100 3s at 33% = 100 points, same as 100 2s at 50% 100 3s at 28% = 84 points, same as 100 2s at 42% (We have to pretend there are no fouls, which distorts it quite a bit, especially if a 2-pt shooter is more likely to be fouled than a 3pter) 50.x% shooting on two-pointers puts you in the high 70s league-wide (among players making >300 FGs) This includes Augustin, Rose, Fournier, Klay, LaVine, Doncic, Gordon & Redick (Conley shot 48.3% from 2) I'd say Group A should be shooting twos just enough to keep the other team honest, otherwise bombs away. Group B could comfortably shoot 2s or 3s, whatever's open. Group C, mostly twos, and from JV's past stats, work on that 3 Group D - Bye, Ivan. Some guys should, of course, get more shots than others. And we have to adjust for double-teaming etc. And bang it inside if the opponent over-defends the three. With JV and JJJ we got that covered. Yes, it WAS a slow afternoon, and I wanted a challenge.
  6. TimBC

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    I think he must have. I had a quick look and most of the other SG's were "Who?" or semi-scrubs like Antonio Daniels and Anthony Peeler.
  7. TimBC

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    Must invite the original Grizzlies to these games.
  8. TimBC

    Trade with Dallas

    What we can get for Iggy may not be better than just keeping him. Someone will need him later in the season. Of course, that's just as true if we buy him out. Keeping him as a mentor for two months might mean giving up young potential. Some of the young potentials aren't going to make it in the NBA -- but which ones? You have to roll them out there to find out. If Iggy stays, someone doesn't get that chance. Or ... What if they are thinking "let's keep him as Josh J's supervisor till we decide about Josh" ?
  9. (1) What about James Johnson? (2) Ahem, of course. Quality. Except no to Wiggins and let's be glad Anthony Bennett's 2nd chance is not with us.
  10. OJ Mayo's only real problem is that he was never as good as he thought he was.
  11. Buh-bye Grayson. Buh-bye Ivan. Good luck in China.
  12. On the bright side, great players can be appreciated by fans from several cities.
  13. TimBC

    Roster Moves

    Whoever takes Westbrook now is doing what we did when we gave MC the big contract. They'll get one or two very good years, then it gets iffy and they are still paying.
  14. TimBC

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    This. And to me he's not a playmaker in the bring-it-up-the-floor-and-wave-guys-into-position sense, but in assessing the situation and realizing that the obvious play is not the best play, and a pass to THIS guy in THAT place at THAT time will leave him wide open. Not to mention the hesitation drives that leave Kyle wide open while the defenders fly by out of control.
  15. TimBC

    Roster Moves

    Are we OK with Plumlee as backup C? Rabb as third option at 4 and 5 ? I'm fairly sure there's one more move in the plan. Maybe Howard as a chip to help OKC move Westbrook.