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  1. TimBC

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Yeah - some guys can play on any team, others have to find the right fit. And his shooting: As Yogi Berra said, 90% of this game is half mental. And while people laugh at that, it's TRUE. There are only a few things in both baseball and basketball that you can do without thinking and planning and visualizing. Someone out there can unlock Ben's shooting. Just doesn't appear to be Doc.
  2. TimBC

    Grizzly starters to begin the season?

    Adams is also pretty good at pick'n'roll, as I recall, and that might be useful at times.
  3. TimBC

    Grizzly starters to begin the season?

    Adams starts a few games early, out of respect, and depending who we play. But Coach has to see whether JJJ is ready to be the main 5. Likewise, Bane has to get enough time early with the starters to see if he is an option. I guess DB might have to go between 2 & 3 sometimes. Melton has to have a chance to get his 3 stroke grooved too. The good news is if they all fit OK it doesn't really matter as long as Coach can somehow keep them all happy. Maybe one of them will prove more productive in the second unit, grooving with Clarke. Too many pretty-good players, what a good problem to have.
  4. TimBC

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    Can they sign him, put him on the nudge-nudge-wink-wink injury list, and bring him forward if anyone gets hurt?
  5. TimBC

    Marc Gasol traded to Grizzlies . . .

    Can a guy sign a contract with himself?
  6. TimBC

    The Ziaire Williams Guide

    If we have Culvert maybe we should go after Bridges.
  7. TimBC

    NBA coach rankings - TJ #15

    I don't think basketball has nearly as much entrenched lore. One example of baseball is having the pitcher always try to throw a strike on the first pitch. Everyone knows this, yet everyone is amazed when the Blue Jays (and few others) hack away at first pitches. Duh. Then we get into "never make the second out at third base with your #9 batter at the plate against a righty on a cloudy Thursday west of the Mississippi." Maybe the NBA will drift even deeper into "shoot more threes" but I hope we'll see a couple of teams find a new approach that makes the pendulum swing back. I want every season to be a little bit different.
  8. TimBC

    Marc Gasol traded to Grizzlies . . .

    "Sorry, Marc," the Lakers said, "you're not old enough to play with us."
  9. TimBC

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    I reckon coach has some more work to do on which combinations work. And how many starters to rest at once, and the effect of that on the second unit. After the first 7 minutes, will we see a loop of 4-starters-plus-one as we rotate the rest break? Will the bench be maybe three standard guys plus two of the deeper bench guys, and if so who are the three? Which players shouldn't both be on at once?
  10. Hmm, seems reasonable: https://ca.nba.com/news/who-are-the-best-coaches-in-the-nba-entering-the-2021-22-season-ranking/1mng22uytr4k71157lcfpgy05j We get frustrated sometimes, but not about big, fundamental things, and he's built team spirit, developed players, and probably got about as many wins as we deserved.
  11. Gee, what's different about the playoffs that could lower a player's efficiency? Oh, yeah, I know - the weak teams don't play. What else? Ah, yes … we played the Suns, who are kinda good.
  12. TimBC

    Roster/ Lineups Forecast

    So ... which teams do you start Adams at C against so JJJ doesn't get beasted? I suspect that in the 2022-23 season the answer might be "none", but maybe he's not there yet? Part 2 - what's your starting lineup the first time we face JV?
  13. TimBC

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Remember, at least ten other teams also added an excellent new player this year. Some of those new players will push their team upward before Ziaire is ready to join Ja and JJJ in doing the same. I see this as our getting-ready season.
  14. TimBC

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Simmons #42 on nba.com rankings (Ja is #41. JV #43) On NBA2K - just released - he's rated 84, same as LaMelo Lavine's 87 Gobert 88 Jrue 85 Juancho 75 How much is that worth? If I was a GM who had to decide, I'd play it safe and look for another player at a similar level to go after. Or I'd make a lowball offer and see what happens.