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  1. TimBC

    Grizzlies Bubble Rotation. Discuss.

    I also like Anderson as the creator in the second unit. Ja has all the creativity needed for the first unit. We have a team capable of making a lot of "what did they just DO?" plays.
  2. TimBC

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    (1) Is a 40th pick useful? As someone said, maybe a backup C. (2) If we somehow get a higher pick, what the heck are we gonna DO with it? We have so many good young players already, if we add another someone's going to get wasted. And the guys we have were chosen for versatility and fitting together, so trading one or more of them might not improve us. Swap the pick for future flexibility? And I've forgotten - are there scenarios in which we can CHOOSE to hand over the pick to Boston, or is it all automatic?
  3. Thanks. I try to ignore them now ...
  4. Not an attack. You can go for post count if you want. I'm just noticing it and saying that many have different priorities.
  5. care about your post count. Quality matters too.
  6. Can't go without three rotation players forever. Good effort despite the TOs.
  7. Why would Coach NOT put Yuta in now?
  8. If they voted for coach of the year right now ...
  9. How about some respect for Coach, who every week meets a new player, runs through a few notes with him, and the guy's ready to play Grizball.
  10. Turtle derby here ...
  11. Three starters haven't scored yet and we're still ahead.
  12. So I've watched for years as other teams bring in their Volume Scorer - the guy who gets 20+ every night and beats you, despite shooting 37.5%. Now we have one. I still don't get why it works, but here we are -- it does. Dillon gets 20, we win, even if it takes him 30 shots to do it.