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  1. With the game nearly over, he had taken NO shots.
  2. It's NEVER wrong to beat the Rockets.
  3. 43.8 seconds ... bad amount. Need a bucket.
  4. Parsons misses regulation winner, OWNS overtime. Nice to see.
  5. Another game of clock management. Clever foul leaves us with the ball and 5 seconds left.
  6. How many players are we dressing tonight? Who's up from the Hustle?
  7. TimBC

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    There's the biggest problem with your analysis.
  8. I figure by game time tonight we'll hear that Bickerstaff and the mascot are out with "soreness" and there will only be a few popcorn vendors. Then Conley will leave the game with a hangnail and be out for the season. Wait, no he won't - he's showcasing himself for his next team.
  9. Well, that turned out unexpectedly.
  10. I think "knee soreness" is often code for "we don't want him to play tonight"
  11. So ... is Kyle recovered but "don't want to risk him" or is it "knee soreness" again? Or is he in fact dead, or in Argentina, or in jail? Was he ever really here?
  12. Shoulda dressed Yuta for this.
  13. Is JJJ out for the season? Is that normal for a bruise?
  14. Who'd a thunk we'd ever see "Griz score 60 in half, trail by 12" ?
  15. TimBC


    I think Nurse is holding Marc out of the starters partly because Ibaka sucks off the bench, but also because he doesn't want opponents to build up footage of how they are going to use Marc with the starters.