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  1. TimBC

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    I think he must have. I had a quick look and most of the other SG's were "Who?" or semi-scrubs like Antonio Daniels and Anthony Peeler.
  2. TimBC

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    Must invite the original Grizzlies to these games.
  3. TimBC

    Trade with Dallas

    What we can get for Iggy may not be better than just keeping him. Someone will need him later in the season. Of course, that's just as true if we buy him out. Keeping him as a mentor for two months might mean giving up young potential. Some of the young potentials aren't going to make it in the NBA -- but which ones? You have to roll them out there to find out. If Iggy stays, someone doesn't get that chance. Or ... What if they are thinking "let's keep him as Josh J's supervisor till we decide about Josh" ?
  4. (1) What about James Johnson? (2) Ahem, of course. Quality. Except no to Wiggins and let's be glad Anthony Bennett's 2nd chance is not with us.
  5. OJ Mayo's only real problem is that he was never as good as he thought he was.
  6. Buh-bye Grayson. Buh-bye Ivan. Good luck in China.
  7. On the bright side, great players can be appreciated by fans from several cities.
  8. TimBC

    Roster Moves

    Whoever takes Westbrook now is doing what we did when we gave MC the big contract. They'll get one or two very good years, then it gets iffy and they are still paying.
  9. TimBC

    2019-20 Roster Predictions

    This. And to me he's not a playmaker in the bring-it-up-the-floor-and-wave-guys-into-position sense, but in assessing the situation and realizing that the obvious play is not the best play, and a pass to THIS guy in THAT place at THAT time will leave him wide open. Not to mention the hesitation drives that leave Kyle wide open while the defenders fly by out of control.
  10. TimBC

    Roster Moves

    Are we OK with Plumlee as backup C? Rabb as third option at 4 and 5 ? I'm fairly sure there's one more move in the plan. Maybe Howard as a chip to help OKC move Westbrook.
  11. TimBC

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    Backup PG should be solid, experienced but not over the hill. Kyle ticks a lot of the boxes and may be worth a try. He can even run the team if (chooses words VERY carefully) Ja should ever need a day off. The Westbrook trade will probably shake things up a bit, and might make someone available (Ntikilina?). Maybe the Griz are already negotiating to be the 3rd team, and Howard's a chip to use. No way he stays.
  12. Gotta love a team whose logo is a bear having the league's only two guys named Bruno.
  13. TimBC

    Expectations for 2019-20 Season

    We have an entire franchise of people that are strangers to each other. We will be TERRIBLE the first month, start to get it together after that, then have a slump. Other teams have as much talent and better chemistry. Most have better shooting. But by the end of the season, if I am right that the FO has chosen its players carefully, we are going to be the opponent that playoff-bound teams don't want to face. Playoffs in spring 2021.
  14. Those shooting % -- hoo-hah! Looking forward to see what this guy can do.
  15. TimBC

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    You're in deep, deep trouble. You can pick one NBA player to protect you. ZBo is that player. It's an unofficial record, but there it is.