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  1. Coach, it's time to Unleash the Gorgui.
  2. Just stay close till Dillon finds the basket, guys.
  3. Bane's been quite last 2 out of 3 games and again tonight ..
  4. Dieng goes for 25/15/10, Melton 4/5 from deep. We become the ultimate "next guy up" team.
  5. Gotta make the FTs when you have a lead.
  6. TimBC

    Is Ja a top 5 G in the West?

    He'll be top 5 by the middle of his career.
  7. Sending Winslow to the D-League might have been a good idea, except that quarantining both ways would have wiped out most of the benefit.
  8. So Jonas is 4-15 against ... Dwight Powell?
  9. He'll be traded if a contender loses a big to injury - but only a contender that can find a way to give us something to make the $$ work. Conclusion: trade unlikely.
  10. 0-12 from deep, what's the team record there?
  11. Meh, first game back for JW, 4 in 5 nights, maybe we write this one off. More tough ones ahead, alas. Best outcome is that by the end of the game Winslow is loosening up and getting his timing back.
  12. Meh .. Yahoo NBA has him on the roster, but others don't. At this rate the mascot might suit up.
  13. OK, so Ja, Jonas, BC, Tillman, Bane then Jones, Melton, Dieng ... and two spots left for Konchar/Winslow/McDermott I'd like to se them start Dieng at C and let JV fill his boots during a semi-rest. Also maybe dress Frazier so they can sit some people if we're getting blown out.
  14. Coach, the McDermott Experiment is over. Get someone up here from the D League.
  15. Remember, 3 games in 4 days, Coach has to manage that