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  1. Are Yuta and Marko dressed for this one?
  2. Maybe not, but Tony Brothers is 🙂
  3. TimBC

    Apologies In Advance

    Best wishes Chip.
  4. I can live with that when the other team has the best player. As long as WE have the better TEAM.
  5. Tyus and Kyle both +17, hmm
  6. The Seal of Solomon!
  7. Now give them an open lane to the basket ... or make sure the guy doesn't get a shot off.
  8. We have to score here. Have to.
  9. Time for two possesions and a tad more -- or three posessions, two of them ours.
  10. Someone has to be Maturity Guy and get it done here.
  11. That's a HUGE three from DB
  12. Brooks 9 points in 1:25 ... that's why he stays here. Microwave Man.
  13. We've had a favorable schedule recently, but ... PHO, MIN, SAS, GSW, HOU, CLE, NOP, BOS, DET, PHO, DEN, NYK, NOP That's not awful. We could come out of that WAY too optimistic, but it's great for the kids to play in games we have a chance to win.