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  1. Jitty time, coach. And maybe Winslow. Keep on like this, isn't gonna get better.
  2. Jitty's gonna be here for a few years.
  3. Peter Edmiston thinks JJJ is messing up the whole unit's rhythm, which is not surprising after being out so long. I can't watch the games, so you decide. We know we can play well without him, and while he will be a force of nature next season, he's just another Solomon Hill right now. Maybe GameOn has it right - start him, see what happens, and if he's cold, get the hook.
  4. Someone has to say it. How many minutes should Jaren get in the play-in game(s)?
  5. Ain't pretty but it's a W.
  6. Kyle coasts into half-time at +20 .... underappreciated!
  7. Our talented bench is getting outplayed by Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Wenyen Gabriel, Jaxson Hayes, Kira Lewis, and Wes Iwundu.
  8. Maybe. I figure he's on the downslope now and about to accelerate. Teams are going to be careful with contracts like that.
  9. TimBC

    Draft trivia

    Hoopshype looked back at the 1998 draft. I noticed that SIX of the top 24 picks eventually became Grizzlies. 2 Mike Bibby 5 Vince Carter 7 Jason Wiliams 11 Bonzi Wells 14 Michael Dickerson 24 Felipe Lopez Also, they were all guards (OK, Bonzi was a swingman) Now I want to know how many teams the average rotation player has played for in his career over some number of recent years.
  10. The Raptor guy is Khem Birch - yet another Canadian to go with Boucher (90% Canadian, Brooks and Clarke.
  11. Remember our track record. The more players the opponent has out of action, the worse we do.
  12. Good choice for this game: Remember the good times that we had? I let them slip away from us when things got bad
  13. Some of our players are now less untouchable than they were. Gotta be conSIStent to make a long NBA career.
  14. Bane, Melton, Brooks all no-shows tonight. Shoulda played Frazier.