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  1. Move Marc and Mike for young talent. Keep our pick and draft maybe #5, and get anyone but Wallace to pick that player. We'll be interesting again, even if the wins take a while to come.
  2. When you go in a few weeks from "oh goody, Griz game tonight" to "uh-oh, Griz game tonight" it's time to blow it up.
  3. There’s JaM outa the game, 2-11 and -17. He plays hard, I guess he can have an off day. Sigh.
  4. Anyone know if there is an NBA record for worst third-quarter team (season)?
  5. I have finally been able to watch the Griz on TV, two games in a row. I remember a time when the coverage team would pay some attention to the game instead of just reading out their background notes. Grr.
  6. On a competitive team: Anderson - starter on any team without two star forwards Brooks - could be a starter, not there yet JJJ - not quite a starter but must play as one to learn Conley - still has it, starter - but we're watching his shooting % Gasol - starter, but not on this team Green - top rotation guy, can start when needed Carter - his ceiling is rotation guy Rabb - rotation guy, gotta play him and see what he's got, could be our rebounder Casspi - all-round useful 8th man, reliable when needed Temple - 10th man Mack - nope Holiday - too soon to tell Noah - the spare big you need missing - the guy who can sometimes get you 30 off the bench.
  7. TimBC

    Roster Moves

    Hoopshype suggests these Marc trades: Hornets for Batum & Hernangomez Wizards for Porter Clips for Gallinari & Marjanovic Kings for Cauley-Stein, Randolph & Koufos (for $) last three all look good to me
  8. TimBC

    NCSI (NO, Charlotte, Sac, Indiana)

    We look like a lock for 5th worst overall, ahead of Suns, Cavs, Bulls, Knicks. If Anderson comes back healthy we might creep up to 7th-worst. It doesn't make much difference whether we're 4th-worst or 6th-worst. Even first-worst is possible at this rate. We're without Anderson, Brooks, what-we-thought-Parsons-was, and now Gasol. If we trade Marc for decent value (see some neat ideas on hoopshype.com) I don't see it leaping us into the playoffs. Gotta assume a tiny chance of success in the next draft, and a reasonable chance that we'll keep our pick in the next one before handing it over the third time.
  9. I'd settle for swapping JB with one if the assistants. This isn't working.
  10. I’m impressed that we’re still in this, despite an unimpressive offensive show.
  11. JJJ with 23 points and he's -21? Carter -10 on two minutes! Marc 1/10
  12. Looks as if some combos work and some don't. Witrh Kyle out and Carter/Holiday still a bit unknown I can't blame JB for not knowing yet which ones they are.
  13. Holiday 10, Conley 12 at the half. I'm good with that.
  14. JJJ -11 Carter -10 Holiday +9 Not what one might expect.
  15. Well, I didn't think they could come back from that burst by the Celts. Good work.