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  1. Heck gosh and boy howdy, Stromile Swift could do everything JJJ has shown this year, and he didn't foul out. Potapenko, get to work on him or get replaced!
  2. TimBC

    Do we already have enough legit scorers?

    Five guys averaging 14 gives you 70 points per game. On any given night one of them gets 20 but another gets 8. So you need two other things: Either a bench that gets you 30+ per game (hello, Lou WIlliams until this year) Or one scorer who can average 20+ while 4 others average 14. (Or Harden at 30+, others at 10) If you have both you're in the playoffs. If you have neither, you're in the lottery. There ya go, the NBA in a nutshell.
  3. Our starters from three: 10/18 theirs: 11/22 Our bench 2/12 theirs 5/7 or to put it another way 10 missed-shot turnovers to their 2 (assuming the D gets the rebound on a missed 3)
  4. Now we see why Denver came in 8-3.
  5. Free agents? I can see mid-level forwards thinking "Ja can do for me what Steve Nash did for Amare' Stoudamire"
  6. I'm thrilled that we got it, but I hope Ja looks at the film of that last minute. He can't go 1 on 5 when one of the 5 is Gobert, not even if he's hoping to draw a foul. I know NBA Hero Ball Rules say "the guy who starts with the ball is going to take the shot no matter what, " but still ....
  7. True, and I like Brandon a lot, but let's adjust for the fact that no one tries to go through Rudy anymore.
  8. 53% from the field, 49% from deep, wow.
  9. We have an extra player: Mo Mentum.
  10. Maybe because we're doing fine with the guys who ARE in? Smh.
  11. Before the game I posted about consistency. I thought of adding "Someone's due for a burst of success. Maybe Solomon Hill." Then I thought, "nah, no way THAT will happen."
  12. The big question is who's going to be good tonight and who's going to lay an egg. I know matchups matter, but Coach has to be looking for the top 8 players to produce decent output EVERY game, and take turns producing more-than-decent.
  13. Is there a game tonight, or has the June draft pushed it right out?
  14. Big win for Coach against his former team. Big learning experience for some of the young guys. Big learning for Ja too, but a different lesson. He'll be fine.
  15. Nice to see in this quarter that on a break Kyle is as quick as anyone.