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  1. TimBC

    How the Grizz can make the Playoffs in 2019

    Thanx. Now to see why it is ideal for every situation except, of course, ours.
  2. TimBC

    How the Grizz can make the Playoffs in 2019

    If he can play for Popovich, he can play.
  3. TimBC

    How the Grizz can make the Playoffs in 2019

    Can someone please provide a brief lecture on "An expiring contract is really valuable" ? How does that play out under current restrictions? When do teams trade for such contracts - draftday? pre-season? mid-season? Which teams will do it? I'm thinking teams that want lots of cap space for the 2020/21, witrh other considerations also mattering.
  4. Yep. He turned (ahem) into gold.
  5. I love Ja's moves and assists, not wild about his shooting, really like his attitude in a limited number of interviews. Seems more like "team leader by March? Gosh, OK, that's a real responsibility" instead of "**** straight, I'm the man." And I see talk of Conley at SG beside Ja, if MC stays at first But spotrac.com says Delon Wright is in for $3.6 million with a cap hit of $7.6 mil. We could get a decent backup PG in an MC trade, but Delon already is that, at a fair price. So ... if Conley stays he becomes the starting SG? That's one short backcourt. Good luck, FO.
  6. This is wizardry. Probably get the Spanish Inquisition on ya back in the day.
  7. 6'7" 285 pounds. A certain former Griz bulldozer was 6'9" 250 pounds. LBJ 6'8", 250 pounds. Zion's position on offense is going to be wherever he wants to be.
  8. We suffered through YEARS of Conley not shooting, dutifully passing off to not-very-good shooters. Even now he rarely takes many shots in the first third of the game. But really, where are we going with Wright at PG? If we free up Conley's money, who can we realistically buy with it? Obviously we need to revisit this in a couple of hours, because we might find ourselves in a position where the BPA when we pick could be a PG, who COULD be good enough to take over a year from now. Or where the BPA isnt' a PG, but the 2nd best one is and he's almost as good so let's do it. Or, hoo-hah, we might have Zion - and Conley will want play till he's 50, possibly for no money.
  9. I agree. Now .... they must have a leading candidate in mind. AND it must be someone who is the right choice UNLESS something specific happens. What is that something, and who is the coach? Prediction: It's Jasikevicius, and they want him because of JV. Who would make that unnecessary? Zion, because with him and JJJ we don't need JV. I'd take Sarunas anyway, unless there's a coach I'm unaware of who'd be perfect for Zion. I like this scenario because we get either Zion or a good coach. Possibly both. I don't want a coach who's "meh, safe pick," even though I agree with Chip that most coaches only need to not screw up. Let's get someone INTERESTING. Hubie was interesting. Sarunas would be, Popovich is, in his odd way. So's Kerr.
  10. I dunno. KBM's getting pwned in this one.
  11. I see the Nets committed to Russell. Agree re Dinwiddie, but Yahoo called him a PG and I didn't notice he's not. . I saw Clarkson as an option, so mentioned him, but yes, he'd need to be with another team. Wright *could* be the PG, if we somehow get one more good piece to share the scoring load. Pretty good odds he'd at least be OK. As good as Bradley, who is due to age out soon. I think I'm saying that when we trade Mike, it might not be for a slightly-lesser PG and filler; it might have to be for future picks or flexibility. Too many PGs out there who are either too good or not good enough. Yeah, Wright and Bradley and Carter MIGHT do. Especially if Carter can reproduce those flashes of actually being able to score.
  12. Conley doesn't leave unless we get back a guy who can be trusted with the keys to the team. If he's not quite a good as Conley, that's the price you pay for flexibility. It's easy to find 12 PGs who will NOT be available at any price, from Curry to Sexton. To put it another eay, Also, Conley's not going to HOU, GSW, PHO, POR, CHA, BOS, UTA, OKC, DAL, NO, BKN, ATL, SAC, PHI , CLE because they already have a good PG and don't need him So we're looking at Jamal Murray (DEN), Clarkson (CLE), Dinwiddie (BKN), Brogdon (MIL), Reggie Jackson (DET), Mudiay (NYK), Rubio, Forbes, Augustin (ORL) ... Most of whom play for teams Conley wouldn't want to go to. BUT ... I see Yahoo's list of top PGs, and I don't see any Lakers. They gots Lonzo and Rondo. Anyone want either of them here? Think Mike would want to play with LeBron? OR ... let Bradley run the team, draft a good rookie PG, hope that the following year Carter and Rookie can get 'er done? I wouldn't want to be the FO guy that has to deal with this.
  13. They say the two topics you should never discuss at the dinner table are politics and religion. Seems like a good idea for here, too.
  14. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2830950-re-drafting-luka-doncic-trae-young-and-the-entire-2018-nba-draft-1st-round Says that if we had a re-do on last year's draft, JJJ is #2 after Doncic, based on highest upside.
  15. That is also something he might have said if he already knew he was out. He might have added "because that ain't gonna use MY plan."