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    Lorenzen Wright

    If I recalla correctly, Dele's brother had a history of mental illness, which makes enough sense.
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    Lorenzen Wright

    I find hard to believe the "he is in Europe looking for a job" history. First, we have had phones and -yes, trust me on this one- internet acces in Europe for a while now. Second, it's not like he's an auto mechanic or a delivery guy. He's a basketball player. If he were trying to play this side of the Atlantic, I guess word would have spread by now. His name is pretty well known among the fans here in Spain, since his days as Pau Gasol's teammate, so you can bet word would have gotten out real quick, had he been trying out with any spanish team. I guess the same would apply if he were trying to get a contract in Italy, Greece or Russia. Hope everything turns out well.