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  1. What about going after DSJ ? He could fit the new running grizzlies and could be an insurance as a backup PG, maybe looking to a 3 team trade with the Knicks + clippers/Mavs giving away iguodala + Anderson/Crowder + Brooks and getting back DSJ + Gallinari/THJ ?
  2. Pumuki

    Grizzlies - Mavericks

    Hey there, first a MAVS fan proposed this trade in realgm so it defintely intrigued me to know the opinion of other Grizzlies fans... And please keep in mind the injury status of both Chandler and McGee to weight wether if its just a pipedream or a reasonable trade... I would like to take the gamble on Parsons giving any combination of Tony Allen / Jeff Green / Vince Carter and I really think McGee could help us with his defense/shotblocking even with all his limitations.
  3. Pumuki

    Grizzlies - Mavericks

    Brandan Wright + Vince Carter + Tony Allen for Chandler Parsons + JaVale Mcgee Memphis gets automatically younger, Chandler can be our final solution at the SF position (once healthy) and Javale McGee can get us that shot-blocking ability that we miss... Plus we open a roster spot for a FA signing if needed.