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  1. Pumuki

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    What about going after Derrick Rose + Alec Burks + Mitchell Robinson ? Rose could be Ja's mentor, he is gritty and experienced in playoff time... It only has next year guaranteed. Burks will add shooting at the wing and play Melton/Culvers minutes while Mitchell adds even more shot blocking and bounciness to our interior rotation . Both Rose and Burks have one more year of contract and another via team option, so if the options are denied we will get off the book Roses 13M+Burks 10M+Adams 18M at the same time in Summer 23'. The Knicks will benefit financially getting off Roses and Burks contracts adding cap space to pursue whoever they want this summer while adding Melton and Tillman on cheap friendly deals.
  2. Pumuki

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    I think that this is the key, right now it's a moving puzzle because what we do now or this summer will determine or hinder our future salary possibilities. Having 3 1st round picks is a good start because you are going to be able to fill the roster with guys on good cheap contracts for 3+ years while commiting the big numbers on the key guys...
  3. Keegan Murray seems like a perfect pick for this team, an older (ready to contribute) high motor 3&D SF/PF with good shooting instincts and willing to do anything to win... Like a more athletic do-everything version of Kyle Anderson ready to pick his minutes next year.
  4. Lakers pick is top10 protected so we want them to stay more or less where they are but not to fall down much more ?
  5. Grizzlies have the easiest remaining Schedule of the entire NBA per Tankathon : https://www.tankathon.com/remaining_schedule_strength note: Lakers have the 3rd hardest, Utah 12th hardest, GS 24th hardest, Phoenix 26th hardest and us we have the 30th hardest, so the easiest of all the league) Where are we ending ? Will the Lakers even make the play in ?
  6. Pumuki

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Yes, doing the math a Culver for Ibaka swap will save the Clippers +10 mill in luxury tax, so no 2nd incentive needed on the Grizzlies side... I will do a Culver for Ibaka straight simple swap... I don't trust Tillman on the playoffs and the extra shotblocking and shooting for a 10-15 min stunt that Ibaka can provide can be useful... Then for next season, we can decide wether to resign ibaka for the vet min (making adams more expendable and moving JJJ to the center position) or just for depth purposes...
  7. Pumuki

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    What would it take to get Serge Ibaka ?... He is an expiring 9 million useful backup C with 3pt range (+40%) and good shotblocking instincts... The clippers are the 3rd highest salary team in the Nba (and they are paying +30 mill in luxury tax)... So why don't we offer exchanging Culver and a 2nd for Ibaka ?... They will save quite some money in luxury tax and get a young player in return... We will get a useful veteran for our playoff run that might want to resign with us for 1-2 more years very cheap...
  8. Pumuki

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Kyle + Culver/Melton + 2022 UTAH 1st for Harrison Barnes works, and adds firepower on the 3/4 spot for this and next year.