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  1. Lord Gordon

    Throwback Vancouver Uniforms

    If in fact the unis say Vancouver, then I strongly dislike that. Certainly they will say Memphis. Otherwise, what's the point? I don't think you would see the Thunder wearing Seattle jerseys or the Titans wearing Houston Oilers jerseys.
  2. Lord Gordon

    Grizzlies sign Marko Guduric

    He has Chris Wallace written all over him
  3. Serious question. We all strongly dislike Chris Wallace and the job he has in ruining the franchise. I didn't think it possible but he has done more damage than Stu Jackson ever did. So how has he kept his freakin job? Can someone please show Chris Wallace the door!
  4. Lord Gordon

    Time to trade Marc

    Zach always covered Marc’s deficiencies. Fizdale tried to bring out the alpha in Marc. Fizz’s mistake was not recognizing he was trying to bring out something that did not exist.
  5. Lord Gordon

    Time to trade Marc

    It’s time for the Grizz and Marc to part ways. It’s obvious after the NO game he does not want to be here. That’s ok. Marc has shown loyalty to Memphis and Memphis in return —the front office by paying him and the fans sticking by him despite his often marshmallow play. We need to trade him now before he opts out at the end of the year and we get nothing for him. But knowing Wallace, that is what he will do, let Marc walk for nothing.
  6. Lord Gordon

    Woj: Parsons to leave Grizzles indefinitely

    I think this is the grenade that causes the rest of the season to implode. Say what you will about Chandler but the team liked him. Now he has been shipped out. Who in their right mind would want to play for this second rate organization.
  7. Lord Gordon

    Memphis vs New York - 11/25/2018

    This was a bad, bad loss
  8. Lord Gordon

    Memphis at Phoenix 11/4/18

  9. Lord Gordon

    Grizzlies vs Atlanta Hawks - 10/19/2018

    Kyle Anderson’s head really makes me dislike him. That and his shoddy play thus far.
  10. Roster isn’t great but there is no excuse for what we saw tonight.
  11. Lord Gordon

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    Might as well get used to it. This is how it will be all season long.
  12. Lord Gordon

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    Still need a quality backup point guard. I don’t trust Harrison.
  13. Is that Chris Wallace will be making it. It's another chance for him to screw up. At least with a top 3 pick, there was a chance to get a player who was NBA ready.
  14. Lord Gordon

    It's the Final Countdown!!!

    This sucks!!
  15. Lord Gordon

    Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    Wallace should be fired TODAY!