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  1. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    You spend too much time being defensive and wrongly reading into things (see your statements that are bold). Yes, I tried to present why I have come to my opinion with facts, as you should try. All of the discussion with the league, owners, and players boils down to one thing; money. The owners will not all agree to lose more money just to finish the season. The players will not want to give up salary. Those are truths, which are also called facts. Because of their binding contract, (the CBA), the league, owners and players can't arbitrarily change parts of the CBA without full consent of all parties. It takes time, and for players to finish the season after the end of June with their current teams after their contracts expire, there would have to be changes made (fact). What are the ramifications of changing contract lengths? Gained or lost wages for starters. It boils down to money and then compromise. It always does, and compromise always takes time. Keep in mind that Chris Paul is the union president. His salary for this season was supposed to be just over 38 million while more than half the players in the league were scheduled to make less than 3 million. Paul missing out on a few million is easier to swallow than half of the league will be willing to. Salary issues will not likely be quickly addressed. Now the league could also be thinking, screw it, we won't mess with the CBA. Let the players contracts run out, have the draft, sign free agents, then finish the season. This would explain why they used the word "restart" instead of using continue or finish (the season). Teams would be "restarting" because their would be new players on each team. Or maybe the use of the word (restart) had no thought behind it. The point being that it has to be either way, negotiate in order to change the length of contracts or let the ones running out expire and deal with the free agents (fact). Either way adds to the time table and none of it has been mentioned. Now we have the big announcement that is "official". What is it really? Not that the league has a plan to continue/finish this season but that they are having "exploratory conversations" about possibly "restarting" the season. Classic NBA fluff to me. They mention creating a "hermetic bubble" for the players in the article. How is that possible when the many, many people that are needed to staff Disney World have to go home every day at the end of their work days? How many of the players truly want to be cooped up there for all the weeks it will take to finish the season and/or playoffs? Of course the league, owners, and players say they WANT to finish the season. That's easy to say. Can they is the real question. Many issues must be straightened out and time is not on their side. Everything I just wrote are truths. I didn't even get into the losses occurring to the owners. The truths were used to form my opinion. Can you prove the same? Now why don't you explain to me how the Euroleague has "way more moving parts... than the NBA" as you stated. The Euroleague plays less games, has less teams, and the teams do not have equivalents of the G league to support like the NBA does.
  2. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Hopefully. I still believe that there are too many issues to be ironed out and not enough time. The "official" statement is actually an announcement of a plan for making a plan. "Exploratory conversations" is the term they used. I like your optimism but just can't see it happening myself.
  3. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Of course they are "coming back". Sports are not cancelled forever. Today Euroleague has officially cancelled the rest of this season. They too are coming back. This thread is about the question if this current NBA season will continue or not. I don't believe it will be and stated why. If you can't accept someone having a difference of opinion, that's on you.
  4. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    This is just a stupid, shameful comment.
  5. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Pretty high? What plan has the league put forward? No plan for play, testing, or pay. There is no plan for anything. "League sources indicate that no decisions have been made on exactly how a return will take shape and that some of the rumors leaking out are true but some are not. The simple fact is that Silver does not have a set plan yet." - 3 hours ago on Hoopshype When, or if, they finally come up with a plan, then it has to be negotiated then voted on by the players and ref unions. The owners will do their best to look out for themselves as many, if not all of them, are losing their shirts with their private businesses and their teams. This will be long and possibly futile negotiations for the finishing of this season. So you tell me exactly why you think the chances are "pretty high" that the season will be finished.
  6. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    I'm not "acting" like anything, and they didn't vote on a reduction in pay during the lockdown, it was already in the CBA. I'm just pointing out some truths vs others hopes. There are simple risks vs rewards questions for every upcoming free agent. No one can assume that they will all vote one way or the other. Some players have already openly stated that the will not play until they are sure that they can't get the virus and/or spread it to others. Why would a potential free agent risk injury and a new, bigger contract over a few games, or no games and playoff games for other teams but not his? To get a better idea, look at pro baseball. Keep in mind that they are at the beginning of their season. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2893136-report-mlb-prepared-to-offer-mlbpa-compromise-over-revenue-sharing Same old stuff. Like I said earlier, they are arguing about the money (revenue sharing), and I'm sure the same is going on with the NBA and the players union. Soon it will be to the point that it is just too ridiculous and destructive for next season. The owners will just say screw it, lets move on and get things lined up for next season before that gets screwed up and we lose money for two seasons instead of just one.
  7. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Any change in contracts (length) will need to be voted on by the owners and ratified by the players union as there is the collective bargaining agreement in place. They can't just wing it. Many free agents, if not on playoff teams, have nothing to gain by voting for lengthening their contracts. Lengthening this seasons contracts would then effect the length of next season contracts (shorten them). A change in the CBA will not be easy. Also, the owners will cry foul because of lost revenue and the players will do the same, dragging out negotiations. You can't have the NBA draft while the season is going because draft positions have not been established as they are based on final standings.
  8. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    The bad news is that before the end of training camp there will be 194 NBA free agents (contracts expire in June). Before that happens, every team will want to make sure that they have their draft picks. So until the draft and free agency are addressed by the league and the players association, I just can't imagine how any season continuation talk can be true.
  9. Father Pat

    The Last Dance....Also, Who's The Greatest?

    G.O.A.T. is sports medicine. Without it, no one would remember Jordan today.
  10. Father Pat

    Satellite TV question

    I don't know if this helps, but Dish allows you to pay for League Pass in payments over the course of the season (total is/was $200).
  11. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Good ol' Lebron, still spouting the party line...
  12. Father Pat

    Let's get this straight

    I'm reminded of the MLB collusion case of the late 80's. The owners were all fined, so they decided to expand the league. They then used the expansion fee's to pay their fines, resulting in no money coming out of their pockets. Right now the NBA owners are facing the fact of losing a great deal of money. Vegas and Seattle want teams. Buy in for each team will be at least a billion dollars, which the owners would all split. Like those baseball owners, when it comes to being purists and losing money or expanding and making money, they will take making money every day of the week. They don't make money by contracting, they just lose less. Contraction could happen, and may be more likely to if the cities seeking teams can't scratch together the money. Interesting times. EDIT: this is quality thread hijacking 😉
  13. Father Pat

    Let's get this straight

    I wonder if Silver is thinking that it might be a good time for expansion. The owners sharing the expansion fee's would put smiles on their faces. If things get worse down the road, then contraction isn't as bad later on.
  14. Father Pat

    Can this NBA season be saved?

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