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  1. How can someone make a thread about analytics someday making superstars a thing of the past (and add the chilling observation that it is already happening) without addressing these two people? There is no person more analytically driven running a NBA team than Daryl Morey. Who does he have on his team? James Harden. When Harden wins his second MVP award this season he will be this seasons biggest superstar. Again. Soooo.... what was that about analytics making NBA superstars go the way of the dinosaurs? Mr Analytics and the leagues #1 superstar on the same team. How 'bout that?
  2. Father Pat

    Rumor has it

    I got it, I was just joking (see smiley face thingy). It's an old saying. In all seriousness, why I was harping about it was because to me what stands out is that with the top three decision makers, none of them are there for being experts in their field. That is to be taken as a gimme with regards to ownership (excluding Jordan) but in any business in the world it seems among the people that have final say, one of them should be an expert in their field and usually are. Cho and Grunwald are glorified advisers. It is obviously good for decision makers to surround themselves with people that could be seen as experts in their specific field of business (NBA basketball), but it all hinges on what Pera and the two lawyers do with information obtained from their advisors. To me I keep wondering why Pera would want a couple of lawyers running the Grizzlies. One and a basketball guy would make sense, kind of a check and balance thing. It doesn't make sense for two basketball coaches to run a law firm. It doesn't make sense for two basketball coaches to run Pera's tech company. But it is supposed to make sense to have two lawyers running the Grizzlies?
  3. Father Pat

    Rumor has it

    Did you mean "crooks", as in lawyers? ūüėĄ
  4. Father Pat

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Every time KBM watches Space Jam, we have to hear about Shawn Bradley...
  5. Father Pat

    Role Players

    Best role player... 640 x 1057 · jpegfemina.in
  6. Getting back to my lack of faith in the Pera - Wexler - Kleiman trifecta, I looked into the 16 playoff teams and who they had listed as their chief executives/G.M.'s. Of those 16 teams, 14 have what I refer to as "basketball guys", at least former college players that had other front office experience, former NBA players and one scout turned executive. The two that were not "basketball guys" were Daryl Morey of Houston (who is a quasi-basketball guy). He's super analytical and was before getting hired there. The other is Neil Olshey of the Blazers, who is a former actor. Blazers are over the luxury tax, other than that, I really don't know much about how well Olshey has done. I would have more faith if they named Prince the G.M., because Kleiman seems to be just a younger Wexler, seeming redundant to me. This Pera - lawyer - lawyer thing just looks worse now.
  7. Father Pat

    We should've had the 6th pick

    If the team only listened to Pera and won 50 or more games this season we wouldn't be in this mess.
  8. Father Pat

    Role Players

    On the other side of the coin you have the Bucks with point guards Bledsoe and Hill. Combined they are paid more than Conley. Neither of them averaged over 30 mpg (49 minutes per game combined). I believe that the teams are more financially constricted than ever. The sharp decline of players opting out of contracts when they can also points to this. It seems to have become easier and more prudent (for the rest of the league) to keep the good role players who used to be the guys most likely to get traded or let go in free agency.
  9. Wexler is second in command, and you point out what I am getting at; "Wexler has never been on the basketball side previously". The top three decision makers are not basketball guys. A very common phrase that is often overlooked is "This is a good roster on paper", or along those lines. We hear this all the time when talking about under performing teams. Why do talented rosters sometimes under perform? Usually personalities that clash or plain ol' knuckleheads. This is when true basketball guys pay off. They recognize the stuff we don't have stats for. We all can pick out good performing players by glancing at stats. We truly don't know if they are locker room cancers or knuckleheads until it is too late. Pera, Wexler, and Kleiman. I'm sure that they can pick excellent players based on stats. Most of the posters here can as well. Successful basketball teams need to have basketball people that have real sway in the decision making process. Besides, who the heck is this Kleiman guy anyway? His qualifications look like he is nothing more than a Wexler mini-me. We need a basketball guy among the top three decision makers or else it will just be two guys nodding in agreement to Pera.
  10. So it's Pera, Wexler, Kleiman and experienced smart guys to fix the first three's screwups? That's a F.O. destined for failure.
  11. Why? He didn't exactly do anything to write home about while in Charlotte (2011 - 2018).
  12. Father Pat

    Where Should Conley Be Traded?

    Yup Very realistic IMO. I think Utah will be first to come knocking.
  13. I agree. No matter how dysfunctional an organization may be, it is still one of only thirty. Vet coaches will test the market first, or sit out a year or two while going on NBATV, but there is no shortage of new guys wanting in. The biggest problem IMO is the top 3; Pera, Wexler and Kleiman. It seems that they are intent on trying to re-invent the wheel.
  14. The top three guys that are running the Grizzlies are Pera, Wexler, and Kleiman. With their wealth of basketball knowledge they will probably choose... 736 x 1040 · jpegpinterest.com