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  1. Father Pat

    Treating the Syptoms not the Disease

    I find this very hard to believe. In one of Vince Carter's first interviews after signing with the Grizzlies, he let it slip that he had met with people from the Grizzlies before he signed, but never met Wallace until after he signed. It also seems to me that the FO is much more closed now than just a few years ago. I am no longer in the Memphis area, but Wallace used to be on the radio weekly and there was often something from the teams beat writer (Ron Ron) in the paper. I get the impression that is no longer the case.
  2. Father Pat

    Treating the Syptoms not the Disease

    To me, the whole Reke at the trading deadline fiasco said it all. Reke was told - by Wallace- to go home, he was being traded to a contender. Odds were he was not coming back after the season anyway. So the team is out of the playoff race and deep into the lottery run. Tank city. The best case scenario for the franchise at that point is the #1 pick in the coming draft. Instead of taking the best offer, Wallace does not trade Reke. He just soiled his already damaged reputation with all player agents and future free agents in the process. Why? Was that worth it to Wallace to get nothing for a player you were losing at the end of a 22 win season because the best offer wasn't what you wanted? He gained nothing and lost credibility throughout the league. Why would he do that willingly? He either has absolutely no vision for the future, cementing the idea to even a child that he should be fired, or he once again was just following orders and collecting a paycheck. Pera would have to be a mindless idiot to keep Wallace employed if he wasn't doing what he wanted him to be doing, and Pera is not a mindless idiot.
  3. Father Pat

    Treating the Syptoms not the Disease

    Does the evidence support that a "Wallace led FO" exists? What is more likely, that Wallace is allowed to make the moves that have been made and still have a job, or that he is the G.M. in name only? Our idea's of how we want the future of this team to look and the manner to get there may not be the same idea's of ownership. Pera may very well be running this franchise exactly how he wants for the future he envisions for this franchise.
  4. Father Pat

    How Long WIll They Give JB?

    I don't think anyone honestly expected a W tonight. That being said, I'd rather see Parsons waived before JB is shown the door. Who's kidding who, if Parsons didn't have a big contract, he'd be trying out in China right about now. Starting a player that does not deserve to start has a negative impact on team morale, not to mention the W column. The F.O. is playing a contract, not the best player available to the team. That never works out.
  5. How slow? Turtle slow or Gasol slow? ūüėĮ
  6. Father Pat

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    2-1 KBM makes national news by tomorrow night
  7. Father Pat

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    Free Wantanabe!!!!
  8. Father Pat

    Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers

    you mean physically, right?
  9. The heck with Jimmy Butler. It may be too soon to talk about, but wait for the dust to settle in Portland after Paul Allen's death (RIP). Whoever takes over the ownership of that team will most likely be cutting salary. There might be some good players made available this season.
  10. Father Pat

    Grizz to Seattle?

    I'm more worried about them going to Vegas.
  11. Father Pat

    A Honest 2018-19 Grizzlies Season Preview

    Conley, Gasol, and not a single veteran that is starter material. A few years ago our "ifs" were used with regards to a championship. Now our "ifs" are used to be an average team (.500) at best. If JJJ..., if Parsons...if ________ stays healthy.... Hats off to IIWII for his honesty.
  12. Father Pat

    Finding Big Country

    Reeves signed his 6 year, 61.8 million dollar contract in July of 1997. That's 3 years before Heisley bought the team. The Memphis F.O. is in no way connected to Reeve's extension contract.
  13. Father Pat

    Ron Tillery...

    Hasseltine has a girlfriend?!?!?
  14. Father Pat

    Chandler Parsons - Note to Memphis

    So he claims he "chose Memphis" and after that he says "Then I got injured". I'm surprised he didn't mention saving babies from burning buildings and diverting giant meteors from striking earth.
  15. Father Pat

    New Flooring

    According to KBM's cousins mailman, the new flooring and uniforms are good for + 5 wins over replacement, per Hollingers analytics.