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  1. Father Pat

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    You figure that around 1/7th of total Nike revenue is the 6.2 billion made from China, I'm thinking that USA Today just didn't include, or couldn't get, the BRI amount from Nike. Last year Nike went from 6th most relevant brand in China to 44th ( https://www.marketing-interactive.com/top-10-most-relevant-brands-in-china/ ). With Adidas being the 14th most relevant brand, I would guess that Nike sales are more largely tied to NBA merchandise over there than it is here in the states. Just the percentage of total BRI Nike sales to meet that 500 million figure is just 8% or less of that 6.2 billion made, and that would be assuming Nike accounts for that total BRI amount, which we know it doesn't.
  2. Father Pat

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Nike has the NBA's merchandising rights, and merchandising is BRI. The NBA makes more revenue from Nike and their generated BRI than Chinese advertisers/sponsors.
  3. Father Pat

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    You are forgetting about Nike. They made 6.2 Billion dollars in revenue last year just from China. If things get worse between the NBA and China and/or if it hits the fan in Hong Kong (Chinese action taken resulting in sanctions and boycotts), things could get very bad for the NBA.
  4. Father Pat

    Where Are the Moderators/Admins?

    960 x 540 · png Reddit
  5. Stream it from Chinese tv.
  6. Father Pat

    Josh Jackson to start season in G-League

    A chance for a man to earn redemption. Nothing wrong about it. Grizzlies F.O. are providing an opportunity and Jackson has a generous chance to live the dream and right his personal ship. The F.O. is looking like how all F.O.'s should be. I am pleasantly surprised.
  7. Father Pat

    Fan favorite of all time

    Tony Allen, for the simple reason I've met him a few times and we have a picture on our wall of him, my wife and I and our youngest son. He took some time out to chat with our son that day which was very nice and something we will always remember. He was very fan accessible. D.A. was also great towards the fans when meeting them and was always going out of his way for the fans at the different meet and greets, more so than any other player that I had met so I have to give him runner up in regards to approachability.
  8. Nene's salary on the books would go from 10 mil to 2.5 mil because his salary is tied to likely bonuses which are based on his team winning 50 or more games. The Grizzlies would lose 7.5 mil in salary costs the minute the trade was complete. I also believe that Nene's contract is not guaranteed for 20/21 season. His contract was designed for him to be traded and dumped.
  9. How do you know this? Base salary plus likely bonuses count against the cap and are what is listed as total player salary. There is a good article that goes into this with regard to Nene's new contract. It is listed as 10 mil per season, but is actually 2.7 mil plus 7.3 mil in likely bonuses. Teams are starting to play loose with the so called "likely bonuses" for different reasons. One example was if Houston traded Nene to another team, he would be a more desirable player because if his likely bonus is tied to wins, going from a 50 win team to a 30 win team makes his contract go from 10 mil in cap hit to 2.7 mil after the trade. Houston's trading partner could have 7.3 mil in cap hit vanish once the trade is completed (assuming the trading team sends a 10 mil contract to Houston). It's a long article, but interesting; https://earlybirdrights.com/2019/09/11/analysis-houston-rockets-nene-hilario-contract-details-likely-bonuses-trade/
  10. I don't understand the relevancy of your statement with regard to my post.
  11. This is true so I would guess that with Ryan Anderson's contract they were able to trim the "likely bonuses" that are not part of annual salary but charged against teams as salary. Same way they are able to negotiate trade kickers that are in some players contracts.
  12. Father Pat

    Free agency 2020

    china bump.
  13. Father Pat

    Win totals (Over/Under) for 2019-20 season

    I can easily see anywhere between 22 and 34 wins. New coach, new system, new players being counted on for heavy minutes. Will the focus be on trying to win some games or just go all in on maximizing development? I think the later so I'll say 24 wins and 82 games worth watching. Can't wait!
  14. Good point. Plus Iggy is the V.P. of the players union. As such, he is more likely to be very conscience of his actions with regard to how it may effect other players actions in the future, and player - ownership relations. If not traded, I fully expect Iggy to honor his contract, show up for training camp, and be the professional that he is.
  15. Father Pat

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Give L.A. some time. If the Lakers under perform, DH will be among their first complaints. If they do well, DH will end up doing DH things and tick everyone off. Wacky guys are always wacky.