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  1. Good ol' Parsons. He's worth a million bucks.
  2. I was thinking that you might be thinking that
  3. Wells is holding out for page 5. We need filler
  4. Portland fans have to be sick after the way the game started, then down by 14 with 1:24 left to play.
  5. My hearing isn't what it used to be, but I'd swear that Pranica often calls Seldon "Sheldon".
  6. Playing injured. What Marc sees; What we see;
  7. Looks like MarShon has realized that he will see more court time if he plays some D.
  8. Father Pat

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat - 12/14/18

    Dang. Udonis Haslem is still playing. I thought he retired years ago.
  9. It was the Hustle game Toke was at a few nights ago. Chasing him down for an autograph is my guess.
  10. I don't know much about that stuff. I truly hope you do well selling it all. I'm usually old school, Strat-O-Matic old school. I do have an XboxOne though, and got the Red Dead Redemption 2 and played online. The little punks were shooting me left and right, and hog tying me and dragging me behind their horses. I was ticked off and laughing at the same time. I'll have to change my guys name to Chris Paul so I can enjoy it more.
  11. The youngsters are playing the Nintendo switch now. And shouldn't this be in the outdated video games forum???
  12. You called it. Marc Gasol conceded Tuesday that the ankle injury he suffered against the Raptors on Nov. 27 is “not a normal sprain.” The Grizzlies’ star center scored 20 or more points in four straight games to close November, concluding with the Toronto game. But he is averaging just 10.7 points per game over Memphis’ first six games in December. Gasol said that “soreness” is how the injury varies from a normal sprain. The 33-year-old termed it his “decision” to continue playing through the injury. 6 hours ago – via Memphis Commercial Appeal “Obviously, when you win, it means you feel a lot better about yourself,” Gasol said. “When you lose, you’re like, ‘well maybe I should have sit down.’ To me, it’s all about winning. Instead of taking maybe five days to recover, six days to recover, maybe it takes two or three weeks to recover because you try to play through something.” 6 hours ago – via Memphis Commercial Appeal
  13. Nonsense. Marc has had ample time to rest and heal. He has dropped from top ten in the league for minutes per game to 12th. 12th!! J.B. needs to stop babying him. Seriously though, just send him home for a couple days. Playing him hurt and/or worn down will not help the team or his current state of health. Totally agree with you.