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  1. Father Pat

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    Thanks for taking the buyout D.H. First positive contribution you made for a NBA team in years. ūüėĄ
  2. Father Pat

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    On a 5 1/4" floppy disc. ūüėĄ (C-64 humor)
  3. Father Pat

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    Don't worry about it. Enjoy what you have while you have it. Right now there is a NBA team in Memphis. That is a blessing. Go to games, be a part of it. I promise you, you won't regret it.
  4. Father Pat

    Grizzlies trying to leave rumors

    C'mon Chip, an owner is never going to admit that he wants to or is relocating his team in any sport ( Heisley telling Vancouver that they weren't leaving...) unless they are ok with losing most of their revenue (Nets leaving N.J., baseball Braves leaving Milwaukee) so the Pera quote from last year means little to nothing. With that said, if it is true that the city can purchase the team for Pera's original purchase price instead of current value, then I have to agree with you, it ain't happening before the contract is up. Looks like in 2022 it's going to be the Las Vegas Pelicans!!!! (it's when their lease is up) EDIT: 2024, not 2022
  5. Father Pat

    Cousins injury

    Pretty much. Everything hinges on if the Lakers want him or not. If they do, it becomes an easy sell by the F.O. for Howard to sign a Grizzlies friendly buyout. The real question is does LeBron want this guy on his team?
  6. Father Pat

    Cousins injury

    Noah is almost certainly getting vet minimum no matter where he plays because he was stretched by the Knicks and they are paying him for the next three seasons. His best move would be to sign with a top team as he would get extra pay for playoff games and etc.
  7. Father Pat

    make or break

    8.9 mil
  8. I can easily see JV getting 22/12, but just over the first half of the season. Ja, while learning the ropes, will dump it to JV more than he will over the second half once he gets a better feel for NBA play.
  9. Father Pat

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Sorry, I read pay as play. - "Yet they were willing to pay..."
  10. Father Pat

    Kyle vs Bruno

    Rudy only started 6 games when Kyle was there, and those were games that Kyle was out. Kyle started the second most games for the Spurs that season. Think back 5 seasons ago when Mike Miller was on the team. He was second among qualified NBA players that season for 3pt field goal percentage, and it was an all time franchise high at .459 %(league qualified 82 or more 3 pt'ers made). Not one poster here or any other Grizzlies fan ever said "look at the spacing Miller creates". Instead we all complained that we had a 46% 3pt shooter that was hardly ever open. We will not have a better 3pt shooter than Miller was that season. Miller was one of the best and most respected 3pt shooters back then, but he proved that just being out there was not enough. His court presence was not enough to open up the lane. Static offenses will never create enough spacing no matter how good your shooter is. Kyle started ahead of Rudy Gay his last season there. If shooting trumped ball and player movement, Rudy should have started. The Mike Miller example also plays into what I'm saying, the same with the Mark Jackson Warriors and his ISO vs the next season under Kerr with more passing and movement. Also remember, Coach Jenkins is an indirect Popovich product. Ja and JJJ are quick, so you maximize them with more movement, not ISO's.
  11. Father Pat

    Kyle vs Bruno

    It just occurred to me that some fans might be getting their idea's about spacing from a video game. Spacing is maximized by ball movement and offensive player movement. How did the Warriors under Marc Jackson go from a first round washout to world champs the following season under Steve Kerr? SPACING. Kerr created more spacing with player and ball movement. Good spacing is created. Spacing is earned, not given. ISO basketball has no spacing. The ball isn't passed and the other players don't move. No movement = no spacing. The Marc Jackson Warriors were dead last in the league for the average number of passes per game. He had them playing a heavy ISO game, and they won 50 games doing it. With nearly the same roster Kerr added ball and player movement, won more games and a championship. Kerr created spacing. The Spurs create spacing with ball and player movement. They are among the league leaders every season for average passes per game. Now here comes the reality check; if Kyle was a spacing killer, would he have played on the Spurs for 4 seasons?
  12. Father Pat

    Kyle vs Bruno

    You're the one posting lies, implying lies, lying about what you said, then dismissing it as "slight hyperbole", and you call me the troll???? You and I have different opinions. Deal with it without making it personal, and try being more honest. If what you post has merit then you don't need to use dishonesty to further your point.
  13. Father Pat

    Kyle vs Bruno

  14. Father Pat

    Kyle vs Bruno

    So you have moved on from making false statements about me to just implying them. Way to go. Keep at it and eventually you just might settle on being honest for a change. I never claimed that Kyle was "a 3 point shooter", or whatever that may imply. You stated that "Kyle can't shoot, and probably never will be able to". That is not a truthful statement. Shooting does not involve only making long 3's, which is the only distance that Kyle is below league average for making his shots. Volume of shots and long 3's do not define if a player can shoot or not, and to suggest it is simply foolish. If you follow basketball at all, you would know that there is a huge difference between a player that can't shoot and a player that is not a shooter. Kyle isn't a shooter. So what? The option list this season will probably be JJJ, then Ja, then JV. If options 4 and 5 were shooters they would be wasted anyway, as they wouldn't get many looks. This season is about building JJJ and Ja. The more opportunities they have, the quicker they develop. The Grizzlies do not want an option before those two this coming season.
  15. Father Pat

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Rockets traded their 2019 draft pick in the 3 team trade where they got Shumpert. They had no 1st rnd pick in the 2019 draft. Can't trade consecutive 1st rnd picks (unless if you have more than one). Unless if they somehow got/plan to get another teams 2020 1st rnd pick, I'm pretty sure they can't trade theirs as of now.