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  1. Father Pat

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    Toke hired him as a chauffeur.
  2. Father Pat

    Various Trade Analyses: Not good

    We gave up 2 players and two 2nd round picks for a half year rental on Holiday, and only gained one 2nd round pick while losing Gasol, Jam, Temple, Mack and Casspi. That's the math that I see.
  3. I bought kick out insurance from Toke. ūüôā
  4. Father Pat

    The positives

    We traded 3 of our 4 top 3pt shooters today. But that's OK, we got CJ Miles.
  5. Father Pat

    Grizzlies trading Gasol to Raptors

    This team is run by a 5th grader that rides the short bus.
  6. Every year 60 young men are drafted by 30 NBA teams, and each one of them have the same thought; "Someday I want to be coached by Becky Hammon". Most brilliant thread of all time. There it was, right in front of us. The rest of us were just too darn stupid to see it. Becky freakin' Hammon. Players would go to Memphis like moths to a flame. Dang.
  7. Father Pat

    General Manager Class 101 - Intro to GMing

    an old photo of Wallace
  8. Father Pat

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    No doubt. As soon as Kupchak changed the deal he should have been reminded that they are in their 15th season with only 3 seasons above .500, have a free agent all star in Kemba that they need to sign, and are hosting the all star game. Call back if you come to your senses, but you better make it quick.
  9. I'm pretty sure trade kickers are same as salary.
  10. Is that Reke logic? ūüėĄ
  11. Biyombo - 17mil + 17mil player option next year, M. Kidd-Gilchrist - 13mil + 13 mil player option next year The Grizzlies can't be taking on salary so Marc for Biyombo + MKD + pick isn't happening anyway. EDIT: Marc's salary is 24.1 m and trade kicker (if he doesn't waive it) is around 3.6 m., so 27.7 mil for 30 mil puts the Grizzlies into luxury tax.
  12. Since the '04-'05 expansion, Charlotte has had only 3 winning seasons and 3 playoff berths. Maybe they need to be politely reminded of that.
  13. It may not usually happen, but the Grizzlies are looking to trade two guys who will have their jerseys hanging from the rafters one day. I wouldn't think that the deal is dead yet anyway. Charlotte will make another effort. They almost have to. I'm guessing around noon time.
  14. Maybe they are just doing some due diligence. Making their last calls and giving other teams just one more shot at Marc so the F.O. knows for sure they got the best deal out there. At least that's what I'd like to think they're doing.