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  1. Father Pat

    If you threaten the life of Biden & Harris...

    The truth is self evident. Your denial is sad, very sad. Get some help. Do it for your family. Strive to be a better person.
  2. Father Pat

    If you threaten the life of Biden & Harris...

    You make racist and bigoted statements and threads, spend a lot of time looking up only negative things, never do anything constructive or positive, and then make the ignorant statement that I am the one "brainwashed"???? Get a life. What you are doing is sad and pathetic. If you were capable of self reflection you would be ashamed of yourself.
  3. Father Pat

    If you threaten the life of Biden & Harris...

    Hate to burst your bigoted bubble, but according to the Washington Post he was a Bernie Sanders supporter. Among the books found in his van were also books on Islam. Not exactly right wing, unless you're a nut job bigot trying to make some idiotic point by leaving out facts. Of course, you can't be wrong because narcissists are never wrong....
  4. Father Pat

    If you threaten the life of Biden & Harris...

    Turns out he's just another liberal. (Bernie bro)
  5. Father Pat

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    I must admit, I did not expect you to answer that question in the way that you did. I feel a little bad about it now, but hopefully you will look into it and work on it. (I'm being sincere, not attacking) "Have you ever thought about what ways you want to grow or change?" is a question that most people have no problem with. Most people recognize the fact that they are flawed. We all are. We all have room for improvement as human beings. It is an easy thing for most people to quickly rattle off some things that they want to improve about themselves. A narcissist will answer that question by being bewildered, angry, or give a blatant false answer. In your defense, there has been a narcissism explosion the last decade. I have a brother that is a narcissist. I had always just assumed that a narcissist was just someone with a big ego, but that is only a small part of it. A few years ago I was wondering why he acted the way he does, why would someone do the things that he does, so I looked into it. I had always just ignored the things he did because we often give family a pass with things. Anyway, he's a full blown narcissist. No doubt about it. For decades now, our country has been cultivating narcissists. The schools have been teaching children that they (the individual) are the centers of the universe. Just showing up "earns" a participation trophy. If parents discipline you, you are to call the cops or family services. On and on. Self sacrifice is no longer a virtue. When I was looking into it with regards to my brother, I also asked people that might know. Cops, Doctors, Nurses, Preachers, even a Nun. People that deal with others on a regular basis and have been around for a little while. I simply asked them if there are more narcissist today than ever before, or if they thought there was a narcissism explosion over the past few years, and every one I asked answered the same; an absolute "yes". Anyway. Nothing personal. Do with it what you will. Hopefully you, me, and everyone, will always strive to be a better person. God bless.
  6. Father Pat

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    Pera could go full Mark Cuban and force minority owners out with financial losses. I believe an interesting point is that Pera's business is in China. There has been a lot turmoil with foreign owned businesses in China this year. Is there, or will there be, a negatve effect for Pera's business?
  7. Father Pat

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    Have you ever thought about what ways you want to grow or change? What you can do to better yourself?
  8. Father Pat

    GOP Senator Ben Sasse called out Trump

    Aaah, you miss me. I've been busy following the Biden crime family info. You know, the Hunter Biden laptop that the FBI has had since last December detailing Joe's corruption and Hunter's pic's with underage girls. It cracks me up (no Hunter Biden pun intended) that you have decided in your obvious self-importance that because I won't vote for corrupt Joe that I'm a "Trump loyalist". Just because you sold your soul to a political group, doesn't mean people that won't be voting for corrupt Joe did as well.
  9. Father Pat

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    No screaming eagle crap. Just as FDR was warned about Japan. Those facts have nothing to do with the point. Who (or what) was the "boogie man" the day before. It sure as heck wasn't Japan or Al-Qaeda.
  10. Father Pat

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    I have voted for democrats, republicans, independents, and have written in names a couple of times. That assumption highlights your problem; you think in extremes. It also fails to address the truth of being all in for a party requires one to be willfully ignorant of the failings of that party. Read your answers and tell me that you don't see your deflections based on assumptions. In a nut shell you are assuming things about others for the simple fact of someone NOT voting democrat. I'll tell you something about the "intel" agencies. The general public doesn't know squat about them. For example, the CIA exists mostly for the advantage of the CIA. They murdered my former commanding officer. Most have no idea about them. Here's the deal; there was, is, and always will be a "boogie man". That is to divert public attention. Ask yourself how many times have the "intel" agencies warned about this or that, yet failed to know about or stop any of the major happenings? Funny how that is. Who was the major threat Dec. 6th, 1941? Who was the major threat Sept. 10th, 2001? There are more examples less profound. You only know what they want you to know. If you want to blindly follow politicians and repeat what they want you to repeat, that is up to you. Many do. As long as you see only democrats and "wingnuts", they have you right where they want you.
  11. It was recently reported that the one nut job in the pic I posted was anti-Trumper. There are vids of him going off about Trump. They are probably just antifa want-a-be's or possibly full blown antifa. I didn't look deep into it. Same in Portland where the antifa nuts went against the dem mayor. No set up operation, just more nut jobs. Here is some important info; 1% of Americans are psychopaths, 4% of Americans are sociopaths, 17% or more Americans are narcissists (possibly much higher) Right there is 22% of Americans that have no empathy. Add in some other mental disorders (1.2% are schizophrenic, for example) and you can see that there are a lot of mentally ill people out there that can easily cause harm to others.
  12. Father Pat

    Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

    First of all, miltia's, until the past few decades, were not always seen as a bad thing. Historically they were an important part of each states protection and enforcement of law. Even today some militia's exist strictly as disaster prepardness. The definition has become muddy, but understandably so. Still, they are not race or politically defined. There are milita groups of different races. NFAC has garnered some recent publicity, for example. According to the southern poverty law center, there are 264 black separatist groups, which many, most, or all of could probably meet the modern definition of "militia". Is NFAC an extremist group? Heck yes. Democrats viewed as anti family? Golly gee, I wonder why. Look at BLM. The founders call for the end of the nuclear family. That, my friend, is anti family. Look at the abortion issue. An overwheming majority of Americans are not totally against it, but do believe it has went too far. We are living in the 21st century, where even children can get birth control without parental consent, yet over half of all black pregnacies in NYC end in abortion. That is barbaric, and most would agree if it wasn't such a political lightning rod for politicians. There is a big difference between the ability for a woman to have an abortion and abortion abuse. The U.S. had some of the highest corporate taxes in the world. Everyone is in agreement that we needed to bring more jobs back to the U.S. To do so, it had to be made less penalizing for the corporations. It should be a no-brainer that in order to compete, U.S. companies can't grow AND be the most taxed companies in the world. POLITICAL CORRUPTION my friend. As long as Americans are complaining about democrats or republicans, the political corruption continues. Embrace an issue, not a political party. They are just using you. Just ask yourself, by supporting a party, how much are you ignoring? Be honest. If Biden was an independant, he would be universally laughed off and ignored. Imagine any other presidential candidate in American history telling reporters that he would answer an important question AFTER the election because they would only report about it if he answered now. Completely insane. Don't drink the kool aid. Stick to issues and honesty. What do you believe are the greatest threats to our country? YOU, not the DNC. For me, it's the CCP. That is why I voted for Trump. Do me a favor and start looking into the CCP's plans and the actions they take against their own people and the world. I don't care what party a politician belongs to. If they have a plan to combat what I view as the largest threat to the world, I'm with them.
  13. As it turns out, probably Biden. Definitely not Trump. That's not a MAGA hat on the wall behind him...
  14. Just because some moron calls someone a racist, doesn't make it true. Like these so called white supremacist, Trump loving "rednecks" that wanted to kidnap the Michigan govenor. Turns out that NONE of that is true. All lies. The leader (and/or members) is a BLM supporter and an anarchist. Get some help bhoyal. Your need to hate and your narcissism is rather sickening.
  15. I pointed out the statistic that since January, there are 5 million new gun owners in America, and then asked how many of them do you think will vote for Biden. A reasonable human being would see that as a very legitimate question and worthy of discussion. I never used the word "redneck", and I certainly didn't use it in a hateful and racist way, as you did. To use that word in a hateful and racist way is no different than someone using the n word in the same manner.