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  1. LeBron kissing Xi butt is as crazy as it gets.
  2. I wonder if Iggy is staying in shape... 396 x 225 · animatedgif JoyReactor
  3. Father Pat

    Mavs have a new model

    Carlisle is one of the best head coaches that is able to maximize players abilities to create a system instead of trying to jam players into a specific system. Hollins, in a lesser extent, did it with the Grizzlies. He was able to maximize his players talents into a system that worked. On a lesser note, Carlisle played everyone in that game because they had a good 4th quarter lead, it was the first game of a back to back, and Porzingis was in early foul trouble. The league won't change until a team wins a championship doing something different, then it becomes the new flavor of the day.
  4. Father Pat

    Take that for data

    ...but other than that he's ok.
  5. Father Pat

    Best scoring games and team record

    The term "role player" seems to have went from the equivalence of baseballs utility infielder to any NBA player that is not a two way all star player. The term seems to say more about the person using it than the NBA player in question. Perhaps we are dissecting todays NBA players too much. I think we are being too picky. Role players used to be a guy that was basically "filling in" and wouldn't be missed that much if he wasn't on the team because he is usually easily replaced. Earlier you said Tony Allen was a role player. Why? Early in his career I would agree. Once he was a starter and recognized as the best or one of the best defenders in the league, why would he still be a role player? Is a player that is one of the best in any particular aspect of the game (defense, rebounding, steals, ppg, ...etc) relegated to the title of role player because he is not a two way all star? Was Dennis Rodman a role player? What about Kevin McHale (2 time 6th man award winner)? I believe the term is used too loosely. Way too loosely. What's a starting player that isn't a role player called? I believe that in basketball, you have your "pillars", known to Grizzlies fans as core players. You can't be a core player and a role player. 60 win teams have core players as do 20 win teams. The 20 win teams core players may not be as good as the 60 win teams core players, but they are still core players. The rest of the team fills in, they play a role. Role players are more likely to be on the scrub love thread than NBA starters. A NBA starter has earned it and should be respected for that accomplishment. We should err on the side of respecting that instead of erring on the side of lessening his accomplishment. Of course there are examples contrary to every rule, but I believe we throw out the term "role player" too much.
  6. Father Pat

    Unloved Unwanted and Underappreciated

    That's a little harsh. He is a two way player on a 6 win team and has had five 20 point games in which were all Grizzly victories. There are worse starting SG's on better teams.
  7. Father Pat

    Unloved Unwanted and Underappreciated

    Thought this thread was going to be about KBM. 😁 (just kidding)
  8. Father Pat

    Best scoring games and team record

    I think what you really mean is that you have decided that certain players are or are not role players so that is fact, which of course is total nonsense. "Role players" in the NBA are NOT among their respective team leaders in field goal attempts, starts and minutes, like Dillon is. Those players are known as "starters". "A role player in basketball is a player on the team who plays a supporting role on the roster. This player usually comes off the bench, and has a specific set of skills that the team requires from them. For example, a role player may be a valuable three-point shooter or a defensive specialist."
  9. Father Pat

    Best scoring games and team record

    ... Dillon is not a role player for the Grizzlies. He is tied for most starts and second for most minutes.
  10. After 20 games (6-14), I took a look at the Grizzlies 10 players with the most minutes played so far, and the teams record for their 5 best scoring efforts. It might mean something or nothing, but is interesting; 5-0 Dillon Brooks. Dillon's 5 best scoring games this season have all resulted in Grizzlies victories. Remarkable. 3-2 Ja, J.V., and Solomon Hill's best scoring efforts resulted in victories more often than not. 2-3 Kyle Anderson, and Marko Guduric 1-4 JJJ, Crowder, Clarke, and T. Jones 0-5 nobody All but 1 of the Grizzlies victories occurred when Dillon had one of his best scoring efforts as opposed to only 1 victory from JJJ's best 5 offensive games. Anything to be read into or just coincidences?
  11. Father Pat

    Player Grades after 5 games

    You left out Bruno... which is probably a good thing for those summer time Bruno fanboys. 😄
  12. Father Pat

    I'm not dead.... Yet

    500 x 389 · jpeg blogspot.com
  13. Father Pat

    A Fond Farewell to Lost Posters

    Grinder is a top notch guy. My wife and I met up with him and his brother about 6 years ago for drinks and a game. Good time, great guy.