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  1. As a Memphis Tiger season ticketholder at that great time of Derrick Rose, I'm glad to see him doing so well with Detroit. When he tore up his knee in garbage time of a playoff game the Bulls had firmly in hand 8 years ago, well, it took him years after many setbacks to get reestablished as a premiere player. When the Pistons play here in 10 days or so, I (as much of the FEF crowd) will give him a nice hand. Then we need to kick their butts.
  2. Hit the red button on your remote and delete it. Nothing to see here. We get back on track tomorrow night in Detroit. *Hopefully* Remember when we lost that game at Golden State by 50 a few years back we won our next game very convincingly.
  3. Hustlin' today. DBrooks is shooting too much
  4. UofMark

    Music playing when game is on the line

    They occasionally break out the Mike Tyson Super Punch Out music which is awesome. I personally could never get past Bald Bull. I honestly wish they'd hire an organist.
  5. UofMark

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Not totally sure why but the Hustle have a Noon game this Friday. I'm very happy to be going.
  6. I appreciate all the time you put into these game posts. I may not post in many of them, but I always look at the lineups and media facts you put up. Thanks.
  7. I sure hope that game is here in Memphis since I have tickets for it. I also hope Houston left some points in Washington.
  8. UofMark

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Of course he will. Coby White had his high scoring game last night and will be woefully more inconsistent than Morant in his rookie season. Be sure and look up White's stats in his biggest college game he ever played........last years NCAA Tourney game vs Auburn.
  9. Didn't Dish recently drop all the Fox regional stations? I still have Directv but dream of the day I'll abandon ship. Of course I still dream about paper tickets, actual parking lot attendants that you hand money to while parking, $3 beers, $1 hot dogs and not emptying your pockets while having a body cavity search just to get in the arena. I guess Bob Dylan was right, 'the times they are a changin'.
  10. UofMark


    Very informative post. I couldn't help but mutter 'geez' when seeing John Wall's contract. What were the Wizards thinking?
  11. UofMark


    CA columnist Mark Gianotto has an interesting column up today: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/columnists/mark-giannotto/2019/03/11/memphis-grizzlies-marc-gasol-mike-conley-joy-convey/3127080002/
  12. UofMark

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    This thread needs to be deleted or locked as it's nothing more than pure trolling. ZERO percent factual.
  13. Their fans are ripping on them pretty hard now, pretty much the same things we'd be saying if we'd not done anything. Appears Hornets bluffed and we called them.
  14. UofMark

    Grizzlies Last in NBA Team Valuations

    The 'bottom' 10 are all pretty much close to the same in value. The thing I thought was interesting was Forbes said 'the Cavs were the only NBA team the last year that lost money'. I always thought those 'Grizz lost 40 bazillion dollars' posts were false'. Now Forbes agrees. Everyone knows all pro sports teams use 'creative' (but legal) accounting practices to shield themselves from taxes. As a small market team, we just have to do it a little more. Also thought it was interesting our revenue per fan was ahead of half the league. The arena management side of the Grizz is doing something right.
  15. So trade a recent great draft pick for a hopeful future great draft pick. Yeah, makes perfect sense.