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  1. UofMark


    CA columnist Mark Gianotto has an interesting column up today: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/columnists/mark-giannotto/2019/03/11/memphis-grizzlies-marc-gasol-mike-conley-joy-convey/3127080002/
  2. UofMark

    Grizzlies to Nashville?!?

    This thread needs to be deleted or locked as it's nothing more than pure trolling. ZERO percent factual.
  3. Their fans are ripping on them pretty hard now, pretty much the same things we'd be saying if we'd not done anything. Appears Hornets bluffed and we called them.
  4. UofMark

    Grizzlies Last in NBA Team Valuations

    The 'bottom' 10 are all pretty much close to the same in value. The thing I thought was interesting was Forbes said 'the Cavs were the only NBA team the last year that lost money'. I always thought those 'Grizz lost 40 bazillion dollars' posts were false'. Now Forbes agrees. Everyone knows all pro sports teams use 'creative' (but legal) accounting practices to shield themselves from taxes. As a small market team, we just have to do it a little more. Also thought it was interesting our revenue per fan was ahead of half the league. The arena management side of the Grizz is doing something right.
  5. So trade a recent great draft pick for a hopeful future great draft pick. Yeah, makes perfect sense.
  6. UofMark

    The grizzlies need to Target 2021

    2021 is the first year that high schoolers are eligible to go straight to the league, unlike today where you have to be 19 or one year removed from your high school senior year. That draft will be incredibly deep. We need to be part of it.
  7. UofMark

    Beg L.H.

    Isn't that exactly what we have right now?
  8. I predict Parsons will play towards the end of the season. According to him, the knee will fell great. He'll go into the offseason on a positive note, come to training camp next year ready to go in the last year of his deal. He'll look good the first week or two, then the soreness will return and he'll be done.
  9. UofMark

    March toward 50 wins - grizzlies edition

    For those of us that *may* have visited a Mississippi sportsbook, 35 is the magic number.
  10. UofMark

    Where's Scooter

    He won the award as the 'only poster I've ever put on ignore'.
  11. You know, technically, all our days are numbered since the day we're born.
  12. UofMark

    Grizz to Seattle?

    Why do people continually overlook the contractual 'right of first refusal' our local owners have to buy Pera out should he decide to sell or move the team? That price would be what Pera has put in the team since his purchase, not some super high price if a Saudi prince wants to buy. The local owners already have 47% of the team. We don't know if they bought more since Pera had to raise many millions to buy out Strauss and Kaplan. I would like to know what the new percentages of ownership are. Maybe someday Pera will tell us. As for Windhorst, since LeBron left, he's gone to pretty much invisible and irrelevant covering a bad NBA team in a market nobody cares about nationally now. He's just another writer who refuses to do his homework on the Grizzlies and spouts the usual nonfactual rhetoric the other NBA writers do. As for Seattle, this talk is only natural since they had the first NBA game (preseason) in their city last night since the Sonics left. It may be a few years but the NBA is drooling over what they could get in expansion fees for a team there.
  13. UofMark

    Preseason basketball thread

    Yeah, here in Memphis on DirecTv ch 674 I was getting the pregame show tonight on the Rockets channel. Of course at 7 the channel went black. Geez. Territorial restrictions shouldn't be in place for freaking exhibition preseason games. It's not like they were broadcasting the secret ingredients to Memphis award winning Huey Burgers or Jack Pirtles chicken.
  14. UofMark

    Misery Index

    Great article. Actually semi-respectful from ESPN. I've always felt pretty solid also. Lot's of enthusiasm going into the season.
  15. UofMark

    Ron Tillery...

    Now closing in on two months since we've heard from Tillery. It's obviously pretty serious whatever's going on. Good luck Ron, wherever you are.