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  1. UofMark

    Grizz May Terminate FEF Lease

    But first the NCAA would sign off on it saying it was fine, everyone was eligible. Then the day of the first game, with no new information, they'd change their minds and say " whoops, not eligible. our bad."
  2. UofMark

    Satellite TV question

    Last Fall Dish TV and the regional sports networks went into a carriage dispute that (I believe) is still ongoing today. It does include the stations that carry the Grizzlies. I, like you, have been a D'TV customer since the late 90's but I'm also weary of ever increasing rates and fees. My bills are high and I have none of the pay movie stations such as HBO. In addition to the Grizzlies, D'TV gives me all the St Louis Cardinals games that are a must, plus, when I'm in the mood, an occasional Nashville Predators NHL game. I know D'TV is constantly losing subscribers and the ones that remain have to make up for it. My kids and their families stream, but when I'm over at their houses, the picture sticks, pixilates, and jumps between hi-def and standard-def. I don't think I could handle that. I, like you, have recently retired. I have to have dependable access to the Grizzlies, Cardinals and occasionally (if I'm intoxicated) the Atlanta Braves. I know I'll eventually get to that tipping point and leave Directv. I'm just not there yet. I've included a link to a story about the Sinclair/Dish dispute. It's from February but I'm not sure it's changed, especially with the only sports on tv being cornhole, ax throwing and rock skipping. https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2020/02/21/dish-remains-open-to-making-deal-with-sinclair-to.html
  3. That group was tough as nails. It really was disheartening to them that they had just crushing losses early in each series. It would have been different if any of these games went our way. We may not have won the series, but it would've been much more competitive. We would have had our 'towel moment' years earlier than 2011. In 2004 Mike Miller missed a wide open game winning shot in game #3 vs the Spurs at The Pyramid. The next season in game #2 at Phoenix, we pretty much lead wire to wire, except the last few minutes when the Suns did all the scoring. Pau pretty much carried us here. Finally the year after that in game #3 vs Dallas at the FEF we scrapped out a 3 point lead in the last seconds. The Mavs missed a free throw we batted around like a hot potato and never could get it. Of course the ball got slapped out to Dirk Nowitzki who buried a 30 footer to force overtime where we rolled over. 0-12 in three seasons. This team deserved better.
  4. I at least always smile on our bad luck this day when the Pistons one upped our misery by taking Darko with 'our' 2nd pick after LeBron. Thank you Pistons.
  5. One of the Texas Western players, Big Daddy Dave Lattin, played for the ABA franchise in Memphis in the early 70's.
  6. Last weekend ESPN ran like 24 hours of 'Basketball, A Love Story'. It was super fascinating stuff. Including much on the ABA I'd never seen before. I attended many of the Memphis ABA games from 1970-75. Really fun times.
  7. Feel bad for all those cities that bid years ago and won parts of this tournament. Also glad the Memphis Regional is next year.
  8. UofMark

    Disappointment in JV Play

    The sudden lack of competent outside shooting has allowed defenders to play one step closer to JV in the low block. That one step makes a huge difference in immediately getting swarmed whenever he gets the ball.
  9. This sure aged well. Remember Kev, the internet is forever
  10. As a Memphis Tiger season ticketholder at that great time of Derrick Rose, I'm glad to see him doing so well with Detroit. When he tore up his knee in garbage time of a playoff game the Bulls had firmly in hand 8 years ago, well, it took him years after many setbacks to get reestablished as a premiere player. When the Pistons play here in 10 days or so, I (as much of the FEF crowd) will give him a nice hand. Then we need to kick their butts.
  11. Hit the red button on your remote and delete it. Nothing to see here. We get back on track tomorrow night in Detroit. *Hopefully* Remember when we lost that game at Golden State by 50 a few years back we won our next game very convincingly.
  12. Hustlin' today. DBrooks is shooting too much
  13. UofMark

    Music playing when game is on the line

    They occasionally break out the Mike Tyson Super Punch Out music which is awesome. I personally could never get past Bald Bull. I honestly wish they'd hire an organist.
  14. UofMark

    Memphis Hustle/G-League thread

    Not totally sure why but the Hustle have a Noon game this Friday. I'm very happy to be going.
  15. I appreciate all the time you put into these game posts. I may not post in many of them, but I always look at the lineups and media facts you put up. Thanks.