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  1. UofMark

    Ron Tillery...

    Now closing in on two months since we've heard from Tillery. It's obviously pretty serious whatever's going on. Good luck Ron, wherever you are.
  2. UofMark

    Ron Tillery...

    Has Ron quit? It's odd we haven't heard anything from him in weeks.
  3. UofMark

    Ron Tillery...

    I agree. Ron has been here since day one. He's been slinging darts ever since. When he used to be on the radio years ago he also constantly threw shade at the University of Memphis and (at the time) the highly ranked hoops program. Not a way to win fans for the paper. He probably needs a fresh start somewhere else. And we sure need a breath of fresh air here for the CA. The Tigers writer, Mark Giannotto did a very good job in Tillery's absence.
  4. Plus the Rockets have Memphian Tarik Black on the team. His high fives as players come off the floor are vastly underrated!
  5. UofMark

    With The 32nd Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Wagner could be the next Nowitzki. Roll the dice and reach for greatness in the 2nd round
  6. UofMark

    With The 32nd Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Moritz Wagner, 6'11" deadeye shooter from Michigan.
  7. He definitely deserves a chance after what the front office put him through this past season. Glad to see this happening.
  8. UofMark

    Pete Pranica calling Playoff Game

    I read his Twitter. Interesting reading from him how Air Canada lost his luggage flying non stop from Memphis to Toronto. https://twitter.com/PetePranica
  9. UofMark

    Pete Pranica calling Playoff Game

    He'll be calling game #3 of the Pelicans-Blazers series from New Orleans tomorrow night also.
  10. UofMark

    Ping pong time.

    We just can't have one or two of the very long shots sneak in and grab the top spots pushing us to 5. That's my greatest fear.
  11. Thank God ESPN just pulled our last national telecast which was April 4th at New Orleans. Hopefully they'll put on some more entertaining YMCA ball. I'm mad, embarrassed and want this season over. On a better note, I did profit $75 on my two tix for tomorrow's Lakers@Grizz game on StubHub. For some reason, there's a really good demand on the secondary market for that game. Maybe it's the Grizz lunchbox giveway.
  12. What's disappointing is occasionally Martin looks like a NBA player. He always seems to play hard, gets to the right spot, and has a nice touch from 10-15 feet. Other times, like last night, he just seems to run around with no purpose. Of course that was pretty much everyone last night.
  13. UofMark

    Robert Pera

    The silence is deafening. Something has to happen soon to stabilize ownership and management. We just can't go into the offseason with so much uncertainty. It's unfair to the players, market and most certainly the ticket buying fans. The term 'throw away season' has never been more true. As a lifelong Memphian and ticket buying fan since day one, I am very angry. Mike Heisley would at least tell you exactly where we stood.
  14. UofMark

    Memphis @ San Antonio 03/05/18

    I feel like that guy on 'Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom' right before they rip his heart out.
  15. UofMark

    Train Station In Memphis

    No, it's actually in a 'hipster, gentrified' part of town. Very cool with lot's of bars and restaurants.