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  1. grizzknob

    current rotation and needed adjustments

    0% seems wrong. There were a number of games early in the season when Clarke started next to Anderson and Valanciunas. Anderson was definitely playing SF in those lineups imo. BBall reference apparently has Clarke as the SF for those minutes, I don't agree with that. That said, I would say Anderson is probably best as a PF in a vacuum. That doesn't mean he might not also be the starting SF in our best lineup given the rest of the roster
  2. It's official if we could have closed out that game against Dallas we'd be tied for 6th right now. Sorry still having trouble getting over that one it still stings.
  3. **** if we'd beaten Dallas we'd be playing for 6th place tomorrow night. Getting to 6th still isn't out of the question but is much harder now.
  4. Grayson is playing well and I'm happy for him. But citing defense as a reason to play him (with Ja) over Melton doesn't really hold water imo. There is no sized player that Melton doesn't defend better overall than Grayson.
  5. grizzknob

    Predict the Month of April Record

    Man we're a few made free throws away from being 9-1 on the month. 7-3 still pretty good. Nice to at least be playing generally well going into this tough stretch of games.
  6. grizzknob

    What Will Be the New Starting Rotation?

    I would vote for Ja/Melton/Kyle/JJJ/Jonas to start. But there have been no indications that Melton will actually be considered to start when healthy despite his high level of play, so it's not what I expect to actually happen, just what I think should happen. I think maybe they go with Ja/Dillon/Kyle/JJJ/Jonas. Don't really think Kyle will be removed from the starting lineup given his consistent production this year. Bench rotation gets interesting, I'd go for Tyus/Melton/Grayson/Bane/Clarke, but staggering with starters so that Kyle and Dillon shift to PF and SF with some mostly bench units. Winslow when healthy I'm not sure deserves minutes over the guys in front of him but might be given them anyways. Could see a healthy Melton getting squeezed again which would imo be kinda maddening.
  7. grizzknob


    It's all super subjective, but to me Ja's jump shot doesn't look as broken as Winslow's, so I still think he can make at least a Kyle-like improvement from 3, if not a Melton leap. But perimeter shooting is definitely a wildcard for Ja and will have a big impact on his ultimate ceiling, obviously.
  8. grizzknob


    Aside from the injuries (obviously a major problem), I was bothered by just the visual of Winslow's outside shot. It doesn't look good at all imo, doesn't give me high hopes for him improving significantly as a shooter. Melton by contrast, I thought his shot looked fairly technically sound even last year (plus he was only 21), so had hopes he could improve his % with time, although this level of improvement from him wasn't that reasonable to expect. Just don't have that kind of hope for Justice's shot long term, and it's a problem.
  9. The big I’m most intrigued by (Other than Mobley) is Alperen Segun. Tankathon has him top 10 but a lot of other mocks seem to have him in the later parts of the first round. Looks like a talented post scorer with good efficiency, gets some assists/steals/blocks too. Could become a player with some similar strengths to Valanciunas. If he does drop into our draft range, he’d be an interesting bpa type pick imo.
  10. If we hold onto 8th and win a play in game, that could knock us down to 18th or 19th pick this year, since 8th in west could have a better record than the bottom few East playoff seeds. We’d currently be 18th. Curuous who might still be there then or what kind of trade up options might be available. Will be hard to know these things with much certainty until closer to the draft.
  11. grizzknob


    In theory if he develops well, Wagner could combine similar solid D and secondary playmaking to Winslow with a better jump shot (and be cheaper during his rookie deal,)Just a passing thought that I had.
  12. grizzknob

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I think Brogdon could make considerable sense for this team. I also think he probably isn’t actually realistically available, unfortunately. I also hear the need for depth for the upcoming schedule, although if we lost one wing (net) in a deal the FO believes in, it wouldn’t be disastrous. Konchar would be fine in a ~15 mpg rotation slot if needed imo and he’s currently collecting DNPs. Actually same can be said for bigs with Tillman (or Dieng If he isn’t moved or bought out).
  13. grizzknob

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I mean if we hypothetically traded for Van Vleet he'd definitely be starting next to Ja, he's been starting next to Lowry at SG for 2 years, it works fine. Don't think FVV is available though.
  14. grizzknob

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Powell had a good season last year too on a successful Raptors team. 16 ppg in 28.5 mpg on the same gaudy 49.5 fg% and 40% from 3. He's had a few more offensive explosions this season but I took notice of him last year for sure. If Grizz do trade for him, should probably be with last season's level of play from Powell in mind as a base line you would be ok with for what you give up, and then if he exceeds that like he has lately this season then it's all gravy. I do think the multiple 1st round picks for him is too much. Would be amenable to including the Utah pick though potentially.
  15. grizzknob

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    Ooh, I'm on board trying to make a move for Powell.