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  1. grizzknob

    Grizzlies sign Kenneth Lofton Jr. on Two-Way Deal

    I’m not sure today’s nba leaves a lot of room for a 6’7” post player anymore, but I’ll definitely be rooting for him. He has some skills for sure and I imagine will be a fan favorite.
  2. grizzknob

    DeAnthony Melton Appreciation Thread

    I'll miss De'Anthony on the team. He fits pretty well as a 6th man for Philly, backing up Maxey and Harden. We'll likely get to see if he continues to struggle in the playoffs with them, or if Jenkins perhaps had too short a leash for him come playoff time.
  3. grizzknob

    Issues Accessing the Boards

    Me too. First time in a month +, not even sure how long. Hope it doesn't revert back.
  4. grizzknob

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I like Hartenstein quite a bit, but agree that he makes more sense if there are other plans to move Adams.
  5. I was rooting for Eason too. But LaRavia imo rates to be a pretty useful role player. Efficient from both 2 and 3, good passer, capable defender who can generate some stocks. Like the pickup for sure.
  6. grizzknob

    David Roddy? 260 pound small forward??

    Klieman / the FO I’m sure were aware of the concerns many had on Roddy being able to guard on the perimeter and I assume concluded that they were overblown and/or could be addressed with some nba conditioning. I hope they/re right, because he has a lot of other things going for him skills wise.
  7. Seems to me like Moore and Jalen Williams have some similarities in skill set, potential role and frame/body type. I’d be good with picking up either, although trading up a bit to take Eason is still something I’m hoping for the most.
  8. grizzknob

    Issues Accessing the Boards

    Im not overly tech savvy so to me, can’t load the page and can’t access the site seem like the same thing lol. I’m back home and turned off WiFi on my cell to be able to access the site. But desktop gives a “This site can’t be reached’ message. I tried accessing with what is suggested above and same message, so neither works. At least now I know I can access on my phone if I turn WiFi off and use cellular data. But that’s still annoying and I would hope it could be resolved somehow at some point.
  9. grizzknob

    Issues Accessing the Boards

    This is the first time in weeks I’ve been able to access the boards, and I happen to be at someone else’s place and using cell data. Didn’t know I needed to even try that, I just thought the site was down the whole time. So I guess my home WiFi that I use on my phone and also my desktop which isn’t on WiFi but connected via Ethernet cable both just can’t/ won’t load the boards for unknown reasons? That’s disappointing.
  10. I think Eason has some really interesting potential upside honestly. Think he has a higher best case scenario than the general consensus seems to view for him.
  11. I do like Koloko. If we go for a C on draft night It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was him.
  12. grizzknob

    Offseason Moves and Plans

    I also don't think those trade proposals are even legal. Also no way AD comes that cheap.
  13. Dillon probably does see himself as a Jimmy Butler type. If he could take strides to understanding quality shot creation / selection like Butler, that would be amazing.
  14. grizzknob

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Not a big fan of Rui's game (even when healthy) honestly.
  15. I think the Grizzlies are obligated to pass on anyone named Baldwin on draft night for at least a few more years.