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  1. grizzknob

    Roster Moves

    Hopefully we won't need Whiteside on the court so long as there is still mutual interest in JV, but even then, do we need that $2M difference this year for anything much? If we were going to buy out Parsons, why not just do the deal and buy out Whiteside instead and pocket the pick?
  2. grizzknob

    Summer League Signings

    It also may have helped that the grizzlies don’t really have any established nba starters or recent lottery picks at SG. There is some potential oppottunity there for him.
  3. grizzknob

    Summer League Signings

    Depends on what you're looking for, but there are some here if you scroll down:
  4. grizzknob

    Summer League Signings

    I think Konchar is interesting and well worth a flyer on a 2 way deal. If you play at a school that small, you've really got to kill it to be worth a look but apparently this guy did, so why not see how well it might translate? Beyond that, I have 2 thoughts about this relating to the new Front Office, and how it reveals a couple things about things are operating after the restructuring. 1) I noticed this was announced within a couple of hours after the draft. To me this signifies the new FO was really on top of the ball. They had worked through the possibilities and already identified a guy they wanted on their open 2-way deal and wasted no time making it happen. Prepared to move with quick, definitive action, I like it. A good sign of things to come I hope. 2) Between this and the Brandon Clarke pickup in the draft, it seems clear there is a strong analytics component to this FO's evaluation process. Both Clarke and Konchar are analytics / advanced stats standouts. I am generally pro analytics so I'm happy with this.
  5. grizzknob

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Had to dust off my old account here to say that I loved the Grizz' draft last night. Ja is exciting, he was the straightforward pick but I'm glad they hung up when people came calling for the #2 pick and didn't mess it up. Really like Brandon Clarke too., I was thrilled when they moved up to grab him.
  6. grizzknob

    Roster Moves

    He played in 75 games last year (across 3 teams)
  7. grizzknob

    Welcome Matt Barnes

    Not that it means a ton, but real plus minus happens to have rated Barnes higher on both ends of the floor than Pierce last year.
  8. grizzknob

    Nice Article From

    Yeah I think you just read a whole heck of a lot into that article that wasn't even there. Here are some direct quotes: "The Grizzlies... maybe(sic) the best team in the Western conference..." "The Grizzlies match up well with the Warriors and may be able to grit and grind their way past the Spurs" "The Grizz plays well against the sexy teams, the Warriors and the Clippers. They probably will overpower the Blazers and the Mavericks. And they have multiple guys to slow down James Harden." "if they can avoid the Spurs, the Grizzlies might be the safest bet to make the NBA Finals out of a crazy Western Conference. Then again, even if they have to go through the Spurs, this year might be the Grizzlies' time." How you get from that to your interpretation that he doesn't think the Grizzlies are really an elite team in the West is beyond me.
  9. grizzknob

    Grizzlies @ Clippers - 2/23/2015

    This was true and a bit frustrating, BUT, at least they rectified it on that one play, getting it to Marc to go to work on Hawes and spacing so that the only logical help had to come from Lee's man.
  10. grizzknob

    Grizzlies @ Trail Blazers - 2/22/2015

    Tony Allen just smothering Lillard down the stretch was very fun to watch. Good win. :-)
  11. grizzknob

    Grizzlies @ Trail Blazers - 2/22/2015

    I worry about how such a long lay-off will affect our guys in this first game back. It's going to be hard to be 100% sharp in this one.
  12. grizzknob

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    I've got a friend that's a big Spurs fan. He told me that the big thing lacking that no one seems to be talking about for the Spurs is Tony Parker. Said he's been crap all year, and if he doesn't improve, the Spurs can't win more than a round in the playoffs. He said Conley would destroy Parker in TP's current state.
  13. I love the insights from TA in this article about the little things he thinks about that make him such a great defender. It's no blind luck he's right there in that passing lane, or that the attempted pick doesn't quite work at separating him from his man at all, or that something as simple as a dribble handoff can turn into a turnover if it's to TA's man and he knows it's coming. Good stuff.
  14. grizzknob

    Who You Want To Get The Most Minutes Off The Bench

    1. TA 2. Udrih 3. KK 4. Calathes 5. JA 6. Leuer others - not unless injuries or blowouts occur.
  15. grizzknob

    Josh Smith Waived

    Stop bringing in logic to the situation! Some people want to dream of TJones you should let them, regardless of it having a lower chance of happening than them being struck by lightning on Christmas Day.