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  1. grizzknob

    Grizzly starters to begin the season?

    I think Kyle is closer to a lock to start than Adams personally. Adams probably does start to start the season more likely than not though, so Ja/Dillon/Kyle/JJJ/Adams I don’t expect heavy minutes from Adams, maybe 20-24 mpg, and he definitely doesn’t close games. Most likely closing lineup right now to me is Ja/Bane/Brooks/Kyle/JJJ. As the season goes along, if Jaren is showing legitimate improvement in rebounding rate and foul rate and is looking good in his C minutes I could see the switch being made with Adams being moved to the bench. I do think Jaren at C is the long term plan.
  2. grizzknob

    Grizz Summer League

    Looks like they’re keeping Merrill for the season, good to see. I’m assuming based on his contract that is fully guaranteed as of the end of this weekend, so would be pretty awkward to not pick that up and still put / keep him on the summer league roster.
  3. grizzknob

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I liked Merrill as a 2nd round prospect in the '20 draft. Elite shooting profile in college. Hope we keep him around as an end of roster guy, but I guess we'll see soon, contract is fully guaranteed if we don't cut him before Sunday right? It was hard to construct a rotation where all 3 of Bane, Melton and Grayson got consistent minutes, and I certainly understand the FO prioritizing Bane and Melton over Grayson long term, that would have been my conclusion as well.
  4. grizzknob

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Utah Blue 8/3/21

    Heh Konchar putting up a very Konchar-esque box score, 6 points, 7 rebs, 5 assists, 4 blocks, 2 steals.
  5. grizzknob

    Grade the Draft

    I looked and from quick scan, they are ok but not jump off the page great, especially considering the lower level of competition. Konchar for example imo had clearly better advanced stats profile, and he was undrafted (albeit a good 2-way contract pickup initially). I’m honestly not seeing what made Sant worth Trading up to a 1st round pick for. especially over someone like Jared Butler who was also available.
  6. grizzknob

    Grade the Draft

    I’ve liked most things the FO has done for the last 2+ years. Definitely loved the Ja/Clarke and Bane/Tillman drafts on draft night. I had thought the FO was at least in part analytics driven and was using that to aid in making a series of good decisions I just think the FO went away from that entirely tonight and made some bad decisions. It’s so jarring that I’m having a hard time believing it’s the same front office behind the decision making. It just seems like a complete 180 in mindset and given that I thought they were on to something before, I very much don’t think the moves and picks tonight were good ones. Maybe I’ll turn out to be wrong.
  7. Jared Butler is a steal at 40 of course he was drafted with the pick we gave up to chase a worse prospect (imo) at pick 30. so disappointed in this draft.
  8. grizzknob

    Grade the Draft

    I mean, I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m grading based on what I thought prior to the draft, I have to give the Zaire pick an F. I thought I was familiar with most 2nd round prospects, but didn’t come across Aldama at all. Can’t give that a good grade either, not sure why we needed to trade up and give 2 additional 2nd round picks for him at all. Hope I’m wrong.
  9. What a waste of a draft night. FO, I don’t even know who you are anymore.
  10. Jared Butler was medically cleared, correct? Why is he still on the board? I actually thought r for a sec that we had traded up for him instead of someone I never heard of.
  11. Man I thought I had a read on this FO and liked what I thought I knew about their approach. Now I have no idea, tonight has come completely out of left field for me.
  12. I sure hope that the idea that his college season was a fluke and should be disregarded completely has something to it. Fun fact: On Tankathon he had a Box plus minus of 0.3 and an offensive box plus minus of -1.2. I don’t remember seeing any prospect with numbers that bad in those categories for the several years I’ve been frequenting that site looking at draft prospects.
  13. Zaire is the polar opposite of everything this FO has done for 2+ years. If this isn’t for a trade I am so confused.
  14. Ja is probably just reacting to the Westbrook trade.