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  1. grizzknob

    Free agency 2020

    Modern nba centers often aren't "nailed down in the paint under the basket." Seems a bit like 90s era thinking honestly. Just saying.
  2. grizzknob

    Kyle vs Bruno

    A lot if this is and should be fluid, dependent on what is going on when the team actually starts playing games, in my opinion. That said, as of now between only the 2 options presented I'd take Kyle. Kyle's lack of 3 point shooting is not a perfect fit in the starting lineup but it doesn't mean he can't be useful as a starter. There is value in starting your best perimeter defender (Kyle) to guard the opponent's best perimeter offensive player, imo (we'll call it the Tony Allen principle). I also just happen to think Kyle is just a better overall player right now, and a more natural SF, than Bruno, and I have hopes than Kyle's high BBIQ, combined with hopefully good health and some smart coaching from Jenkins can help mitigate the fit issues some. Bruno to me is best utilized as a PF not SF. He's also still green / inconsistent enough that I'd prefer to continue to develop him off the bench, and let him try to take advantage of those comparatively easier match-ups. I envision the majority of the time JV is not in the game we'll end up seeing 2 of JJJ/Clarke/Bruno at the 4/5 positions, with Plumlee or whoever the backup C is only seeing minutes situationally. I think that could be a pretty good spot for Bruno to develop this season.
  3. grizzknob

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I can't point to anything explicit said by the FO or coach Jenkins, but reading between the lines, I honestly don't think the team wants a back up C who expects to play like 20 minutes every night. I think they want JJJ to play a bunch of the backup C minutes, whenever JV sits and there isn't a Marjonovic-type center in there. This would open up more time at PF for Clarke, Bruno, Crowder, and possibly Anderson. Still have a big body off the bench if needed, but it will only be needed sometimes and in some games. Even if Dwight might be ok in a backup role at this point, I don't see how he would possibly be ok with picking up DNP-coach's decisions half the games. Plumlee is a much better fit for the more limited, matchup driven role I think the team envisions for that roster spot. Just my 2 cents.
  4. FWIW KBM I was going offf of this for Tyus’ deal. I believe it’s the most updated info we have.
  5. No, they didn’t. grizzlies didn’t eevn have more than the MLE to offer, and even with incentives, Tyus would be making slightly less this year than last years mle signing Kyle Anderson, and Tyus’ deal is declining year to year.
  6. Obviously Tyus is the backup pg. I think chances are good that he also plays 5-10 mpg at SG alongside Ja. T’Wolves played Tyus with Rose a decent bit last year. Lots of teams with decent pg options do that these days. How much SG Tyus plays may also depend some on the quality of play some of our other unproven guys are able to bring at SG.
  7. That announcer was unlinstenable. I almost never mute because of announcing, but I did with him. Awful.
  8. Tyus and Delon are similar level players imo. Tyus a bit younger, and we did get 2 2nd round picks for Delon.
  9. Stro with a high BBIQ maybe.
  10. Looking forward, one if the things I like a ton is, when other teams go small ball, we can just roll out Clarke and JJJ at PF/C. We'll be able to defend those smallball lineups and still attack them on offense down low.
  11. Clarke with the 3! Looked like a decent stroke!
  12. grizzknob

    Kris Dunn possible sign and trade

    I agree with this. Would prefer Tyus + 2 2nd rounders to Delon, and I like Delon. I just like Tyus too. Similar level players imo.
  13. grizzknob

    Kris Dunn possible sign and trade

    I like Tyus a lot. Underused in Minny imo. Advanced stats like him, which is a recurring theme with this new FO.
  14. grizzknob

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Not really sure what the FO is thinking, but it is possibly worth noting that Kelly Oubre is still out there as RFA. Letting Delon go means it's maybe more feasible financially to make a play for him.
  15. grizzknob

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    I would have liked to have kept Delon, but am ok with the 2 2nd round picks. I wonder if we might still make a play for Tyus Jones.