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  1. ItIsWhatItIs

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    The big has to give the wing defender enough time to recover either by shutting off the drive and/or hedging to hold up the ball handler and recovering to his man. Of course that's a hard thing to do but that's what the elite pnr defensive bigs do. JV just doesn't have the ability to do it. Besides, in the playoffs teams matchup hunt the weakest link and spam it repeatedly. Jazz hunted Jonas because he's the weak link on defense. Same as when Grayson came in and was targeted immediately. Or last year in the playin when Lillard/McCollum had whoever Ja was covering set the pick to get the switch. JV is a solid top 10-15 center, but you don't adjust rosters to accommodate them. JV will run out his contract to keep us afloat and then be the 1st big off the bench which is his best fit. I mean we already saw JV get replaces by the Raptors, what's the point of arguing when we already know how the story turned out before
  2. ItIsWhatItIs

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    every team does drop coverage PNR until it matters in the postseason because you can't just let Mitchell, Lillard, Booker, Doncic, Durant, etc. just walk into open 3 pointers. Did you see the Nets/Bucks game 3 where Milwaukee finally adjusted and made Lopez at least try to show on the PNR's in that must win 4th quarters? Out of the teams that are still in the playoffs, the only starting centers that are poor on PNR defense is Jokic, but he's so monstrous on the offensive end he cancels it out/stays a positive, and Zubac who had to be benched in the Dallas series b/c Doncic hunted him to death. Even last year, the two Finals teams were the Lakers/Heat who have Davis/Bam who do it all defensively. Yes, Grayson and Ja are bad defenders but big defense matters way more (anchor of the defense anyone?) And JV is a role player, you don't adjust to a role players weakness. Jonas is a regular season star, postseason role player like a lot of guys. He's good for the length of his current contract tho, nice stop gap until we get our real guy to take us to the next level.
  3. Hot take: I think Atlanta is actually pretty close to being maxed out for the next 3 years or so, 4/5 and a 2nd round exit looks about right for their ceiling. They have some expensive contracts already with Gallo/Bogdanovic/Capela (not saying any of these guys are bad) and now they have the decision to make with John Collins where you extend him and end up in cap hell or let him go. I see them in the same spot as us where they either have to consolidate their assets for another star or sign a top 25 difference maker.
  4. ItIsWhatItIs

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    Giannis (2x MVP, DPOY, top 5-7 player in the NBA) gets criticized for his lack of his jumper in the playoffs but we can't talk about Jonas terrible PnR defense when it matters, come on now. I just don't understand why people want to put their heads in the sand about this. Jonas is a good stop gap and he's good for the time being to take us to the 4/5 spot, nothing wrong with having that opinion.
  5. Mitchell might be an actual superstar
  6. ItIsWhatItIs

    Jaren Jackson the X factor

    Naw, the best defenders are the best because they defend without fouling. If you look at guys like Simmons, Giannis, Capela or Gobert, they average around 2.5 -3 fouls per game for their career. Even look at the Grind father in his Memphis career was 2.5 fouls in 25 minutes. Jaren averages 4 FPG in just 26 minutes and fouls out per 36 minutes. Fouling is bad defense and gives away free points, Draymond doesn't do that. For Brooks in particular to take the next step from above average to elite defender, he's going to have to cut his fouls back a bit. Some of that is gonna be ref help but the larger part has to be less bonehead plays. I'm less confident in Jaren fixing his fouling issues. People overrate his athleticism big time. He reaches in so much because he has bad footwork/lateral quickness/high center of gravity. Also how can he have 1st option offensive potential with that Mario fireball release?
  7. ItIsWhatItIs

    Grizzlies/NBA trade deadline 2021 and beyond

    I can't believe we're still talking about Wiggins and Fournier in 2021
  8. ItIsWhatItIs

    JV career playoff stats...starter or role player?

    It's not a question, they'll move on from him when they have a good replacement lined up just like Toronto did. People on this board can keep their head in the sand as much as they want but our FO is smart. They know we'd be much better with a "fully realized" JJJ or a Capela type at the 5 spot. The good news is JV is a good stop gap while the young core develops and we can dump him or reduce to a bench role when the time is right.
  9. ItIsWhatItIs

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 5/31/21

    Brooks gotta pass more, he's not hot so let the others set the table
  10. ItIsWhatItIs

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 5/31/21

    I feel like Jackson changed his shot to make it worse, it's not just a rust issue imo
  11. ItIsWhatItIs

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 5/31/21

    Jenkins challenge decisions make no sense
  12. ItIsWhatItIs

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 5/31/21

    Jaren has a high center of gravity and is too top heavy, I don't see him ever getting smooth on the court.
  13. ItIsWhatItIs

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 5/31/21

    Allen and Bane are bringing it today
  14. ItIsWhatItIs

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 5/31/21

    JV stinks on the pick n roll defense, argue with your mama JV stans