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  1. ItIsWhatItIs

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    Why do you think the team is trying so hard to convey the pick? Because they're scared of giving up the 17th pick in the draft in 2021? Be serious.
  2. ItIsWhatItIs

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    Mike is never going to make an all star game. McCollum and DeRozan didn't even make the team and their teams are winning. Mike is stat padding on an awful team. Jv is what, 7 years in. He'll never make it. In 2 or 3 years jv and Mike won't even be on the team.
  3. ItIsWhatItIs

    Do we have a playoff contending roster?

    Spurs have two all-star caliber players, Memphis has zero
  4. Lol, losing at the end is what bad teams do, they find a way to mess up. The Grizzlies plan is to convey because they expect to be terrible the next two years. No need for conley if we convey this year.
  5. Conley not worth two 1sts, are you guys crazy. Should definitely get an Ingram, Lonzo or brown tho
  6. ItIsWhatItIs

    Memphis Grizzlies at Dallas Mavericks - 3/2/19

    Caboclo might be a James Johnson type pick up. He has been a bum in his career so far but he's been good.
  7. After seeing Russell become an all star and Randle light it up in NO, we must hope the Lakers need a real pg this summer. Get one of their young guys that they've misused and thrive
  8. BS This is the result of the win now mentality, kicking the can down the road, never trying to reload and letting guys walk away for nothing or not trading until they're low value. People have been warning about this being the end result for the last 5 years
  9. Is this team even worth watching? I don't even post that much anymore because you can't really expect anything from these guys so you can't be mad at them.
  10. Val can't be physical or go hard without breaking his glass body. His reaction to his dislocated thumb and how much time he missed, not good.
  11. Jevon Carter is your typical bad Chris Wallace pick.
  12. ItIsWhatItIs

    Free Ivan Rabb

    But there are coaches who can ruin things and make things much worse too. Guys like Byron Scott make you worse. Hollins was never that bad but he certainly had qualities that were bad and they were the reason he did so awful in Brooklyn in addition to the talent level.
  13. ItIsWhatItIs

    Free Ivan Rabb

    The Clippers were playing Reggie Evans at backup c and a raw DeAndre Jordan, no reason to even play a backup C. I think the Brooklyn stint exposed him for what he is.
  14. ItIsWhatItIs

    Free Ivan Rabb

    Yeah, Hollins played Mayo at PG and Bledsoe took his lunch in one of the earlier games. I looked up the Haddadi minutes on the play by play. He entered 2:57 left in the 3rd with Memphis up 3, left the game at 11:08 of the 4th with Memphis down 4. An ATG coaching mistake. We lost the Clips series because of bad coaching.
  15. ItIsWhatItIs

    Free Ivan Rabb

    I can't remember the specifics either but I think he didn't stagger the starters good enough. We lost that game 7 in that stretch tho. I want to say we had Cunningham, Arenas, Mayo and QPon on the floor for a decent stretch in that 4th quarter start.