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  1. ItIsWhatItIs

    Crowder had 16 & 6 in the Miami upset win?

    We will get a big FA in the Ja era if our core develops like it should.
  2. ItIsWhatItIs

    Crowder had 16 & 6 in the Miami upset win?

    I wish JJJ would become more Bam instead of the like Lauri Markanen/Porzingis type it looks like he's on
  3. we have very good assets, Clarke for sure is a big one. Jaren again is another big one potentially
  4. I'm just listing a guy, not necessarily a target. The strategic move is to do nothing major in the offseason which I expect us to do, I think the FO realizes what our holes are and is realistic. I expect us to fall back next year, only way we improve is through tremendous internal improvement from our young guys. I think the FO will see how we'll start the season and see if Jaren/Clarke/Morant improve and react from there. I think the FO's trying to get that 2nd guy for Ja with that likely top 10 pick Some of you guys I think are wanting us to make a move just to make one.
  5. I have playoff reactions as well and how they relate to Grizzlies issues. (No order of importance) Coaching is a huge factor into why teams lose in the playoffs. People on this board always poopoo this point for whatever reason and it's nonsense. Coaches refusing to make adjustments (Snyder not switching the defense on Murray until game 7, Malone not tightening his rotation until later in the series, Budenholzer not adjusting his defensive scheme vs Miami). It's absolute nonsense how many coaches refuse to adjust and stick with "what got them there" instead. In the NFL, you would never see a good coach say "this team sucks at pass defense/is elite at rush defense but we're a running team so we're gonna keep running it." It will be interesting to see how Jenkins develops as a coach and if the things he does poorly improve over time or are detrimental flaws he has. For example, not challenging the foul call against Grayson Allen in the Blazers play in game was a killer. The great coaches need to be able to make in game adjustments and control the tempo of the game through subs, challenges, TO's, etc. and those are things that Jenkins did not do well in his first season. To his credit, he played Morant 43 minutes in the play in game. It will be interesting to see if Jenkins becomes more of a Nick Nurse/Spoelstra or a Quinn Snyder/Billy Donovan/Mike Budenholzer type. Your best players need a mid range game against these elite defensive teams. You can even see it with players as good as Giannis and Harden, teams are gonna run you off the 3 point line and clog the paint when it's winning time. This is why Kawhi is such a killer in the postseason, can see it with Anthony Davis as well where he's unstoppable if the mid range is going. It will be just as important for Morant to perfect his floater, pull up middy as his 3 point shot. Same thing with Jaren Jackson, what he does now ain't gonna work it all. Work on a turnaround jumper out of the post, please. Depth is for the regular season, overrated in the postseason. Like mentioned previously, good coaches are tightening the rotation in the postseason and playing their top guys 40ish minutes when necessary. Some role players also obviously get shook in the postseason (Eric Bledsoe) and they're not playing against bench players as much like in the regular season. This is why you guys still talking about adding 3+D players or trying to draft some sleepers late in the draft is weird to me. The guys we have currently are good enough if they're playing the appropriate role tbh. What we're missing now is that #2 guy like a Bradley Beal or the #3 if Jaren becomes better. Perennial all-star talent is the hole we're missing right now whether it's through an acquisition or a Clarke becoming a Siakam type. I don't think guys like Oubre or Heild are the answer for this. If your best player is able to play small ball 5 effectively, they have to. Obviously it depends on matchups but it gives you more flexibility both offensively and defensively. It sounds like Anthony Davis finally realized this after 8 years in the NBA. Budenholzer not doing this with Giannis in the Heat series is idiotic. Jaren has to be comfortable and good playing the 5 which means he has to exponentially improve his terrible rebounding. Smaller pg's usually get clamped in the playoffs because opposing teams end up putting their best defensive wing on them. Chris Paul fell apart at the end of game 7 when Houston put their biggest guy on him. Clippers will put George/Kawhi on Murray when the situation demands it. Brown/Tatum have made things supremely difficult on Lowry/VanVleet. This was also a glaring issue in that 2014 series vs Spurs when Kawhi was the primary defender on Conley and become terrible. I do not believe that Jaren will be able to create for himself, but he would be the answer if he can. Other than that, we need a taller wing guy that does not allow teams to put their best guy on Ja. That means again to me, a guy like Beal and not someone like McCollum.
  6. Starting to be a little concerned about Jenkins coaching abilities. Playing too many people and slow to make adjustments were big problems for him this season. All these Popovich guys like Budenholzer, Atkinson, Q Snyder have this issue. Might just be a bad thing from the Pop tree
  7. Man conley was horrific tonight, really good trade getting clarke and allen essentially
  8. ItIsWhatItIs

    Luka Doncic is the Best Player in the NBA...Period

    Giannis is the best player in the NBA, everybody but me is wrong
  9. Should trade jjj for D Mitch
  10. if you luck into a top 4 pick you trade it and BC for Beal. I don't think we'll do anything, FO will count on internal improvement from everyone
  11. ItIsWhatItIs

    Play In Game Thread Portland vs Memphis

    Ja's turnovers were inexperience I think, can't try those when it's winning time
  12. ItIsWhatItIs

    Play In Game Thread Portland vs Memphis

    Clarke didn't have to help at all on that imo
  13. ItIsWhatItIs

    Play In Game Thread Portland vs Memphis

    Ja had too many bad turnovers in the 4th
  14. ItIsWhatItIs

    Play In Game Thread Portland vs Memphis

    Nutkic looks gassed, might be running on E
  15. ItIsWhatItIs

    Play In Game Thread Portland vs Memphis

    There's no way they can reverse that