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  1. Gman1

    Happy Holidays to Everyone

    Came out of lurking to wish Grizzlies fans young and old *cough* Chip *cough* a Merry Christmas.
  2. Gman1

    Happy Holidays to Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all.
  3. Gman1

    Happy Holidays to Everyone

    Anyone that has been on the boards for any period of time would be able to guess this, although I had you pegged as a Colt45 kind of guy.
  4. Gman1

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    There has been a Gasol on the team since they moved to Memphis. It will be weird not seeing a Gasol on the court. He gets to reunite with another former Grizz in Lowry. Thanks for all that you brought to the Grizzlies and the city of Memphis!
  5. Clicked on the preview link and noticed that Carmelo is still listed on the Rockets roster. I guess it takes more than 45 days to update a website. Hopefully the Rockets play as slow so the Grizzlies can GaG a NYE W.
  6. I am with you on the scoreboard watching, even this early in the season with a lot of teams bunched together. Hard to bet against Houston or San Antonio making the playoffs but who do you count out? It seems that the Pelicans, Clippers, Twolves and potentially the Mavs are good bets to fade with the Mavs one year away. With teams tightly bunched, this could be the year where it closer to .500 getting in but I would think 44 wins will do it.
  7. Game 2 of a 3 game road trip sandwiched between Houston and San Antonio. Not sure we can count on the Celtics overlooking the Grizzlies but maybe a few too many ribs in the off day will help make their play sluggish.
  8. Gman1

    It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    Just curious but does Gasol's level of play go up when Conley returns?
  9. Gman1

    Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    But I probably need to keep an eye on Chip, eh?!
  10. Gman1

    Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    I am not sure. Been away from the boards for too long myself. I plan to be more active this coming season. Let me know if I need to put the smack down on anyone!
  11. Gman1

    Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    This guy projects the Grizz at 35 wins and missing the playoffs. While the West got stronger in the off season, are the Grizzlies really that bad? Barely ahead of the Lakers and tied with the Mavs in this guys rankings?
  12. Gman1

    Nut Heads IV

    . Chip, you have been called worse than a big nut on these boards. LOL.
  13. Gman1

    Nut Heads IV

    So this thread is 8 years old. Is it time for a Nut roll call? Curious where the Nuts from back in the day are at.
  14. Gman1

    Nut Heads IV

    Season is about to start, must be time to scratch the itch. I predict the Grizzlies will start better than 10 - 15 this season.
  15. Gman1

    Nut Heads IV

    More lurking than posting but the nutcracker is always within reach in case I need some nuts to go with a cold beer!