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  1. So we’re talking about starting a dude that’s shooting 38% from the field? That’s the type of tanking I’m not tryna watch. Dillion is boom or bust with a lot more bust than boom. 8th man material, even on this team.
  2. Dillon Brooks is a Quintessential irrational confidence guy. Problem is he doesn’t have the skill to back it up. It’s almost a bad thing that he scored so many points last game, cause now he shots every time he touches the ball. grayson for the start.
  3. The 2nd part yes. First part, not so much
  4. King Dork

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    It’s plenty of 15 mil a year dudes coming off the bench in the league. This season is about building, not winning games. I’m down for JV being the 1st big off the bench, killing backup bigs, because he certainly can’t guard most starters. We’ll lose a bunch in a fun way, get a high pick and pick LaMelo or James and take off from there.
  5. King Dork


    Bottom line we traded him cause he’s trash with 2 trash knees and the fan base didn’t want to see him in a grizzlies uniform again.
  6. King Dork

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    They can’t keep Bogdan and Buddy unless they’re trying to get into the tax without a playoff team
  7. King Dork

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    They have a lot of dudes to pay. That’s the only reason I say do it. BI this year Lonzo and Josh Hart next year and a few others in the mix. Make them make that decision
  8. King Dork

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    Brandon Ingram! Max him and watch him drop 20 a game off Ja assists.
  9. I motion to elevate Grayson from scrub to legit prospect and demote Dillon Brooks to scrub. Also I motion we complain they didn’t trade him last year for Kelly Oubre Jr. Looks worse and worse by the second
  10. Sling just dropped fox sports. Idk if that affected FS southeast or not.
  11. Unless you log on with an Apple TV that doesn’t tell league pass where you live, which is what I do. Don’t ask how I did it, I don’t know lol.
  12. As long as he gets buckets I’m down with him kicking dudes every now and then. Half JJ Reddick, half 3 ninjas kickback
  13. King Dork

    Free agency 2020

    Ain’t no prime Shaq’s Walking through that door. Dude was a once in a lifetime type of human specimen, nothing like him before him or since. And dudes don’t practice in the post anymore, every big man thinks their KD these days.
  14. King Dork

    Free agency 2020

    And how many of these real Centers are there in the league now? JV is a dying breed. 5’s shoot js