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  1. King Dork

    Should we Trade JV????

    If you trade him will you get similar production? Nope. so, no.
  2. King Dork

    Trade Targets 2020

    Pipe dream, but Zach Lavine would be my target if we get any pick that doesn’t net us James Wiseman. And if we stumble onto James I’d try to build a package around JJJ to get him. Lavine and Ja with a lob catching stretch big would be amazing.
  3. Towns has been flopping all game to sell minimal contact. Add that to the list. With that said he got 5 other fouls he deserved.
  4. The Twolves announcers are quite horrible
  5. Could’ve sworn he had 1 year left. I stand corrected, if he’s also expiring I don’t see why that would hinder a deal. I do think they are holding out for a 1st round pick though. Which if Toronto is willing then Dallas should also be willing. I’d still take that Toronto deal if it’s actually on the table.
  6. Iggy s contract is an expiring contract, C Lee’s is not.
  7. It would diminish the cap space they have for this summer where I assume they plan to throw MAX money at either Brandon Ingram or Bagdon Bogdonovic
  8. Make it a first round pick and we’ll take it. But that 12.76 mill is a heavy price to pay.
  9. King Dork

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Never been a Brooks hater. I do not subscribe to the over inflation of the players on this roster. He is what he is and he has real deficiencies that shouldn’t be ignored, but so do many NBA players. If he can continue to provide points in the way that he has over this last stretch, even with his defensive deficiencies he’s worth resigning at the right price.
  10. King Dork

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    As long as it’s under 15 mil I say yes. Dudes been playing more under control offensively and shooting with more consistency. He’d ideally be the 6th man, but I could see him as the starter as long as the talent is upgraded at the other wing spot.
  11. King Dork

    1st franchise superstar?

    It’s like he took the flash of J-Will, the clutch gene of Mike and Rudy’s athleticism, and created something incredible to watch.
  12. King Dork

    Brandon Clark thread

    He does have that no stats Allstar vibe to him, except you looks at the box score and his numbers are crazy. The things he does on the floor are just things that push you towards wins, and he never appears to be forcing it.
  13. Bingo. I don’t even think tanking matters as much as it used to with the flattening of the odds. Either way I think if you can win you win as much as possible, because it builds a winning culture. Young players that win early win often, so getting Ja, Jaren and BC early career wins only helps our future IMO. We can figure out the talent around them later if we build them into winners.