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  1. King Dork

    "Three is better than two"

    The only dude not taking mid range jumpers is JJJ, and dude’s shooting 40% from 3 on high volume. I think they’re good.
  2. King Dork


    If you can get Zach Lavine you go get him, period. Give them all the expiring contracts and other people’s picks that they want, cause we’d have 3 legit studs with a bunch of real role players if we got that dude. We’d immediately jump all other young teams outside of Dallas.
  3. King Dork

    ESPN Love? No, Zion will win ROY

    At this point I hope Zion wins it. Give Ja another chip on his shoulder.
  4. On national TV games especially. He knows how to turn up when the lights are on.
  5. Ja is tryna prove a point tonight. All his stats come with impact.
  6. And the wheels fall of without Ja and JJJ.
  7. TA on the call is epic! First team all defense.
  8. I’m feeling this lineup also. All the young guys getting some run.
  9. In his defense letting him go right is just as deadly
  10. I’m liking how coach sticks to his rotations. Let Harden run out of gas. Then Ja will still be fresh and close the game.
  11. King Dork

    Who plays 2K20 w Grizz?

    Jumpers are all about who you shoot with and their hot zones. Unfortunately the Grizzlies don’t have that kind of shooters in 2k’s opinion, so I spend most of my time running Ja/BC or Jonas pick and rolls and pick and pops with Jaren. And I make sure every time I get a rebound I’m looking for the outlet to Ja and the lob at the rim for any of the bigs or wings. The Grizzlies as a my career option are my favorite team. I make BC look like the second coming of wilt but Ja is severely underutilized because he’s basically a spot up in the corner guy since my SG is the primary ball handler.
  12. That’s why Beal isn’t even an option to me because he’s unattainable. Unless we take John Walls money which is a no go.
  13. LaVine front of that line. Don’t know that we can get any of them. Don’t want Winslow, he’s the definition of a non shooter.
  14. They gave player of the game to a grizzlies player 😂