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  1. King Dork

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    I’m talking about Kyle’s numbers and accomplishments himself. Don’t forget he was the lead man on a team that went to the Eastern Conference Finals. And he’s averaged way more points per game in a season than Mike. With comparable numbers everywhere else. You might give me the Mike did it in the west argument to which I’d say, tough for Mike, it is what it is now
  2. King Dork

    Did We Make the Right Move?

    Not nearly a push. It’s Lowery hands down. He reached higher individual heights than Conley ever did.
  3. King Dork

    Grizz Hire 2 New Assistant Coaches

    When did we hire a D3 college coach and it worked out? Comparing her resume to Ivey is a joke. Ivey was a rising star on one of the best coaching staffs in D1 Women’s Basketball. I’d be 100% on board, even encourage them to make that kind of Female hire again. From D3 coach at a place where you’re coaching people who don’t even want to play basketball professionally, to NBA coaching staff is questionable. Hope she does great, but it looks like she was hired to check a box.
  4. Yep better to trade for them cut dudes while still paying them like Dion Waiters. Makes perfect sense.
  5. All I’m sayin is dude’s a free agent, we could re-sign him... I’d bring him and Solo back.
  6. King Dork

    2021 Free Agent targets

  7. King Dork

    2021 Free Agent targets

    None of them dudes better than Tyus
  8. King Dork

    2021 Free Agent targets

    Name a better backup PG that makes less... I’ll wait.
  9. King Dork

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    And no JV does not fit the timeline, but he’s also not over paid and on a short term deal. I’m not against having Veteran players, I’m against paying them max money and giving up assets for them at this point.
  10. King Dork

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    You’re actually right, he’s 28 my bad. But that’s still 7 years older than Ja and Jaren. In 4 years when they are ready to make noise he’ll be 32 on a massive deal, and we’ll be trying to trade home for someone actually productive. You don’t touch radioactive contracts like that on rebuilding teams. If he could be the final piece to a championship, maybe but we aren’t there yet.
  11. King Dork

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    I’m concerned that he’s already well over 30 and he doesn’t line up with the timeline to win of our young core. Don’t make sense. *sigh* Why do I keep acknowledging this stuff? I should probably just ignore it but I can’t. Smh.
  12. King Dork

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    And according to these boards we can trade Marco Guduric and 2 second round picks to get him! Let’s do it!
  13. So we paying dude 30 mil to be backup centers now?? Bro what franchise y’all running and can I be y’all competition. Craziness
  14. King Dork

    Luka Doncic is the Best Player in the NBA...Period

    I was having this conversation yesterday, and I completely agree. What most people miss from that game is that for most of it Luka was the primary defender on Paul George, and completely shut him down. What separates him from the rest of those dudes is he has all the same skills but he’s a legit 6’8”. It’s about to be Luka’s league for a minute, point blank period.
  15. King Dork

    Grizzles Trade Targets

    Nah. Yours I don’t see why the Grizzlies would do it. Horford is washed at this point. No need to trade for a 33/34 year old center on a rebuilding team. They should prioritize young vets or draft picks not old dudes on huge contracts