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  1. King Dork

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Only dudes I’m looking at prior to the deadline are Eric Gordon and Robert Covington. And yea I know they want 1st round picks for those dudes. I’d do it. (One or the other, not both)
  2. King Dork

    All Star Ja

    PG hurt, Gobert hurt, AD been hurt most of the season, KAT putting up empty stats on a losing team. Wiggins deserves the spot if the league is going to separate it the way they have. Really DBook and Luka should be mad they don’t have them listed as a SF
  3. King Dork

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agent Big Board 2021

    That Wiggins talk stings now 🤣🤣🤣 (let’s crank this back up!)
  4. King Dork

    All Star Ja

    Not this board. Me. I was right 🤣🤣🤣
  5. King Dork

    All Star Ja

    There’s always a weak position in the league. I think Wiggins making it is more a function of Kawhi and Paul George being hurt than needing to change how ALLSTAR starters are selected.
  6. King Dork

    All Star Ja

    Wiggins making it as a starter is a joke…until you realize there aren’t any other front court dudes who should make it and he’s probably all that’s left.
  7. King Dork

    All Star Ja

  8. To be fair. Harden left because OKC wouldn’t pay him. And I agree he has to accept the 3rd wheel role, but over the last few games it’s been looking like that’s exactly what he’s doing. It’ll be interesting to see if it sticks the rest of the season.
  9. Track record of the players involved say it will happen. When Russ went to Houston pre AllStar break they were an 8 seed, post AllStar break they climbed up to the 4 seed, because they shifted pieces out that don’t fit and Russ figured out how to be good again next to Harden. The next season when he went to Washington they were at the bottom of the East pre-AllStar break and climbed to the 8 seed by the end of the season because Russ figured out how to be productive with his teammates. I believe the Lakers will make changes around their 3 guys which will facilitate Russ having a better 2nd half of the season. Bron’s 1st season with a big 3 in Miami they stunk at the beginning of the season and everyone was questioning the fit of Wade and Bron (not to the same extent because Wade was a better player than Russ is and Bron was much better at the time) but in the second half of the season they went on a tear and rode that all the way to the finals. With all of the offensive struggles that Laker team has had they are still scoring 118 points per game. Their issue has been defense since they figured out maybe they shouldn’t be playing all those washed dudes and in no world should Rondo and Westbrook get run together. AD, while not at the top of his game offensively, is definitely a defensive menace. As for how much Westbrook gets paid, I think fans pocket watch too much. The Lakers would be in the luxury tax with or without Westbrook and who were they actually going to get that’s better for the bag of chips they traded for him. A dude who can get you 18/8/8 as your 3rd option taking the 3rd most shots is valuable (as long as he continues the trend he’s been on of turning it over less). Lastly. I’m not at all a Lakers fan. I’m a hoop fan. I can spit random opinions about any team in the league. Lol
  10. I think LAL will fight with Utah for the 4 seed and fall no lower than 5 when it’s all said and done. No one really wants to talk about it but they were decimated with injuries to start the season and are just now getting fully healthy as a team. With a couple weeks to gel the Lakers will be a problem the second half of the season. Folks rag on that man for air balling shots but ignore that he’s shooting close to 45% from the field and still rebounding and assisting at an elite level. He’s playing well enough to be a 3rd wheel on a really good team.
  11. King Dork

    About Tony Allen’s jersey retirement…

    https://mobile.twitter.com/NBA2K_MyTEAM/status/1486005944479731713/photo/1 They brought bad a 94 overall Diamond Tony Allen card in my team on 2k. I don’t even play MyTEAM but I want 1.
  12. 😏 I see what you did there 🤣🤣🤣
  13. King Dork

    Vote Ja #NbaAllStar

    When do they drop the results?