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  1. King Dork

    Bally's Grizzlies TV deal

    I’m hearing the Grizzlies are about to sign a big deal with Bally sports and bring in Shannon Sharp’s club Shay Shay podcast as an afternoon show. I heard it from myself, so it’s probably a reputable source 👍🏾
  2. King Dork

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    The season won’t be a write off regardless of how long the suspension is
  3. King Dork

    How long will Ja be sanctioned?

    He definitely keeps getting asked, but if he had done it already the news cycle would have already run it’s corse on it and we wouldn’t have to hear updates everyday because someone new asked him a question.
  4. King Dork

    Offseason Cross-Your-Fingers Predictions (or: play GM)

    Unless we are putting a bunch of guys on 2way contracts I’m not trying to draft that many dudes. I don’t think OG or Bridges are realistic. That’s why my dream scenario didn’t include them.
  5. King Dork

    Offseason Cross-Your-Fingers Predictions (or: play GM)

    24-25 year isn’t fully guaranteed, can cut him next summer and only owe 2 million. Also, I’m not opposed to grabbing another SF in this years draft that we develop for that role. If you don’t believe Roddy can do it we don’t really have a guy like that on the roster anyway.
  6. Dang. Lol. I want him 1st round so I can get hype for him to be good. Trade them 2nd round picks lol
  7. King Dork

    Offseason Cross-Your-Fingers Predictions (or: play GM)

    Bojan only has 1 year left on his deal. We would be under the Tax line this year and his money would fall off when Bane’s deal kicks in also still keeping us under the tax line. Also I think Roddy is a possible SF replacement for DFS long term. Defense and spacing with a little upside as a creator. I can get with not needing to take Sasser, especially since I saw a dude named Vincent Valerio-Bodon in another thread that I desperately want now lol. Dude is a 6’10” SG/SF that blocks shots like Jaren in college except it’s all on ball.
  8. Bro I just put my foot down firmly on a pick at 26 and you gone immediately make me change my mind like this???? How dare you! This dude look like a wing version of Jaren. I want this guy on the team so bad now 🤣🤣🤣
  9. King Dork

    Offseason Cross-Your-Fingers Predictions (or: play GM)

    Never saw this Thread before, let me put my pie in the sky off-season down on paper. If this happens I’m gloating, if one of these things happens I’m gloating, if something similar happens I’m gloating. Keepers/We aren’t realistically trading them - Ja Jaren Bane Steven Adams I want to keep at almost all costs - Luke Kennard Santi Aldama Gone for Nothing - Dillon Brooks I think Dillon is gone and the 6 players above will undoubtedly have a role on the team next season. Anyone else can go, now for my predictions on what will happen or rather what I would want to happen. Trades - Primary Wing Starter Grizzlies Trade - Ziaire Williams, John Konchar, 1 Future 1st, 1 2nd in this years Draft Nets Trade - Dorian Finney-Smith Backup 3/4 Grizzlies Trade - Tyus Jones, Kenny Lofton Jr. Detroit Trades - Bojan Bogdonovic I think both of these trades provide reasonable value both ways. We move on from the length of Konchars contract and Ziaire gets to go play on a young team that will give him minutes and may be more valuable to them, the nets also get 2 picks out of the transaction. Detroit gets a steady hand at PG and a young front court guy to go with their 2 young wings. We get a starter at SF who is a good defender and decent shooter and a knock down shooter with some gas left in the tank on an expiring contract that may be valuable at the trade deadline. Free Agency - Give Bruce Brown the full MLE We get a PG/SG who is an excellent defender and a good shooter, he can slot in as the starter until Ja’s suspension is over then move to the 6th man spot. Draft - Take Marcus Sasser at 26 My ideal Lineup at season’s start- Ja/Bruce Brown/Marcus Sasser Bane/Kennard DFS/Bojan Bogdonovic/Roddy Jaren/Santi(Probably be the backup 5 once BC returns/Laravia/BC Adams/Tillman I think this provides good veteran depth. Allows a path for our young guys to play their way into the rotation by beating out Bojan Bogdonovic, in that case his expiring contract could be used as a trade chip or allowed to fall off the books and make way for Bane’s number to kick in the next season. It also levels out the position depth of the young guys, giving us a young PG and 2 young 3/4s to develop to eventually move up in the rotation. On the top end we get a starting SF and a 6th man combo guard that fit better with our core group. I honestly see this as a championship roster. What y’all think??
  10. King Dork

    How long will Ja be sanctioned?

    It feel like it’s an “all publicity is good publicity” type thing. Which is honestly kinda sickening a little bit. And it’s even devolved into reputable news outlet reporting rumors as facts. It’s sad bro.
  11. King Dork

    How long will Ja be sanctioned?

    Is there anyone else that feels like Adam Silver is mismanaging this situation? Why keep talking about it if you aren’t going to announce anything? All you’re doing is keeping the story going in the media unnecessarily. If they had announced the punishment prior to the finals the news cycles about this nonsense would already be over.
  12. King Dork

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    It would definitely be surprising if a 6’7” center who can’t switch on defense and has never once played real minutes against NBA level competition beats out the guy who just effectively guarded Lebron in the playoffs and for the 2nd year in a row started for you in the playoffs.
  13. King Dork

    Memphis Grizzlies and NBA Roster Moves

    Since then Phoenix cut CP3, what about offering him the MLE and Trading Tyus right now? Lol. (Someone was gonna say it lol)