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  1. What happened to Mike in the skills challenge I missed it. Some guy in another jersey with the number 11 made it to the final round.
  2. Exactly. Trying to lose on purpose and still doing better than the Grizz šŸ˜‚
  3. Health shouldnā€™t matter when you have 2 cornerstones and a supposed unicorn on your team to play with. If we are talking about health, The Hawks have had injuries this year as well. Prince missed significant time because of an ankle problem. A guy that was at one point putting up 17-20ppg
  4. I think Jaren has a lot of growing to do. I still like him and his potential. Im not the one who brought up the Hawks. That was Hunk. And you backed him up. While yā€™all were trying to be smartasses I simply laid out the facts. Trae as of right now is better than Jaren. Has gotten significantly better over the past two months, and is on a team that has won more games than the grizzlies since December. They very well may pass the Grizzlies in the win column this year. My ā€œallegianceā€ is and alway will be with the Grizzlies. That does not change the fact that I watch more than just them on a regular basis and am now resound to the possibility that the players I wanted to draft are going to possibly be better than Jaren. Any other questions?
  5. Considering he wasnā€™t playing alongside a borderline all star in Mike Conley and a former all star in Marc Gasol I would say yes. You have had Marc, Mike and Jaren on the team and couldnā€™t win more games than a team that consists of mainly Trae and Colinā€™s. Both rookies. And they have won more games. Imagine whatā€™s going to happen when they put a solid roster together.
  6. Sure, when heā€™s on the court. Still hasnā€™t translated to more wins. So thereā€™s that.
  7. We will see in about 4 seasons. As of right now that would be a negative sir. And before anyone says anything about me talking about Trae, just remember, I didnā€™t bring a spoon to a gun fight. That would be Hunk and Smit.
  8. Because he stays on the court. Got rookie of the month. Put up 25/10/7 in the Rookie/Sophmore game. And is avg 19 and 10 so far in February šŸ˜‚. Jaren has a long way to go to be the best player in this draft.
  9. They are probably enjoying Trae Young more than we are enjoying JJJ.
  10. Well I was talking about how I mainly wished they played him more. He only got 3 minutes in the second half of the game. But if we want to talk about the Hawks, who have won more games then us since December.... and have a rookie who got rookie of the month last month with avgs of 18 and 8 and a February that sees him so far avg 19 and 10 then we can. Thats up to you.
  11. What are you talking about?
  12. They played him a grand total of 15 minutes. And while it looks even across the board it was for short spurts. Didnā€™t play until the 4th quarter and only for 3 minutes
  13. Well he may be the second best rookie, but he ainā€™t getting playing time in this gmae
  14. Memphis Maverick

    Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs -2/12/19

    JJJs little hooks in the paint and trying to lightly put the ball in. Rudy Gay easily contained JJJ all night.
  15. Memphis Maverick

    Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs -2/12/19

    Ivan had one bad game. Up until this game the dude was a double double machine. Jaren was worse than Rabb. Only reason he gets a pass is because heā€™s the rook. Rabb isnā€™t really a center, and I bet if he paired with JV would be amazing.