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  1. Memphis Maverick

    Roster Moves

    Jaren Jackson is another Pascal Siakim but with a jump shot. Almost identical game.
  2. You would be underpaying at 10mil a year for what he gives you. Get out of here with that crap
  3. Pascal had to earn his spot. If Jarens better he’s better. Let him prove it. Along the way the players you sign can be valuable trade assets.
  4. Doesn’t have to, and never really made sense to me. Jaren could just be another pascal Siakim. That in itself is fine, but he isn’t a number one option. And not a franchise tag player. Until he proves otherwise on a team with players supposedly better than him I want him to work for it. Not be handed it. and while the NBA has “good players” there is still a major difference between what makes a team successful vs not.
  5. You don’t have to do that, and that hardly ever works. You don’t necessarily want expiring contracts unless your plan is to resign them. Either way if a player fits the trajectory of the team and the players you want to build around you sign them. Along the way if it doesn’t work out, assuming you keep getting players in their primes that are hot targets you get great trade pieces.
  6. I still don’t get the logic. Listen, we can save money all we want. I don’t care how far Jaren is from being an actual NBA player who plays 30mpg. Even when he reaches that point it would be nice to have elite level talent next to him. I’m talking real starters, real bench players, etc. It also makes more sense to have hat now rather than later. He is going to have to learn how to play with better talent eventually so why not now. I don’t agree with making him or Ja a 1-2 punch for three years and then surrounding them with pieces. AD went through the same crap. Give them good pieces to work with from the beginning that project to be in line with their development.
  7. He’s another Jam Green but older. I know we are trying to rebuild but he is not a suitable rebuild piece:
  8. Anything up to 75 mil is good value.
  9. 4/60-4/72 mil. They won’t hate it when he shows his worth yet again.
  10. Anything less than Horford is good.
  11. Al Horford is going to dictate what Jonas gets.
  12. Because he’s turning 30 years old and his best two seasons were this year and last at 25 mpg where he averaged 10 and 7.... where Jonas will be 27 and avg 15-9 in 22mpg 3 seasons ago and last year in 3 more mpg avg 20-10.... You all are clamoring for a rebuild but want to sign a 30 year old player over a prime Jonas that would be a perfect fit to what the Grizz are trying to do.
  13. Memphis Maverick

    Question the Brandon Clarke pick raises

    I don’t think JJJ will ever be just a Center.
  14. Ed Davis and Dedmon shouldn’t even be on this list.