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  1. Memphis Maverick

    The Official Coin Flip thread: What's it gonna be?

    Probably took you that long to get approved to post here....
  2. He’s almost as invincible as Divac in Sacramento is.
  3. Another words play to convey was stupid after the all star break. Got it
  4. Memphis Maverick

    Memphis Grizzlies vs Houston Rockets - 3/20/2019

    Justin Holiday is awful.
  5. Memphis Maverick

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    Martin just scored 23 against 11th ranked houston and almost brought them back after a wack first half. I’be watched about all I can on Garland. I see no long term future for him in the league but I do for Martin. I think the real reason Garland didn’t play again is because he was going to be exposed.
  6. Memphis Maverick

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    A future all star and beast
  7. Memphis Maverick

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    And Conley sure as hell cant make passes like that one!
  8. Memphis Maverick

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    Can’t guard threes like the one Trae just put up in transition 😂. We are playing really sloppy right now and still have over 60pts. That’s crazy. I’m just thinking with the three were down we could be doing really well next year
  9. Memphis Maverick

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    Thats out of the window but is something I wanted.
  10. Memphis Maverick

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    I also feel there is a good chance we trade Mikemto the pelicans though. Just a hunch.
  11. Memphis Maverick

    If we convey should we ReTool or ReBuild?

    I say keep the bulk of young pieces. JJJ, Dillon, KA, JV, DW, and let the vets keep doing their thing. Mike Conley and AB inagree with Grizz tiger fan. We have essentially already retooled. We do need a couple more draft picks however. We are still looking for that superstar. But main pieces from what we have seen so far are not bad and still relatively young and in their primes. i wanted to not convey this year for a top 4 pick but it’s not looking like that is going to happen. other than that the fact is that we will most likely be a lot better this next year than people think. Our offense has improved drastically. Since the all star break I think we are avg 113ppg. That puts us 11th in the NBA over the past three games I believe and had we done this to begin with solidly in the top 15. We are still ranked #1 in defense too.
  12. Memphis Maverick


    Here we go..... is this liloj
  13. Memphis Maverick

    Bickerstaff's days are numbered...write it down

    Coaching does matter for sure, but you have to have some form of talent. Honestly I think that Greg Popovich really did get lucky with his players. You see him struggling now with Derozan, Aldridge, White. Two former all stars and a really good up and coming player. Cant really discredit that he had Duncan, Ginobli, Parker, Robinson, Leonard. Heck even Patty and Bowen. Lets not forget that his role players were always some of the best. He never had to work with g league starting lineups and players that were fringe nba players as backups.
  14. Memphis Maverick

    Bickerstaff's days are numbered...write it down

    Ive been following this thread for awhile and watching the responses. Honestly JB hasn’t been a bad coach. Limited in what players he’s had available to use for sure. hes finally got a scoring/slashing pg in Delon and a consistent 20+ from Conley along with a big that now rebounds and does what Gasol did in much less time. Noah has been put in the lineup and produced as well as the opportunity for Avery Bradley (can’t be discounted as I don’t think anyone thought Avery was thisntyoe of scorer) This trade definitely changed the dynamic and ability of JB to be able use players that actually produce. justin holiday has been a waste, but I understand the trade was necessary to make the other one work. Ivan has actually been playing well so long as he’s not forced to guard a solid big. It’s not like we have lost the games since he trade happened by a lot. It’s been competitive. Just have to work out kinks. I agree with DWash.