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  1. Maybe he beat up that Empire actor, and had to leave town.
  2. Great idea. What will Chandler's over/under for points be? I'm guessing 8 points!!!!
  3. 0 replies? Is this thread locked or is this foreshadowing of Griz fan's interest for the next 2 years?
  4. Watch the State of the Union Address or this game???
  5. Fan injury update! Ha. Get to feeling better!
  6. GamesOut

    Tracking Playoff Positioning 2015

    What a difference 4 years makes.
  7. Can Dave J take Mike and Marc with him back to Sacramento?
  8. GamesOut

    Where's Noah

    Funny. This season started with high expectations. Now all I see are tanks and arks. This team is like a school with a high truancy rate, with people injured, missing, or about to be traded.
  9. GamesOut

    NCSI (NO, Charlotte, Sac, Indiana)

    Gasol has an injury to the part of his brain that affects his effort level during games.
  10. Next 4 games - all home games. New Orleans, Charlotte, Sacramento, Indiana. How many do you expect the Griz to win and how many do you want the Griz to win? Expect to win: 2 Want to win: ???
  11. GamesOut

    Is It Time to Embrace Another Tank?

    I understand the concept of tanking to one day have a better future. However, it's not as easy to watch the games and hope that the team loses every night.
  12. Just wondered. Don't mind spending $5 on a beer at Fedex, but wondered if there were better incentives to go to a smaller arena.
  13. Is Hustle stadium beer cheaper?
  14. Seems like the season just started. Grizzlies in 12th place.