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  1. Tanking is not what hurt this team. It was a combination of things. Hasheem, Parson's, Jeff Green trade, firing two good coaches and also the FO decision making. I can go on.
  2. Mr. Carter with the 3 pointers. Wecome back..
  3. Casppi has been really solid. Good to see him playing well.
  4. Blue Bear

    Time to trade Marc

    There is no way Dallas would do that deal.
  5. Keep Jam as the center trade Marc. How bout it?
  6. Casspi is one of the better players on this roster these days.
  7. OMGOODNESSS! Jam Green with the nasty dunk.
  8. lol, you saw that commercial.
  9. Harden cooked Jam Eweee! Harden may have more points than our starting 5. Hats off to Harden, Heluva game.
  10. Give Jaren the ball dammit!
  11. Sometimes you have to laugh to hide the pain.