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  1. Probably about $40+
  2. Noah, TRT therapy?
  3. lol, wth. This team is getting destroyed by the Hawks?
  4. Blue Bear

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    lol, no. Not the shoe part. I mentioned he was at risk of being injured for his weight and size.
  5. Blue Bear

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    I called this months ago when everyone was in love with this dude.
  6. Davis taking the disappointment of not being traded out on the Grizz.
  7. Maybe next season he will have it figured out.
  8. Bradley reminds me a little of TA hounding Rambo er I mean Holiday on the perimeter.
  9. Westbrook welcome to Shaqting a fool.
  10. Blue Bear

    Grizzlies acquire Avery Bradley

    Another player with injury history. ūüėí
  11. You must be a friend of his? NO!
  12. Mack threw up a terrible shot. Come on dude pass the ball.