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  1. I'm around. Just usually giving my opinions on Twitter. Ain't too hard to find me.
  2. I always wanted Memphis to get its own name. But Memphis has had the Grizzlies name for over three times as many seasons as Vancouver had it. That's not to mention that there were Memphis Grizzlies (1975) before there were Vancouver Grizzlies (1995). True, there are actually grizzly bears in the Pacific Northwest, but it's not the like the nickname was like the original choice, "Mounties," that makes no sense in Memphis. "Grizzlies" is a generic team nickname and really no different than the college franchise being the "Tigers." If Vancouver ever got another team, it should never want the "Grizzlies" nickname back. The franchise in Vancouver was the worst team in the history of the NBA. Chicago didn't ask for Zephyrs back and they got "Bulls." Minnesota probably would have love to have gotten "Lakers" back but that brand was forged in Los Angeles. The ultimate version of this is New Orleans not getting "Jazz" back. Jazz completely does not work for Salt Lake City, Utah, but it had been the name of over twenty years when New Orleans got back into the NBA. The fans adopted the brand. "Grizzlies" is in no way as regionally specific as "Jazz." "Memphis Soul" would be incredible as a name for a WNBA team.
  3. No. The 2004 (and later modified) logo, colors, and look is Memphis, original and known as such. It's not borrowing from any other Memphis institutions. It's not copying some other NBA team's look. It's not a previous Memphis' team's jersey. It's a solid look that isn't flashy and therefore easily dated. The best uniforms and logos are those that look like they are major league and last a long time. The Grizz look is uniquely Memphis, and compared to other drastic changes made in the last twenty years, the only other one I think compares to the timelessness of the Grizz look is when the Warriors went to the boat.
  4. Latilleon

    Grizz Finally Get A Jersey Sponsor

    Funny, that link has a jersey with a Ford jersey patch!
  5. Latilleon

    Grizz Finally Get A Jersey Sponsor

    Why did you expect them? AutoZone seems like it would have been the obvious choice.
  6. Latilleon

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    I’m around, easily found.
  7. Latilleon

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    Did you think I died or something?
  8. Latilleon

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    Why would OKC pay $55 million to dump $28 million, when all of going to have Luxury Tax hits? Parsons can be paid over 5 years, if waived before 8/31, but they are still paying him $50 million. How is that much different than stretching Carmelo and paying him $28 million over 3? Seems to be the same LT hit but they are paying an extra $20 million to Parsons plus $5.5 million to McLemore.
  9. Latilleon

    Hasheem Thabeet 2.0

    Frank the Mask sucked as a trainer and The Presence's problem wasn't being in shape. Thabeet is probably low on money. But he didn't care about basketball and without that heart, he was a sandbag.
  10. The MLK game might have been an issue where the networks weren't going to air the Memphis game so they left it off rather than have the embarrassing ignoring of a special program the Grizzlies started for the NBA.
  11. Latilleon

    Rick Trotter Out As Grizzlies Announcer

    Dang Rick... Remember when Rick was out for the last part of the 2010 season? And they used the guy who used to do the radio pregame show (Ken Kincaid I think) to be PA announcer and he was horrible? I was told something really bad was going down with Rick then. Didn't hear anything else about it. The next season, he was back, slimmer. I figured it was some health stuff or whatever. But my heart goes out to the victims and I hope Rick does something to deal with his problem. To get another chance and do something so unquestionably immoral again speaks to a sickness.
  12. Latilleon

    Lorenzen Wright

    Ren was the first MEMPHIS Grizzly. RIP
  13. Latilleon

    The funny picture thread!

    Grandmaster Sexay!