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Milwaukee @ Memphis 03/12/18

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27 minutes ago, Dwash said:

Yeah, I am kinda leaning towards hoping they can get out of this pick debt next year...but if they are bad enough to finish bottom 8 again then so be it. If they do tank I want to tank hard again.


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5 hours ago, fanboyslim said:

Remember we have to give away that pick to Boston and if we don't do it next season it will be the next. Probably better to compete next season and give our 2018 pick a chance to get to the playoffs (and Boston a middling pick), and wait for 2019-2020 when we will have a draft pick and two ginormous expiring contracts to rebuild around our (hopefully) new superstar.

Good points. 


6 hours ago, Dwash said:

Conley will struggle to stay healthy and get back to his old levels at the same time. It will be a constant battle and lets face it, its not like he was some extreme talent. Even at the top of his game for a few years he would have long periods where he just looked like slaw. The age/health battle will be tough for him to overcome.

Unless the young player is off the charts good from the very beginning I have serious doubts that this veteran/young player mix they are trying to achieve will ever anything more than a 8-11 seed type team for one or two years but we will see.

I am not expecting Conley to return to his best year production-wise going forward.   I am counting on the growth of Brooks, Tyreke's production, and hope of lotto pick, ALONGSIDE the veteran leadership of Conley.       i see us being a 7-9th seed level then when Parson's deadweight falls off we can be a contender again.   The thing is to make positive moves going forward.   As we have seen play out so dramatically this year; Solid PG play is extremely important - just from a run the team aspect.   That's where i am putting my faith in Conley on.   I am cool with Tyreke, Brooks and Lotto pick developing into the primary scorers as long as Conley remains the primary decision maker. 

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