Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

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6 hours ago, Lordninja11 said:

Well hopefully he can stay on the court and not foul every play 

He's not fouling that much when you consider he's often defending the other team's star and the refs are giving him the rookie treatment. Even so, he's only marginally worse in that sense than JaM was last season.

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14 hours ago, LuvThem Grizzlies said:

I think that Brooks has been playing quite well, I think he should stay with the starting unit, they probably should get the ball to him more.

Exactly.. I think they should at least TRY to play him in the role they had for Parsons. I think he can handle it. He's quicker than every body thought. Stout enough to defend and not get bullied that much. Can get to the hole, take contact AND finish. I'm just not sure about his passing because he never has the ball long enough to make a play. But Brooks is for real in my book

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21 hours ago, smit-tay griz said:

Ish Smith has been on 10 different NBA teams, and he's only 29.  I'm not going to fault Hollins on Smith when Hollins was his second stop.  Smith didn't produce anything really noteworthy until his eighth team.  Some guys just develop late.

This isn’t a criticism of the poster directly but this sounds like someone who would turn around and criticize the team for losing those games and playing someone who wasn’t ready.

How quickly everyone forgets Harrison getting minutes last season and earlier this season. 

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