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The Grindfather Appreciation Thread

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21 hours ago, PutARingOnIt#GrizzFan said:

You gonna feel real stupid when he end up in the hall of fame...dude got a ring plus he is one of the best defenders to EVER play the game.

No, we're gonna feel stupid when a Tony Allen jersey is hanging up in the rafters next to an actual legend when this franchise gets one. The other hard part is that we will probably retire Conley's jersey too which would be laughable. 

We will feel embarrassed like the Heat who will now have to look at Michael Jordan's jersey hang in the rafters next to Wade, Bron, Alonzo Mourning, Shaq, etc. There is no reason to arbitrarily try to create history, let it happen naturally. The sad part is that Marc and Z-Bo were already qualified candidates. 

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