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Trade ZBo to Milkwaukee

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Trade ZBo to Milkwaukee


ZBo, Thabeet and a pair of shovels for Ilyasova/Delfino/Mbah a Moute, Sanders and 18 million dollars, ehem i mean flexibility, ehem ehem Michael Redd.


We should do this trade right away. To outside observers, this would seem like Pau Gasol redux but I don't care! It gives us size and flexibility while giving them some inside star presence. If they went out of their way to get Corey Maggette, they wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on this. Some already consider them baby contenders and ZBo might be the missing piece. It's perfect for them, Bogut can handle the low post defense, they can both eat rebounds, plus Bogut is a good passer too so ZBo will fit more. This move will turn them from a jumpshooting team into a fringe contender with a tangible low post threat in the same breath as Dallas and San Antonio and propel them above Chicago and Atlanta in the east.


Sanders can play, and we have Arthur so we have a solid three-man rotation at PF. Maybe Michael Redd has something left in the tank. Who cares, as long as we get the next Marcus Camby and depending on what we need, Delfino (sparkplug and playmaker at the 2 and 3), Ilyasova (another Varejao-type player who could play both forward spots well and sometimes center, primarily the 4) or Mbah a Moute (versatile defender at the perimeter and down low, a larger but raw Tayshaun Prince).


Oh, and let's not forget about Thabeet. Maybe if Skiles unlocks his riddle, he's gonna intimidate, do some damage and play well.

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