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Found 3 results

  1. For the start of the 2017-18 season, what do you think will be the location for each of the following players-on Grizzlies roster, on another team's roster, or UFA? I've also included Wayne Selden as his contract is not guaranteed for next season (as far as I know). Please put clear predictions on top and commentary at the end. Note: the predictions aren't about what you would do, but what you think the team does. Vince - Grizzlies Zach - Grizzlies Tony - Another team JaM Green (RFA) - Grizzlies Selden - Grizzlies Obviously for any of these FA, I can see them somewhere else. VC - I don't think it is a coincidence that Fizz has praised Vince repeatedly this offseason for helping develop the young players. Zach - If Marc wants him around, he stays. If not he'll get a contract elsewhere. I don't think the money will be there for a top stretch 4. Tony - The reason he could stay is because of a relatively weak SG FA class, and he does bring something different to the table as a defender. But he's been hurt, and he will have value to a young team trying to reach the playoffs. I could see him having the highest demand of the UFA. JaM - I think the Grizzlies match whatever, barring it isn't too crazy.
  2. Blessings In Disquise

    Seeing how the "New and Improved" Grizzlies are really clicking in 2014. With the 3rd ranked defense in new Calendar year and a rising offense that is no longer bottom of the league. Here are some developments that possibly would have never happened if we weren't hit by injury bug. JoergerBall would probably still be in limbo if Gasol never went down Conley full ascension to best player on team JAMES JOHNSON Jonny Badger breakout games Ed "Bossman" Davis probably would have been traded by now Zbo truly becoming a playmaker Offensive improvement Those are just a few of the positive things that have occurred due to our early season "bad luck". Today wanted to take a glass half full type of view of season and appreciate how far we have come. Am i missing any others?
  3. Good article that relates to some of the posts that have been floating around since last preseason game. Here is an interesting excerpt: "If Davis doesn’t fundamentally improve his rebounding, either with added bulk or better balancing, his offense isn’t enough to even out his value. Yes, Davis shoots 50%+ from the floor, but his game is limited to high percentage attempts (dunks). He is simply inconsistent in back-to-the-basket and pick-and-roll situations ............... Jon Leuer is almost literally the other side of the spectrum at power forward. He’s essentially a stretch 4 with a solid midrange game, but he also brings in a handful of (usually long) rebounds and is aware enough with the ball to find open teammates with smart passes. Remind you of someone? ................ Leuer really is an all-around player, as those lines show. But it’s the look of his game that’s really impressive. The reserve unit actually schemes plays around Leuer, handing him the ball at the top of the key or on the wing and letting him chose the next pass (he rarely, if ever, shoots first)." Davis has been "christened" the heir apparent to Zbo so unfortunately for him his "game" is going to be scrutinized more than other players at this point. From what I have seen so far from this year to last (small sample size) he is no where near ready to take mantle from Zbo. He lacks the girth to battle inside and isn't consistent enough offensive player to replace Zbo production there. He also is a terrible post defender and right now basically Ibaka lite on defense meaning he lives and dies by shot-blocking. However, he does pretty well in High Low game with Gasol and Leuer. He is currently making his living off the dreaded "potential" but he has been in league long enough to show more than just "potential". He is 24 and has been in league for 3yrs so what exactly is his ceiling and is he worth the investment? Will he ever become the type of player that can "get buckets" when we need them ala Zbo? Will he stay a liability due to his dreadful FT shooting? I am not saying just to dump him right now but I am saying jury is still out on whether we should extend him. Leuer is the same age (24) but has only 2yrs experience and hasn't been given a ton of time to prove himself. He has shown in limited time that he can compete at an NBA level and at very least worth bench rotation player. He has all the tools to be a contributor passing, shooting, rebounding and size for the PF position. He is also a good change of pace from Zbo meaning that he is more of a pick n pop player that can run and play from high post. Basically reminds you of a skinny more athletic Gasol. He is already on a super cap friendly contract and shows to be a better fit with Zbo than Davis. Also because Gasol can play inside or out Leuer plays well with him also. I am not saying that Leuer is a better player than Ed but looking at his skill-set he may end up being the better long-term fit. If Jon develops his body by adding more muscle and shows ability to shoot 3s IMHO he deserves the backup PF spot over Davis. Ed seems like the type of player that needs to start to thrive as shown by his stints in TOR and here when Zbo was injured. I am not ready to give Ed that job just yet and if Zbo is willing to take less money to retire a Grizz then I am not ready to move on from him either. Then there is the Koufos and Reed factor. Koufos is also 24yrs old but 7'0 265lbs and athletic enough to defend both PF/C. He is limited offensively to just finishing around the rim but is a elite level rebounder. He was a starting Center for the 3rd seeded Nuggets last season and deserves to play atleast 20mpg. last year Kosta Koufos was sixth in offensive rebounds per game per 36 minutes at 4.2 right behind Zbo. He is also a solid shot-blocker and on a dirt cheap contract (6mil 2yrs). He also has a great work ethic and has improved drastically since he first entered the league. Then there is Willie Reed who is an uber-athletic 6'10 thin PF that rebounds and block shots but very raw offensively. He is on an unguaranteed contract fresh from D-League. He is the youngest at 23yrs old. But he has managed to stick with team since very end of last season so maybe FO knows something we don't. We all know Zbo's strengths and weaknesses and his history with the Grizz. He is currently a much better player than all of the above so question is which player(s) fit better with the team for next 3-4yrs. Side note: the deepest position in the draft and NBA period is the PF position. Thanks to small-ball and lack of true Centers. the Power Forward spot is easiest position to fill in the NBA either via trade, draft, or development. If Ed doesn't turn into the real deal and Zbo declines rapidly I don't think it will be very difficult to find a player that can fit next to Gasol and be a suitable starter.