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Found 2 results

  1. For the start of the 2017-18 season, what do you think will be the location for each of the following players-on Grizzlies roster, on another team's roster, or UFA? I've also included Wayne Selden as his contract is not guaranteed for next season (as far as I know). Please put clear predictions on top and commentary at the end. Note: the predictions aren't about what you would do, but what you think the team does. Vince - Grizzlies Zach - Grizzlies Tony - Another team JaM Green (RFA) - Grizzlies Selden - Grizzlies Obviously for any of these FA, I can see them somewhere else. VC - I don't think it is a coincidence that Fizz has praised Vince repeatedly this offseason for helping develop the young players. Zach - If Marc wants him around, he stays. If not he'll get a contract elsewhere. I don't think the money will be there for a top stretch 4. Tony - The reason he could stay is because of a relatively weak SG FA class, and he does bring something different to the table as a defender. But he's been hurt, and he will have value to a young team trying to reach the playoffs. I could see him having the highest demand of the UFA. JaM - I think the Grizzlies match whatever, barring it isn't too crazy.
  2. Okay I'm not putting too much thought into this... I have no idea if teams would even be open to a trade like this (other than Toronto wanting to bring VC back for the end of his career). I was surprised to see that Ibaka's contract was relatively cheap and that we could afford to get him without giving up to much in return. I think Shelvin Mack would definitely be an upgrade at backup PG and we could finally let go of the hope that Chalmers will return from his achilles injury. JaM is on the last year of his deal, just like Ibaka, so Ibaka could be a one year rental. If the front office wants to move forward with Jarrell Martin next season at PF this would be a good move. Ibaka would immensely improve Memphis' chances of advancing in the playoffs. What do you guys think? Is something like this possible?