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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone else? I just haven't been so unexcited for a season in years. Losing Zbo and Vince isn't killer to our overall talent, but we didn't get anything for it to be excited about except cap space.. Which is hogged by Conley Parsons Gasol anyways. The bigger issue here is they really kept our mojo afloat imo. Our team always struggled to keep a good mentality throughout the whole season, but the two guys who kept their chin up and would right the ship was always Zbo and Vince. They were a lot of the heart and it seemed like the team looked up to them.. The city loved them on and off and it brought an extra energy. We don't have any ultra rookies to be excited about. Our only new face to get much burn is Maclemore.. Gasol and Parsons don't necessarily excite anyone or lead us, which we need, quite the opposite actually. Conley is going to burn out again with this squad, it's all on his shoulders, again.. Warriors are going to dominate even more now, we can't try grinding them. Not trying to be negative but I just have a bad feeling about this season where we're at. Best case scenario: We find a new identity and solid offense defense, Parsons gets comfortable, we get a 4-8 seed. But I see us falling to a 8-10 seed purgatory with Denver, Wolves, and dare I say Kings improving. Just sending like no man's land and minus a big part our heart.