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Found 7 results

  1. D@mn, that was a great letter by Tony Allen! He deserves to have his jersey retired, all four members of the Core Four do. They did turn Memphis into an official NBA city, like an NBA version of the Greenbay Packers (minus championships). Shout out to the Grindfather!
  2. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    Expansion is Inevitable I would think 2 teams will join within the next 3-5 years. I would give teams to Seattle and possibly Vancouver (or maybe St. Louis, possibly Austin,TX). Hopefully two teams west if the Mississippi join and Memphis rolls over to the Eastern conference.
  3. Silver Speaks on Conf Realignment

    Adam Silver: Conference alignment, playoff seeding on hold, for now I don't much care about conference realignment because there's no guarantee that the Grizz will make it to the East and furthermore, the majority of teams out East are boring and lack star power. We're over here with the big boys.I would like to see the NBA go to a 16 team playoff format with seeding 1-16 as opposed to 2 conferences of 8. Actualy, I'd like to see the top 14 teams make it. I don't understand how over 50% of the league gets to participate/gets rewarded. He also talked about re-evaluating age requirement
  4. Superteam in Memphis

    Zbo told TMZ he wants to build a superteam right here in Memphis. A lot of guys on here are full of doom and gloom. Some of you are always clamoring for a rebuild. (How's that working out for Philly & Sacramento?) I get it, we'd love to win a championship here in Memphis but tearing the team completely apart isn't going to make it happen. Hell the only reason we could potentially lure another free agent here like Blake Griffin (NOT Griffin, someone like him) would be because we already have a winner in the team built around Gasol/Conley/and hopefully a healthy Chandler Parsons. Does anyone think we will be able to get any free agents or pull off a trade to make a difference with this aging core? Let me know. I'm hopeful.
  5. Apparently they are doing an event or something related for Mike Conley's upcoming free agency. They've been posting this on twitter. @memgrizz "3 Days. 6/27. 11:11am. #Spirit " The 11:11AM, gives it off. It's probably something related to what they did for Marc last year. There were rumors that Justin Timberlake was going to be involved. What do you think it's about??
  6. Just purely speculation here, but I keep hearing rumors / bar talk whatever you want to call it, about the Bucks team possibly being removed from Milwaukee and moved to Seattle. If this were to happen, do you guys think this will be the opportunity for Memphis to be re-aligned and moved to the East? Do we really want to move to the East? I know it could possibly make our playoff chances higher, but would we lose an edge beating on the lower tier teams that are there? I know the West has a couple of bad teams year in and year out, but it always seems as if the East has more and the West is one heckuva meat grinder. However this would make it the perfect opportunity for a team swap in the conferences. I think I would be for it, as it just makes more sense geographically and the East can't be atrocious forever can it? Besides who wouldn't want an ALMOST guaranteed chance at making the playoffs every year? I know I see a lot of people posting and saying "if we were in the East instead of the West...." What do you guys think? Again, this is SPECULATION there is nothing out there to my knowledge saying this would/will happen.
  7. Final Trade Of Season - Playoff Push MEM gets: Ridnour, Biyombo, Middleton + CHA (2014 pick) CHA gets: Neal, Koufos MIL gets: Prince, Sessions + MEM (2016 pick) Reason MEM does it: We really need a trustworthy backup PG to relieve Mike for the playoff push. calathes isn't ready to take on full duties and DLeague time can help. Ridnour solves that issue and is real legitimate Conley insurance. He has a proven track record of being a productive starter and reserve. Koufos is a solid Center but losing minutes already to Davis and once Gasol comes back won't see floor at all. Biyombo is a 21yr old freak athletic proj big man that was a lottery pick. Perfect as a 4th or 5th situational big. His specialty is defense and shot-blocking (Potential Ben Wallace 2.0). So good fit beside Zbo or Leuer. Middleton is a solid young SF prospect can become Johnson's backup. Solid all-around player and has good size at 6'8'. Been shooting at a very high clip from 3 this season. Reason CHA does it: Bobcats are serious about playoffs and there biggest area of need is offense. They already offered Biyombo in previous trade rumors. Sessions is shooting at a horrendous rate even though his PG play has been decent. Also their best Bigs are Jefferson, Adrien (undersized) and McRoberts. Gary Neal solves the offensive issues with his +.40% shooting from 3. He can space floor for MKG and Kemba. Kosta becomes best backup C they ever had. Possibly can get a 2014 draft pick from CHA as well because they have two extra from DET and POR. Reason MIL does it: they are tanking and Neal is being aggressively shopped. Prince helps the tank without complaining while Sessions is an expiring (5mil) that is a decent backup for Knight. Sending them a draft pick would ensure the deal. New MEM Lineup: Mike/Ridnour/Calathes Lee/Tony/Franklin JJ/Middleton/Miller Zbo/Davis/Leuer Gasol/Biyombo This helps balance roster and gives us future talent to develop. Now playoff rotation will be: Mike/Ridnour Lee/Tony JJ/Miller Zbo/Davis Gasol Young talent to develop: Jamaal, Biyombo, Middleton, + two (2014) picks