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Found 1 result

  1. Ole Dirty Klondike

    What's the Current Lineup?

    With the earth-shaking moves of signing two lottery picks in Ben McLemore and Tyreke Evans, the NBA is running in fear of the Grizz. Take that OKC! Who cares if you got Paul George, we just signed 2, count them, not 1, but 2 former NBA lottery picks. What is the new lineup that we will roll out to play "Fizz's" style of ball? Starting Lineup: PG- Mike Conley, clearly barring any injury SG-???, is it BennyMacBo or TyTy? I have no idea, but I do think it's pretty sad that we have to choose between two guys who couldn't cut it on a 32-win team last season. As far as talent, I would go with TyTy but as far as fit, I would go with BennyMacBo. Well, I should say, based upon what everyone is hoping that BennyMacBo will be with his second chance in a new city in a stable franchise is a better option than TyTy. He's a better 3-point shooter and fits better in between Conley and Parsons. I guess Harrison is an option, which is quite sad cause most teams don't like at him as an option as an NBA player let alone a starter SF- Chandler Parsons, well, barring injury and if he can actually run up the court. The only question here is Chancun's health PF-???, Well, JaM isn't re-signed and his agent may have him in China next year. BWright was whining, crying, b!tching and moaning at the end of last season about playing time which is laughable coming from one of the most brittle players in NBA history but he may very well end up as our starting PF next season. He'll be out for the season by game 10 C- Marc Gasol, clearly barring any injury or off-season trade demand Bench: Guards- Assuming BennyMacBo starts, then Rekey will be the sixth man and allowed to score as much as he wants. I actually have no problem with that because he would not be disruptive as to what the starting lineup is doing. TyTy could go out and relive his Memphis Tigers days and just put his head down and getting to the rim. If he gets us 15 ppg off of the bench, that would be yuuuge. I would keep Troy Daniels to do what he did last year but to play him more but it's obvious that the almighty Fizz doesn't like his game. Just like he didn't like Z-Bo or VC or TA's games either and we see what happened there. I do like Selden even though he hasn't shown much. l have no clue on all of this other crap- Harrison, Baldwin, and Simmons. Just trade them all. Forwards- James Ennis is really going to have to step it up big time. I argued with people ad nausea last offseason about how he is not starter material and how I expected about 7-9 ppg from him at best whereas people thought he was easily going to avg double digits because of what he did on a horrible injury-riddled Pelicans team. He really has to step up this season because if he doesn't, well, he'll just get traded and he's in a contract year so no big deal really. I'm hoping that Rade is a steal. If he can come in and contribute at all, it would be a big plus. Jarell Martin-trade him, he's barely played in 2 years and looks lost, but but but, he's athletic.....and he has bad feet, not a good combination. Ivan Rabb and Dillon Brooks may actually get some pt, which is saying a lot about this team C- DD, it's all on you buddy. You better perform. Coach- I'm not sold on Fizz, or his secret super duper style of play that everyone keeps talking about. Nor am I sold that he's some super duper developer of talent either. I'm not from Missouri but he's going to have to show me. I had serious questions about him last year but it was his first year. If he repeats his same mistakes and this team misses the playoffs, yes, I feel that he should be on the hot seat. This team is not giving me a warn and fuzzy about being a playoff contender next year as of 7/8. Obviously, things can change, we may swing a big trade or somehow sign someone meaningful with our remaining $3.2 million but as of right now, this looks like a team of cast-offs, injury prone players and inexperienced players whose NBA talent is questionable.