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Found 2 results

  1. cdp

    Pelicans Grizzlies

    Apologies in advanced, this trade looks good to me right about now if you know what i mean; Tyreke Evans $10,734,586, $10,203,755 (2016-17) Kendrick Perkins $947,276 for Courtney Lee $5,675,000 Vince Carter $4,088,019 Jamychal Green $845,059 Future 1st rounder (would have to be after Denver AND Boston gets their picks we traded to them) Gets us our go to man right now, and a big man for the rest of the season. Opens up lots more cap space for the Pelicans to reload around Davis again next year.
  2. Collection of recent articles that has me thinking(dangerous!) about what is best move for Grizz FO. "So what can we draw from all of this? These numbers that we’ve attempted to digest give us some of the story regarding the war of the wings, but alas there is much more story to be told. While definite conclusions are hard to come by, there are a few things that are for sure. 1) Courtney Lee + anybody = good things, for now at least. Keep playing Courtney Lee. 2) Courtney Lee + Tayshaun Prince = very good things. Again, for now at least. 3) Mike Miller paired with Tony Allen or Tayshaun Prince will make me shudder from here on out. 4) James Johnson and Tony Allen’s shared minutes will be something to keep an eye on." "Three roads diverged in the Grindhouse. And one father of the Grit and the Grind, possibly looking down the path to the end of his time as a starter, or as a Grizzly entirely. The arrival of Courtney Lee has allowed for the need of the unique skill set of Tony Allen, Grizzlies starter, to come in to question. So which road should the Grizzlies front office take as they stare down the paths ahead of them?" "One thing is for certain: when Allen comes back, he comes back to a team that has flourished with Courtney Lee starting in his spot. Since coming to the Grizzlies from the Celtics in exchange for Jerryd Bayless, Lee has proven himself to be an excellent shooter and a solid defender, and while he's not the world class stopper that Allen is, the truth is that Allen hasn't really played up to his normal standard for much of this year, presumably because he's been fighting through so many injuries (you may remember that he missed several games in an earlier stretch due to a thigh contusion suffered in a December win over the Phoenix Suns). The Grizzlies have an awful lot of wing players now, and they all seem to have overlapping skill sets: Lee, Allen, Jamaal Franklin, Quincy Pondexter, James Johnson, and Tayshaun Prince. They don't all do the same things, but each of them has something in common with the others. It's a bit of a logjam at the 2 and 3 spots when everyone is healthy." All the articles are recommended reading and are asking the hard questions that fans of the Grindfather may not want to read. The team still has a hole at backup PG that will be addressed. So does it make sense to explore trades for tony allen to address that need and not disrupt the chemistry we have going now? Tayshaun is widely viewed as the weak link but the team is still clicking with him in starting lineup alongside Lee and the lineup numbers are fine with any combination of the current 4 man wing rotation. Tayshaun is overpaid for this season and next. However, Tony is declining too and we have him locked up for 3 more years. Is the wiser move to trade Tony and keep Tayshaun? Tony definitely has way more trade value than Prince does and already has replacements on the roster waiting behind him (Jamaal and Qpon). If he is moved for a PG then we save money and have minimal disruption to current chemistry. Something to really think about. thoughts?