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  1. southbluffsgrizzfan

    We Should Trade the Pick

    BUT, if we could get Doncic, shouldn't we NOT trade and take him? I know its all conjecture, but I am seeing several draft projections that have SAC wanting Bagley and Hawks wanting J. J. J. J. Jackson Jr. (lol) and these predictions have Doncic being available at 4. IF that turns out to be the case, we need to take Luka, don't we? If we are counting on CWallace to pull off some kind of great draft night trade, I think we can forget it. He will give away way more than he gets. For a trade of this magnitude, you can bet Wallace will give away our next 2 or 3 2nd round picks and maybe a 1st just because when you trade with Wallace, you come away with our picks. If RC Buford and Pop or Sam Presti were engineering a draft night trade for MEM, then maybe it would be a good idea, but CWallace is not the guy. I say take Doncic if he is there and limit Wallace's wheeling and dealing. Pick #4 and then pick at #32 and see where you are. The more latitude you give Wallace for trading, the worse its going to get. We just don't come out most of the time. Sometimes he gets lucky and hits on a 2nd rounder but for the most part his trade history isn't great.
  2. southbluffsgrizzfan

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Were it not for his back, Porter would have been the consensus #1 pick throughout this past NCAA basketball season. When he signed with Mizzou, it was always known he was one and done and most likely the top pick. I would love to have a 6-10 guy who can shoot from outside and can get his shot from the wing position, but God knows MEM has such horrrible luck (see Chandler Parsons) when taking chances with possibly injured players that it would be hard for me to pick him. Not saying I wouldnt, but this pick HAS GOT TO BE RIGHT! The franchise cant afford to mess this one up if it wants to be relavant in the upcoming years. Free agents arent flocking to MEM, never have and most likely never will unless we can somehow win 3-5 championships like SAS has done and JB becomes a hall of fame coach who guys WANT to play for and will come to MEM for. Bagley seems fine, but he has to be gotten the ball doesnt he? He is a big with a high motor and good BBIQ but we need a wing who can make plays, right? Who can handle the ball and get his own shot, right?? We need someone to compliment Mike C and Marc. I keep getting led back to Doncic if we could somehow get him. But then I do respect GParrish's opinion. Its his job to watch these guys all season long. He really likes Bagley and is not blown away by Doncic, so who the heck knows???
  3. southbluffsgrizzfan

    The worst thing about getting the 4th pick

    no doubt, but there isnt any way Luka will be there at 4, is there??????? I would love it if there were, but it doesnt seem possible.
  4. southbluffsgrizzfan

    The worst thing about getting the 4th pick

    Jaren Jackson is a big body but can he shoot? We need someone who can make plays, can handle the ball. Mo Bamba is 7 ft tall but weighs like 150 lbs. Michael Porter Jr is scary cause he simply did not play. Who is the best pick left for MEM after Ayton, Doncic and Bagley are off the board? I just knew we would get one of those 3. Man what crappy luck.
  5. southbluffsgrizzfan

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Well I know the old basketball adage at draft time--pick the best player available regardless of position and then go from there. Who is the best of all the kids? Is it Ayton? Is it Bagley? The Sporting News is saying Grizz should pick Luka Doncic. He is 6-7 and only 19 years old. I guess its fun to have a high pick. It adds excitement to the off season and can help build excitement for the upcoming season, but man Im scared the Grizz are going to screw this up. Their track record is just not good. Maybe with Hollinger and Ed Stefanski helping CWallace (and no Tony Barone and Mr Heisley to make a Thabeet type pick), the Grizz can make the right choice. I want all the suffering the team and the fans went through watching this horrible last season to pay off and the team get a player who can be that cornerstone of the team for upcoming years as Mike and Marc play out the twilight of their careers.
  6. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    and that is why I have been asking questions about him. I remember him in college. Dont remember much about his NBA career and had no idea he went to China, but he went to China for a reason and that had to be because he didnt stick in the Association. We all know no free agent who is worth his salt is going to sign with Memphis in the off season unless they cannot find another team OR they are injured (see Chandler Parsons), so this might be the only way we can get a guy that can go get buckets. Him being nonchalant at the end is most likely a function of him knowing he has a contract now and the players are not stupid. They know what is going on. They know that winning a game at this point in the season could be counterproductive. I guess Im just skeptical about MBrooks and CWallace signing him. It just seems awful fast, but who knows, he may have matured in China and his game gotten better and we got him for a couple of years. We can only hope.
  7. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    gotcha, OK.
  8. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    The team with the worst record could still NOT get the top pick, right? That team is guaranteed no lower than 3 though, I think. Not sure who I want MEM to get. What is the general consensus on the board? Bagley III? Ayton? Someone else?
  9. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    so we are guaranteed no lower than 5 in the draft now?? Freakin Phoenix still with a worse record than we have. Come on Grizz, no more wins this season. Let Marc rest his foot. Tyreke is not with the team. Hope that is not a bad sign. Hope we can convince him to stay in MEM.
  10. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

  11. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    Good deal.
  12. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    wonder if he will play any D. From what you are saying about him, he is some instant offense that we need and he is someone who can get his shot, but what about on the other end? I havent seen enough of him to know and not sure what kind of defensive player he was before he went to China.
  13. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    they need to rest Marshon the rest of the way and not win this game. We have got to get one of those top 3 (hopefully #1) picks to make all of this horrible season worthwhile.
  14. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    Must admit, havent been keeping up with Grizz things very closely, but I do know MEM signed Marshy to a multi year deal. Isnt it true he has been out of the league for awhile? (how long?) Is this just a desperation signing or do you think he could really contribute to a team that will be actually trying to make the post season next season? **edit- I see Marshy has been in China for the last few years balling over there.
  15. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis @ New Orleans 01/20/18

    tonight is not the only night Reke has been "cooled off" compared to what he was doing. Its only natural that other teams will scheme to stop Reke when they play the Grizzlies because we really dont have much else with Mike hurt and Chandler.....well.....being hurt Chandler like he is. Reke has been drawing a lot of attention defensively lately as he should. And yes, NOLA having Davis/Boogie does make it doubly hard for Reke since a lot of his game is getting to the rim.