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  1. What about Graysen Allen from Duke

    How good is his from 3 point range ???
  2. Can someone tell why JJJ is even a top ten pick?besides being young ?? I just don't understand it he plays like just a regular guy nothing especial at all.
  3. Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    I don't want him I think his injury is long term.

    It sucks that we got burn with Thabeet I don't like this thabeet =Bamba comparisons I think they're lazy and dumb. But I get why so many fans don't want that again.
  5. Porter already has back surgery at 19 no thank you. JJJ is not a to 5 pick. I'll go with Mo or Trae.

    "Gets on the Mo Bamba bandwagon "
  7. It's the Final Countdown!!!

    Bamba or young
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't want Bagley at all I get why some people do but I just think you can find a Bagley anywhere. While Ayton ,Donic and Bamba are one of a kind.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    1.Donic :super high IQ and a very a hard worker never takes plays off and his just 18 years old .Will take him a while to get use to NBA speed. 2.Bamba :don't really know why I like him but I do ...not a superstar but a solid player for years to come. 3.Ayton :I'm down on Ayton unlike Donic he has no leadership skills and a very low basketball IQ especially on defense. But the offense might be to good to pass .
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't understand why people don't have Donic on their radar.Is it because he is European? Or just playing in Europe?? Some people here write him off completely not even in their top 7 which I think is absouly crazy.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I saw Ayton last two games and his defense is not that great. But who cares the dude is a monster on offense clearly the number 1 pick.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Is real Madrid you can find streams around the net almost anywhere they are one of the most famous and most watched teams in Europe. Sometimes they put on games on Bein sports on cable. ***Donic is injured right now they say it's a 2 week injury with a calf ...nothing major though he could play now but won't because of the draft is coming up.
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    1.Donic :Elite basketball Iq elite passer and pick and roll player. Lacks foot speed and athlesism which hurts him on one on one defense situations. However because of his high IQ he plays solid teams defense. 2.Ayton Legit offense with potential to get even better. Has the tools to be a top defender but is out of position and gets lost defense often. 3.Bamba same as ayton but backwards. Could be a thatbeet though :0if things don't go well.
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Donic is in Europe so he gets penalize because we are not watching him . Donic has 3 years worth of tape while this guys are freshman ...if you ask me Donic is the safest less risky pick.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Porter look like a Grandpa yesterday the dude is not even close at been 100%. Bagley sizes worries me is he a 4 or is he a 3 is very unclear and I personally don't like that.