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  1. Precisely. Saying the players' inexcusable lack of effort is basically because the fans have hurt their feelings or something is the stupidest excuse possible. From both a talent and a professionalism perspective, this current Grizzlies squad may very well be the worst team in NBA history to be consistently taking the floor. It's an absolute embarrassment to the fans, and the city.
  2. This is ridiculous. At the end of the day, these are "professionals" that are all getting 6-7 figure salaries to play a game. If they can't so much as even try to put an entertaining product out on the floor, they don't deserve their jobs. Fans will be fans, they say stuff all the time, it's the players jobs to play and give it 100% every night no matter what. This team doesn't do that. That's their problem and nobody else's.
  3. It's moves like the Durant signing why I'm really starting to dislike the NBA as a league. Only 2 or 3 teams realistically have a shot at the title nowadays (barring injuries) because the league doesn't have the guts to stop all the superstars from ganging up. The Heat model changed how the NBA functions. It doesn't matter if you draft well, or have a great coaching staff, or even build a strong team anymore, it all boils down to what the top players in the league want to do. You look at something like the NFL in comparison it's virtually a different team every year that wins the Super Bowl. For at least the next year, unless you're a Cavs or a Warriors fan, you're hopes of seeing a title in your city is basically 0. It's just stupid.
  4. This is absolutely ridiculous. As much as I like Conley, there's no way on Earth he's worth this kind of money. Even with a higher cap, you can't justify paying $153 million to a guy who's never even made an All Star appearance, and who's stats are half of what players like Lebron/Curry/Durant put up each game. Think about this: what we just paid to Parsons and Conley today was the same cost as the FedexForum. Frankly, I would have preferred a new arena...
  5. Mike Conley Recruiting Video From Grizz

    I kind of agree, but I think they're more for fan entertainment than actually trying to recruit players to stay. Let's be real, when there's millions of dollars and years of a player's career on the line, a video with Justin Timberlake and some ballet dancers probably isn't going to be a factor in their decision to leave/stay at all. Not to mention that they have agents who basically make the decisions for them.
  6. Funny how everybody has an HD camera in their pocket now but we can't get a clear photo of a high-profile NBA meeting happening in public. Guess the same goes for pictures of Bigfoot and the lock ness monster too......
  7. Who's Running The Franchise?

    By the way, I think it's certainly possible for an owner to take a less active role in a franchise, but if/when that's the case, they HAVE to put the time in to establish an effective management team. Obviously Levien was a disaster, and then Pera seemed to dump control back onto Wallace just because he was still around. But his role is even murky. The fact that fans even have to ask the question of "who's running the franchise" is a serious problem and shows a dire lack of leadership.
  8. Who's Running The Franchise?

    That's a fair point, though some would argue that if his business affairs are in such disarray that he can't even attend games in person, it may be best for him to consider selling. Owning an NBA team is more than a hobby, it's certainly a business as well. If you don't want/can't take on the responsibilities and only want to treat it as another investment, then you should only buy 49% of the team and let somebody else become the managing owner. Would anyone know, has Pera been fulfilling his role to the NBA as an owner? The biggest obligation I can think of is attending board of governors meetings and such, though I'm sure there has to be other responsibilities involved. I guess I'm just curious if Pera is absent from every aspect of ownership, not just the visible/team oriented role.
  9. Who's Running The Franchise?

    I know it's just one example, but I always thought the challenging Tony Allen to a 1-on-1 game, even though it fell through, seemed like somebody who was going to be more involved with the team. It just seems like Pera won't even get involved as a fan, much less as an active owner. Obviously he's got work obligations, but it's literally a half day excursion for him to hop on a private jet, fly to Memphis, and watch a 2 hour game. The fact that he doesn't even think Playoff games are worth a trip is pretty disappointing.
  10. Who's Running The Franchise?

    I don't have anything really specific against Pera's ownership style, but it is just a bit annoying how he was essentially trying to portray himself as Mark Cuban 2.0 to the fans when he orginally bought the team, but then he's basically fallen off the map since then. The Levien fiasco was pretty bad too. It seemed to be an issue that was at least partially due to an owner who couldn't decide how involved he wants to be in day to day operations. Pera strikes me as a young guy trying to build a tech giant that thought it would be 'fun' or 'cool' to own an NBA team without realizing what kind of a time investment is required for long term success. Whether he likes it or not, he's the boss of the team and needs to be more involved than just getting a phone call or an email when it's convenient.
  11. Fire Dave Joerger

    Inside out basketball is dumping the ball into the post and throwing it back out to the key or the wing when the double comes. That is exactly how we play. The Spurs are not an inside out team. They are a dynamic team that have both interior and perimeter capabilities, with superior 3pt shooting abilities. None of the teams that win championships these days follow the inside out game plan. It's about ball movement, drive and kicks, and shooting. With maybe 1 or 2 bigs that can post up as a second or third offensive option.
  12. Fire Dave Joerger

    The Spurs definitely have a post option in Aldridge, but the biggest difference between them and us is that they have the perimeter ball movement and shooting abilities to compliment it. Teams learned long ago that if you clog the lane and double Zbo/Marc when they try and post up, you basically shut down the Grizzlies' offense. If you try that strategy with the Spurs, they just have Leonard flare out to the wing and have Mills or Parker push the tempo until they can find an open man for 3. Basically 1/3 of their team shoots close to, or above 40% from beyond the arc. Conley, Barnes, and Carter are basically our only consistent 3 point threats and they average out to around 35%. In this day and age, NBA games are won, and lost, at the 3pt line. San Antonio and GSW have figured that out. That's why they're going to meet in the Conference Finals.
  13. Fire Dave Joerger

    When all was said and done, I think I'm basically indifferent with DJ at the helm at this point. I don't think it's fair to demand he be fired, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over seeing him go. Obviously what he had to deal with from a roster perspective this season was unprecedented. I think even the worst coach deserves a bit of a pass with that. On the other hand, I think there needs to be some serious restructuring with the FO personnel. Putting the injuries aside, it's obvious that Chris Wallace and co. have not been putting the team in a position to compete in the playoffs for the long term. We need leadership that is going to embrace the model of Warrior's basketball with speed, athetisim, and strong outside shooting capabilities. The inside-out era is dying in NBA and we are not adjusting.
  14. Player Exit Interviews

    To me, this is a pretty troubling viewpoint and it's precisely this type of thinking that we need to move away from going forward. This season aside, if there's one thing we've learned over the past 5 years it's that the Zach/Mike/Marc core surrounded by aging 'has-been' vets is NOT a formula that can get you to a level beyond the first or second round of the Playoffs. I'm not saying it's bad to have some older vets on the roster, but we all know if we retain Vince and Matt, Joerger is going to rely heavily on them. We need to start following the trend around the league and begin focusing on youth/athleticism and consistent outside shooting. If we don't start moving in a new direction, we will be doint exactly what Einstein defined as insanity.
  15. San Antonio @ Memphis 04/22/16

    I'm calling it: this has been THE most unlucky season experienced by any team in the history of professional sports. Not just the NBA or basketball, but any team. I'm not joking either. This is unbelievable.