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  1. Im late to this party, but...I like CW as a GM...he was cool... LETS BRING BACK THE SLAM MAGAZINE COVER!!! lol
  2. T Grizzle

    The Courtney Lee Element

    all I'm saying is that if we make the playoffs and play the Spurs, I think with Lee we have a different element.. If he scores with MC...I think we have an edge... Parker is playing hurt with that back... no way he is gonna bring what he brought against us in that final last yr with his back injury...
  3. T Grizzle

    Atleast We Have A Bright Future

    Young Team...but holes to fill....
  4. T Grizzle

    You Pick #25

    We better draft Tony Wroten!!! #thatisall
  5. T Grizzle

    New and improved!

    Hey... Im new to the board and has been a fan of the Grizz here in Nashville/Cashville since Shareef Im definitely looking forward to this season GO GRIZZ!!