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  1. Parsons Out for Rest of Season

    That' been my thought all season.
  2. Ping pong time.

    I'm which you. My natural inclination is to stay away from Euro Lottery picks. However, I kinda want to Griz to pick three and for Luca to be there as well. My traditional BBall side says got with Bagley.
  3. Money and the cap being what it is, I doubt the real moves that are needed will come to pass. Next year, all I really expect, especially with a rookie in the starting line up, is a return to the playoffs. It is after Chandler and Marc's contracts fall off that the will have room to build around the pick.
  4. I don't trust rookies. So if they get Doncic, next year I would want both. I would go with Reke as the sixth. I really would try Reke in the starting lineup first: Mike/Reke/Doncic/{FA or Trade asset}/Tank with a rotation of: Harrison/Brooks/Brooks/Parsons/Rabb fill out the bench with: JMart/Davis/Kobi/2nd Rounder/trade fodder
  5. You have a lot more faith in some of the guys then I do. I realize that finances and contracts are a hamstring to the is org, but much like the Memphis Tigers are eating Tubby Smith's contract, then the Grizz should do the same with a bunch of their guys. If I have my way, no. 3, 5, 6, and 11 are immediately done after the season. I might reconsider Jarrell as a tweener to fill out roster spots. And DD would spend all his time with the Hustle. That is, again, contingent on drafting Ayton or Bagz.
  6. All this, Then find cheap specialist or two to fill out the bench. Obviously, I'm cutting a ton of guys (I'm looking at you Ben and Wayne). Get a spot shooter and a wing defender.
  7. Inverted Standings Watch

    Considering that Marshon was just in China, there is no reason to overpay this season. The FO needs to do what it can to keep both and to find another serviceable-to-starter-level-guy wing. Even with a Mike back at his 2017 playoff level, Chandler making a reasonable contribution, and Tank focused and sans mood for all of the '18-'19 season the team still needs to upgrade talent. The more guys that can get buckets the better. We all hope that the Grizz land a transcendent talent in this draft. Yet, the kid will still be just a rookie and the team will still have a lot of wholes to fill. One of the biggest need is to have multiple offensive threats which helps counter sagging defenses and reduce those gawd-awful scoring droughts this team goes through so often.
  8. Draft Trade Down Scenarios

    'Nuff said.
  9. Going all-in on guards draft (maybe this is the way to go?)

    Diallo would be great if he is still there in the mid 20s.
  10. Going all-in on guards draft (maybe this is the way to go?)

    I still holding out hope that the FO is able to acquire a late pick in this draft. ( I know Cris Wallace BWAHAHAHAAHA). Anyway, If they hold on and get a top 3 pick then I think they are in good shape. If they drop out of the top 5 I wouldn't mind so much as long as the FO is still able to get a late pick. This team needs as many bites at the apple that they can get in terms of finding additional talent.
  11. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    This But the real problem is a system that is setup that essentially makes such activities both illegal but also necessary to succeed.
  12. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Oh I could get on my soapbox for hours.... Despite what you make think about them, when John Ford was in the state Senate and Harold Sr.was in the Congress, things got done in and for Memphis. Oh sure there was a lot that was needed then as is now. Still, those dudes looked out for all their constituents. However, in the past 20 years the city of Memphis and West Tennessee has abdicated all their political power to one-stop-sign towns like Spit Bucket and Hog Nuts East TN. And the result is that there has been little to no real investment in the area. Instead, we see the continual drain of talented youth leaving as they don't see sufficient opportunity. The funny thing is that with the extreme low cost of living and a couple of other factors the city actually is a leader in opportunity for minority entrepreneurship.
  13. Will Memphis Ever Host An Nba All Star Game?

    Atlanta and Nashville are similar in that a lot of the numbers behind their statistics come from the surrounding counties (Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett for ATL and Williamson, Rutherford for Ca$hville) essentially being incorporated. Economically, their neighbors live more symbiotically the Metropolitan centers whereas the counties surrounding Memphis are more parasitic in nature. If Tipton, Fayette, Desoto and Crittendon counties cooperated on the same scale with Shelby county as those counties that surround ATL and Nashville the Memphis would appear in a different light. Then again, if all the municipalities within Shelby had the same/similar vision of Davidson and Fulton counties respectively then we would have consolidated government at the county level decades ago and Memphis and the surrounding area could have enjoyed similar growth.
  14. IMO There are three types of tank: 1. All out tank - Philly 2. Stockpile - Boston 3. Injury induced - San Antonio Most people (and the FO) are hoping that method three is able to land a Tim Duncan-esque player to pair with the Grizz version of David Robinson and Avery Johnson. The more aggressive proponents probably favor how Danny Anige was able to fleece Brooklyn for picks. As well as to move on from aging All Star players while their values were still high but obviously declining. There have been a few insufferable years but it did not take Boston too long to get back into the playoffs and now be posed as a possible title contender. I think everybody fears going the Philly route. This market could not endure a 5-10 year process. Personally, I favor a combination of 2 and 3. It is obvious the team is not going anywhere so get the best pick you can. At the same time, realize that there are only a hand full of assets on this team. In that vein, do what you got to do to get another 1st in this draft. And if like Boston you can get additional future picks, then make it so! You get the benefit to help develop the young guys and better evaluate who could be part of a contender in the near future or become a valuable trade asset. There is the plus of freeing up capspace to become more proactive in the FA market in 2020 and beyond. After that, it is just the practically that this market cannot survive prolonged ineptitude that result when organizations do not plan better for the inevitable decline of aging star players. We can't keep everybody so keep 1 and get what you can for the other guy.
  15. Clippers @ Memphis 12/23/2017

    Beating the Clips is a good Christmas present.