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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Very intriguing but I'd rather try to get #16 and #17 from them and then try to move back into the bottom half of the top 10 for a Mikal Bridges or Wendell Carter.
  2. Ping pong time.

    Gut feeling is that we're going to be in the top three.
  3. Head Coach Thread

    Orlando just fired Frank Vogel, who Memphis tried to hire before settling on Fizdale a couple years ago. Could see Memphis trying to get him this time around, though I wouldn't be thrilled about it if he's hired. Still think they'll probably just lazily extend JB, unfortunately.
  4. Inverted Standings Watch

    Thank all of y'all for making this season bearable - Tankathon 2018 was a blast. Had no confidence that we'd pull this off but this was definitely a successful tank job. May 15 can't come fast enough.
  5. Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    “It is with intent that I referred to the ‘Memphis Grizzlies’ in the previous sentence, because I am committed to Memphis as an NBA market and as the home of the Grizzlies."
  6. Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    The more I heard about Kaplan the more I worried about Seattle. I don’t think Pera will ever move this team so I was hoping for this. Now about our GM...
  7. Detroit @ Memphis 04/08/18

    We're in Minnesota tomorrow night against a team fighting for their playoff lives and fully loaded with Jimmy Butler back. Top-5 is a virtual lock.
  8. Detroit @ Memphis 04/08/18

    Shout out to Atlanta for giving us a two game cushion.
  9. Inverted Standings Watch

    Hawks are doing in the twilight of their horrible season what I was almost positive we were going to do. Just beat the Celtics on the road.
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    Suns' last game is at Dallas, which will be the tank game to end all tank games - a game where G-leaguers will chuck their way out of their basketball dreams from every spot on the court, where Rick Carlisle will be so exasperated he'll actually grow hair to pull out, where even forfeiture isn't out of the question. So we should lose out. Because Phoenix might just lose a little less than their opponent on April 10.
  11. Inverted Standings Watch

    Right now we can only win one of the three remaining games to ensure that we secure the #2 odds slot.
  12. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    All but. Two games ahead of Atlanta at #3, with three games left, two of them being road games against OKC and Minnesota.
  13. Sacramento @ Memphis 04/06/18

    Top five son!
  14. Inverted Standings Watch

    Y’all... Atlanta just beat Washington on the road.
  15. Marshon signed to two year deal

    Great news. If we are a playoff contender he will be big for us if he keeps up this play next year. If we are terrible he'll be a great trade asset for Wallace to bungle.