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  1. PragmaticIdealist

    What Do You Think Is Really The Problem?

    This is my take a well but I don't blame it on the leaders. I can't remember the last time the Grizz were in this position. They are usually fighting for a playoff spot, not for seeding. They are tired and they are getting out hustled by teams who are hungrier for wins. They don't have the talent to win on talent alone. This team has always depended a great deal on heart, guts, and self-sacrifice. They are very tired and they don't have that burning drive or goal to win each and every game. When I have watched games ( and I've missed more this year) what I have seen is them getting beat on hustle plays. That rarely happened in the past. The biggest question is can they turn that on in the playoffs? I don't know.
  2. PragmaticIdealist

    An Excellent Analysis Of The Grizzlies Newfangled Offense

    We don't really need an advanced stat. We can look at Tony's steals vs Lee's. (which no one has to actually do). Its actually a flaw in the advanced stats in a way bc it can't pick up on those distinction. Which is better? Points off of turnovers or higher efficiency in the half court? It's easy to say right now wit the the off and def rating but in the playoffs and against the top teams the importance likely switches. The turnovers become harder to get and the overall offensive efficiency becomes a truer reflection of the offensive rating.
  3. PragmaticIdealist

    An Excellent Analysis Of The Grizzlies Newfangled Offense Its bleacher report, but its not bad either.
  4. PragmaticIdealist

    Grizzlies Are Scary Good.....

    The mavs were supposed to get scary with Rondo.... haven't watched them. Is Rondo done, bad fit, or just not enough?
  5. PragmaticIdealist

    This Is How The "affable One" Pulled It Off

    Anybody wondering about Green's production on from the bench vs starting? TA is the one most likely to grumble coming off the bench, but may make the most sense as it puts two balanced players in the starting line up with Vince your off the bench scorer. . Courtney lee is the best pure shooter we have. I would think he would be wanted with Marc and zach both out there. It worked and the minute distribution is probably right.... not sure if the right starting group is figured out yet. Kinda fun to watch and learn though Caveat.. I missed the second half last night. I have it DVR'd and hope to get to it soon,
  6. PragmaticIdealist

    Grizzlies Acquire Jeff Green And Russ Smith

    Everything i read has said Green is not a two way player. My guess is it will match up dependent
  7. PragmaticIdealist

    Stein Reports Grizz Pursuing

    our pick doesnt really matter at this point. We barely have room to develop the rookies we have now.
  8. PragmaticIdealist

    Getting It Done

    Good Article
  9. PragmaticIdealist

    What The Warriors Taught Us

    I agree with most of what you're saying except that the Warriors remained poised. They most definitely did not. From wild threes by Curry to bad fouls, to two techs.... They got frustrated and the Grizz remained poised, imo. But the offense did get stuck and I think players were looking to Mike to bail them out again.... Marc wasn't as decisive, Zach was made mostly ineffective, but came through with a couple of clutch shots. CLee was a bit invisible for me... maybe it was a match up thing. But the Warriors were doing a good job defending in the paint. MC was having an off night shooting and Clee wasn't getting shots. That left a lot of long two's for Marc - he hit those early on and made them pay but started missing them late.. I am not sure if it was a mentality thing or guys shots not falling. Normally when the do that, they go inside- but teh Warriors did a good job of making that very difficult. Overall I think it was their poise vs the Warriors desperation that got the win.
  10. PragmaticIdealist

    What Do The Spurs Do To Z-Bo?

    I don't think we even disagree on that. It sounds like we actually agree across the board. As long as they are not focusing so much on iso that it slows down ball and player movement then i am good. So I think we pretty much agree with the proper strategy. I thought they were iso'ing too much and you think it was just a bad shooting day for zbo. Differences we can live with. ;-)
  11. PragmaticIdealist

    What Do The Spurs Do To Z-Bo?

    I am not sure that zbo is the zbo of the past. Many of those misses that "he normally makes" I am not sure is the case. What I do feel more confident about is that the overall offense seems to work better when they focus on ball movement and player movement. I think focusing on match ups takes them away from a style that they are developing into their own. Please note the many "thinks" and "not sure" language. I think your perspective is very reasonable but overall I like how the offense flows better with ball and player movement. What clouds my perspective is I like that form of offense better anyway and I think it highlights the skills of Marc and Mike... so my personal bias may cloud the issue for me. I would welcome anyone with numbers that could back up either perspective.
  12. PragmaticIdealist


  13. PragmaticIdealist

    What Do The Spurs Do To Z-Bo?

    Could you imagine Curry on this team right now?... that's a painful thought...
  14. PragmaticIdealist

    What Do The Spurs Do To Z-Bo?

    For the the spurs are an ideal the Grizz are trying to reach. They have spent many more seasons getting there than the Grizz. In getting and developing the right players. They do an excellent job of molding and fitting players to their model every year. For the Grizz, its not one thing. I think mostly its simply offensively they are more efficient. I think BHZ explanation was excellent and only missed on the affect it has on the overall game. The grizz depend on stops to win games. They do not depend on consistent offensive production that wears people down with scoring. I think they are trying to get there. But the spurs show them where they are lacking. And the result is a full game of catch up. In simple terms, the Spurs make it a game about offense over defense where the Grizz want the reverse. The answer for the Grizz? Keep iterating and evolving. They have to keep focusing from FO to player on getting more powerful and efficient offensively and realize that today's NBA its not enough to be an elite defense... you have to be elite in scoring efficiency as well. I think they are getting there but they don't trust it. BHZ is right, the stretch four was killing Z-bo. The grizz wanted to punish them for that by using the match up disadvantage that presented on other side. But the Spurs KNEW that was going to be the reaction and was able to stop that one thing with good team defense. When the Grizz stopped being so match up focused and play good team basketball - they actually matched the spurs pretty well. That is what they need to do.. Be confident in their offense and not worry so much about Z-bo a a liabiilty on defense. It could very much be against that particular team- z-bo doesn't play is much. I think as the Grizz increase their offensive efficiency Z-bo is slowly going to become less a factor. And that is natural and good. I think when the Grizz are offensively at their best- z-bo is just another part of the team and is not an emphasis in the attack. In the end, I think the Grizz are on the right track... keep evolving and iterating and they can be as good as the Spurs have been for years with Marc and not Zbo being the team's Duncan.
  15. PragmaticIdealist

    Conley For President

    LOL could be that too