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  1. Zbo did have an amazing game. I think the overall magnitude of Conleys game was just tremendous. Broken face, hurt foot, and going against a team that had only lost 2 home games all year. And oh yea they crowned the MVP that same game and he is the opposing PG. Then Conley proceeds to lead the team to victory in stunning fashion and shows all kinds of guts in the process.
  2. Mike Conley's Injurie

    Or he's just going through some non contact shooting drills before the game and still going to not play in the actual game.
  3. Mike Conley's Injurie

    But did Westbrook have multiple face fractures or just one?
  4. I'm willing to sell them for 250$ total.
  5. Grizzlies & Cavaliers - 10/22/2014

    Once again I am not understanding the Q hate.
  6. Who is he going to get his assists off of? Prince shooting bricks, TA missing layups and jump shots, zbo who holds the ball and has to do jab steps and whatnot before shooting. Doesn't have an athletic big he can do a pick and roll with and they finish strong at the rim. Doesn't necessarily have a deadeye shooter to pass to and get assists off of. Really the only play I can see Conley getting assists from is the high pick and roll with Marc where Marc catches the ball and immediately shoots that 15 foot jumper. And oh yea sometimes for some reason he hesitates and passes up that shot that we all know he can make.
  7. Grizzlies @ Mavericks - 10/20/2014

    Well I dont really see anybody else on the team putting up the numbers he is. Won't he be coming off the bench this year probably? So he will be playing bench players during the season for most of his minutes.
  8. Grizzlies @ Mavericks - 10/20/2014

    I dont see why so many people are down on Q. Last 3 preseason games he's looked pretty solid to me. averaging 16 ppg shooting 47% from 3 (7/15) and 52% from the field overall in about 23 min per game. Doesn't look to bad to me at all.
  9. Late Bloomers...are Gasol And Randolph Just Entering Their Prime

    Not to mention that Zbo still has a bad habit of trying to score on two or three defenders instead of kicking the ball out.
  10. What was crazy is that one strip of Conley was his only TO of the night. Horrible timing
  11. Grizzlies @ Thunder - 4/19/2014

    Unprepared doesn't really have much to do with all these missed shots, okc is just more talented period.
  12. Thought this was a nice little piece
  13. Grizzlies & Nuggets - 4/4/2014

    I wish Zbo could recognize the double team earlier and pass the ball, getting kind of tired of him trying to bully his way through double teams and traffic in the lane.
  14. Who Should Be The Grizzlies #1 Option?

    If I remember correctly Conley had some pretty impressive stat lines against the Clips and Thunder in last years playoffs. He literally was our driving force for quarters at a time at points.