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  1. Rudy Taking A Shot At Our Guys?

    Lol. Why are you so bitter?? Im pretty sure Rudy is part of the reason Memphis has the record it has now, you should thank him for that alone. Since arriving in Toronto, they have a winning record, against playoff teams, cant ask him to do better than on a bad team. All you need to be worrried about is Memphis, not what some guy from a 20-32 team is saying....
  2. Espn Sucks!

    Speaking of, he gave us mad props today on the clippers-heat broadcast. Was a little shocked...
  3. Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    You are the most floppiest flip flopper in Grizz Fandom History.
  4. Tracking Playoff Position

    That may be true but I guarantee you he didnt mean it that way.
  5. Tracking Playoff Position

    Instead of taking a jumper Manu went all the way to the basket for a open lay-up, it went in but he got it off too late.
  6. Tracking Playoff Position

    Jazz are going to lose now.
  7. Tracking Playoff Position

    Whats with the bus load of season ending injuries in the last part of the season? Crazy.
  8. Tracking Playoff Position

    Go Jazz? It would have us tied at the 7th spot with NO. BUT thats a lot to ask of the Jazz, after getting blown out twice to OKC and us, they're playing a back-to-back. They might not even show up.
  9. Tracking Playoff Position

    Portland has 6 back to back games to end the season. I figured if they went 1-1 in all of them then that will already give them 6 losses. They're 0-2 in their first one, thank you Portland. Now if we can win a couple more before Rudy returns (Please God) we'll be in good shape to at least get sixth. Hopefully the guys rebound after this one (ugly), because losing 3 in a row wont be helpful at all.
  10. Tracking Playoff Position

    They play the Nugs tomorrow.
  11. Tracking Playoff Position

    I dont see how. We lost a tough one against NO but beat DAL and OKC both which were probably losses in many peoples minds. And we almost beat NY today. Its more of other teams keeping it close than us shooting ourselves in the foot. Hoping we win and others lose is just wishful thinking.
  12. Tracking Playoff Position

    JJ Barea and Marion were more of a factor than Chandler was that game.
  13. Tracking Playoff Position

    Today is another chance to get the 7th seed. If we win and NO losses it'll be ours. Hopefully we'll grab it and don't look back. Much rather face Dallas than SA but cant complain with the latter.
  14. Tracking Playoff Position

    Its funny. Watch they continue their losing streak and break it against us. Happens all the time.
  15. Tracking Playoff Position

    Like thats going to make a difference for OKC.