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  1. Team Hero Grizz@ blazers

    The clock....for there finally being an end to that hardly watchable game.
  2. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    Evans is playing pretty well off the bench and helping the Grizzlies win. pretty much end of argument.
  3. Memphis @ Portland 11/07/17

    Ugly, hard to watch basketball.
  4. I'm so sick of Chandler Parsons

    If KB can't have any women, then no one can! maybe he's just rehabbing an undiagnosed groin injury? maybe she's helping him stretch out his hammie's? Looks like he's practicing his shot at putting it in the ..... these basketball innuendo's doing it for anyone? yeah, me neither... see yall all next year!
  5. Minnesota @ Memphis 11/19/16

    Is Tony Allen a virgin? He can't put anything in the hole!
  6. Minnesota @ Memphis 11/19/16

    What the hell good is Troy Daniels?
  7. Hasheem Thabeet 2.0

    I have a coat rack that only stands about 6ft that would better a better choice than the beet.
  8. Fizdale Has To Go

    That was me. It was the ten step plan for arguing with Mr. Sunshine.
  9. Fizdale Has To Go

    Zach had landed a career job in Houston and had resettled there and I suspect his loyalty was wavering a bit on this team and was looking for a reason to jettison the Grizz... Although.... James Harden, bleh, then Dwight, double bleh.
  10. New Orleans @ Memphis 11/02/16

    AHH SICK!!!!
  11. New Orleans @ Memphis 11/02/16

    Agreed, a 30ft semi hook shot running away from the basket?
  12. New Orleans @ Memphis 11/02/16

  13. Fizdale Has To Go

    Memphis Horribis was by FAR, hands down the BEST internet troll of all time! and he's the only person who said he'd never come back, and never did. Sparty, PMI, HPTMatt, Zach.... miss those dudes. They had good points and counter points. Mr., that was golden!
  14. I Love The Core Four

    I wish we had kept Lance to put in with him.